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As you have seen in the previous posts we have used const in the beginning of each parameter (when needed). Sold as the perfect device for a party, the speaker is available in several color schemes, including limited edition versions. As I previously noted, the UE Boom is an impressive device, which does a great job at balancing sound, while offering plenty of bass to rock a room. I’ve tested a lot of Bluetooth-enabled music speakers over the years, and certainly consider the UE Boom one of the best. The UE Megaboom arrives at a time when the Big Jambox by Jawbone remains an industry leader. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery found inside the UE Megaboom is supposed to last for up to 20 hours. For sound variation, you can change the device’s standard EQ using the new UE Megaboom app for iOS.

Being waterproof alone makes the UE Megaboom a better choice than what the competition is currently offering at the same price.
I am sure you will see different notations too – stating that an integer for example is constant, but the const notation is on the right side of the parameter. It appears that const is affecting the closest-left type (or if no left-type the first right-type).
This was the main question I had since the UE Megaboom was first introduced earlier this month. Unlike other Bluetooth speakers on the market, the UE Boom is an elongated cylinder that looks a lot like a tall can of soda. Besides the impressive sound it generates, the speaker scores huge points for its unique form factor and design. This assumes that you like loud, rich, clear, and balanced sound from a wireless speaker, which many do.

This price difference is well worth it because of the upgrades the newer device provides, including 1PX7 certification, and improved battery life.
Its unique shape throws out sound in every direction, while its durable skin allows it to be used in rain or shine. In other words, it’s waterproof, making it a great speaker choice for trips to the beach or pool, or even while you’re relaxing in the tub. You can also create you own customized EQ, or use the app to set an alarm, or link two UE Megabooms to play from the same music source.

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