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A average (or at least by the American diabetes association) breakfast for a diabetic should be a ? cup of skim milk, a ? a banana, 1 slice of toast, and ? cup of oatmeal, meaning that the recommended breakfast meal is quite boring and is totally different from average meals. At the most a type sample diet should contain 1600 calories and 220 grams of carbohydrates.
Such as portion amounts (very important), when is the best times to eat, and how to prepare your food to best suite the diabetes.
The best way to determine a usable diet is to create type 2 diabetes meal plans and to then consult with your doctor.

Also a quick look online or in your local bookstore can give you type 2 diet recipes that can be used to spice up your life. A type 2 sample diet can consist of some of the more bland foods in the world but can be spiced up with some help.
Also if (because it is only type 2) you have a higher exercise level your doctor may prescribe changes in your portion sizes and best times to eat, allowing much more leave way. So talk to your doctor about your type 2 diabetes sample diet and see if it’s right for you.

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