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Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution Limited, and its subsidiaries Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission, Southern Electric Power Distribution and Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution, are all members of the SSE Group.
The Energy and Climate Change Division of the University of Southampton will be responsible for the analysis of the results from the project, including the energy consumption information, and the responses to the surveys.
BMG Research is an independent market research agency that will be responsible for recruiting households to the study and installing electricity monitoring equipment, and for undertaking surveys with participating households. DNV GL delivers world-renowned testing and game changing expertise for the energy sector, including renewable and energy efficiency.
Neighbourhood Economics is a social purpose consultancy company supporting the regeneration of local communities across the UK.
Our benchmarking process provides confidence in food sourcing through the harmonisation of existing food safety management schemes. Small businesses can use our Global Markets Programme for the development of their food safety management systems to supply safer food and improve market access opportunities.
We regularly organise global and regional events to bring together experts in food safety, share knowledge and grow our global network. Win or looseSupply chain management is a crucial process in the food and beverage industry – it is where the margins are won or lost. Organizations in the food and beverage sector continually seek opportunities to improve these criteria to reduce lead times and operational costs, and enhance brand, reputation as well as consumer trust. Increasing risk?The potential for ‘things to go wrong’ through such complex networks is arguably proportionate to the number of organizations involved, as increasing complexity means increasing risk. Need assurance?The supply chain involves every organization which comes into contact with a product or service before it reaches ‘the organization’. Often the process is disjointed and discontinuous with a range of self-assessment activities, audits and assessments.

Supply chain assurance is the means by which organizations demonstrate to itself and its customers that all vulnerabilities are understood and managed.
Collection of up to date information through self-assessment, external audit, statutory reporting and public domain information, published verification and audit reports. Assurance is increasingly becoming supply chain centric, the concept of the stakeholder is becoming more prominent in standards and the requirement for transparency with respect to sourcing a growing requirement of such stakeholders.
Full service assurance – the futureLarger and more advanced organizations recognize that supply chain assurance needs to cover a vast number of issues and often no single scheme serves their purpose. DNV GL is promoting a new brand following the successful merger of Norway’s Det Norske Veritas with Hamburg-based Germanischer Lloyd. The merger of Norway’s DNV (Det Norske Veritas) and Germany’s GL (Germanischer Lloyd) has resulted in a single company, based outside Oslo.
The merger of the two classification societies was approved late this past summer (HHP Insight, September 12). The common history of DNV GL goes back to 1864 when Det Norske Veritas was founded in Oslo. Posted in Companies, LNG, Marine and tagged Det Norske Veritas, DNV, DNV GL, Germanischer Lloyd, GL.
Through its Power Distribution business, it transmits and distributes electricity to over 3.7 million businesses, homes and offices in central southern England and the north of Scotland. DNV GL will be responsible for the project methodology, trial management and learning capture for the study.
Neighbourhood Economics delivers business mentoring and consultancy support to local communities and social purpose organisations to help sustain their social impacts and ensure their future. We facilitate collaboration on key food safety issues for the development of common solutions to make food safer for consumers everywhere.

The reality is that there is a vast network or ‘web’ created amongst different companies producing, packing, handling, storing, distributing and retailing specific products. A single product can involve a network of 100 or more organizations playing a role in getting a product from ‘farm to fork’. In general, logistics refers to the storage, distribution and transportation processes within the company whereas the supply chain includes multiple organizations such as growers, suppliers, manufacturers, packers, retailers, etc.
Supply chain risk management identifies and measures vulnerability within the supply chain to allow active management to avoid failure and ensure business continuity. We see bespoke approaches now developing – some organizations taking established schemes (such as SMETA for responsible sourcing) and adding additional requirements, others writing their own bespoke assurance protocols which suppliers must adhere to and be assessed against.
It also delivers support services to public agencies and private businesses seeking to engage with local communities to achieve beneficial social, economic and environmental outcomes. Understanding the exposures through such networks, and having the assurance that risks are understood and controlled is increasing in relevance.
Organizations strive to have the most optimized supply chain primarily to achieve lower costs and higher margins. The traditional route for assurance is through expecting suppliers to have attained certain standards or specified criteria. At DNV GL - Business Assurance we are seeing our role develop into a full service assurance provider in response to these supply chain challenges.
Organizations want to understand where the risks are with the supply chain and then designing and implementing an assurance programme managed and delivered by a second party.

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