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SEAmagine's innovative Aurora technology is a new approach to the design of a personal luxury submarine, maximizing the field of view of the personal submarine and providing an unparalleled vista.
The Aurora private luxury submarine field of view is greatly enhanced by moving the access hatch away from the window into a separate compartment behind the main cabin of the personal or private submersible.
The AURORA 5 person luxury submarine can seat 4 passengers and 1 pilot with personal comfort.
SEAmagine provides a well-structured pilot training program for this personal luxury submarine, developed over many years and initially in conjunction with the US Coast Guard. GOST-112821-80 PN16 Carbon Steel Welding Neck Flange,GOST-112821-80 PN16 Carbon Steel Welding Neck Flange manufacturer.
GOST-112821-80 PN16 Carbon Steel Welding Neck Flange is designed to be joined to a piping system by butt welding, including lots of specification. Petroleum, chemical, food industry, marine, automobile industry, rail building, general engineering, etc.

The occupants from this private luxury submarine have a view, unobstructed by top hatches and side pontoons and provides the sensation of entering the underwater world, as opposed to simply observing it. Its unique ability for the personal submarine to tilt at surface provides an extremely stable platform for boarding, which does not require obtrusive forward pontoons that severely restrict peripheral viewing from inside the private submarine. The program includes support during the private luxury submarine initial setup on its yacht and the training of the private sub pilots and support crew to handle personal submersible operations as well as general maintenance. The gradual transition of thickness from the base of the hub to the wall thickness at the butt weld provides important reinforcement of the Welding Neck flange. When floating at surface this private luxury submarine has a high freeboard making a stable platform for people to walk on.
A specifically designed aft section on this private luxury submarine provides a secure configuration that can be firmly tied to their support yachts, providing a stable platform for boarding on the private submersible. During boarding, the rear private sub pilot seat folds away to the side providing clear access for the passengers to the personal submersible stair case.

The bore of Welding Neck flange matches bore of the pipeline, reducing turbulence and erosion. Telescopic handrails come up from the top deck of this private luxury submarine to provide a safe environment for people to board in a variety of sea states.
This well thought out approach, the product of design innovation and operating experience, is important in ensuring safety and comfort of this personal submarine for boarding from yachts, even in rough sea conditions. The pilot seat and controls are situated at the center rear of the personal luxury submersible and has clear view in all directions.
The Aurora personal luxury submarine offers a solid and straight back stern designed to securely dock to the support yachts at surface, further improving safety and logistics.

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