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Dietary ManagerIf you love cooking healthy meals for a crowd while managing a busy department, Allegany College of Maryland's Dietary Manager Certificate program may be for you. Upon successful completion of our program, you may choose to take the Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) national certification examination offered by the Dietary Managers' Association. A full listing of program courses and their descriptions can be found in the credit catalog. Employment opportunities for those in nutrition and dietetics are expected to grow faster than average, according to the U.S.

QCC’s new dietary management certificate is well positioned to assist graduates in preparing to enter the field and to meet the requirements for professional certification through the Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals (ANFP).
In one year's time, you'll have the training in nutrition and dietetics you need to enter the job market. As an intern, you'll learn firsthand how to complete nutrition-related projects under the guidance of a registered dietitian. This certificate program is offered at QCC’s newest location at the Marlborough Senior Center.

Students will have hands-on classes in Hospitality Laws and Ethics, Nutrition, and Hospitality Management to jump start their career in just one year.

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