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There are a number of methods to reduce the leaking blood vessels, but for good success early detection is important.
Diabetic eye disease does not have any pain associated with it and in its early stages will only be able to be detected by an optometrist or eye specialist. We advise that diabetic patients should have an annual eye examination with an optometrist, which is in keeping with international standards of diabetic eye care. Buchanan Optometrists Ltd optometry practice in Christchurch is located at Church Corner within the Riccarton Clinic.
It is painless and it is found in those diabetics who had their condition for a long time and where diabetes control was not always achieved.
This is achieved through a combination of at least yearly eye examinations by an eye specialist with blood sugar monitoring by the patient and ordering a hemoglobin A1C every few months by the regular physician. When diabetes is not closely controlled, certain changes happen to the blood vessels in the body that can be visualized by the eye-specialist through eye examinations. Treatment of diabetic retinopathy depends on whether it is in an early or later stage and whether and how much neovascularization has taken place.
The most important things to do for the patient and physician alike are to achieve blood sugar control and to lower high blood pressure effectively, if this is also present. This text explains that mature onset diabetes when closely controlled with multiple insulin injections per day can reduce the rate of diabetic neuropathy by 76% and can slow down the progression of existing mild retinopathy by 54%. This second image is a photograph taken during the examination by an eye specialist of a patient with longstanding diabetes type 1.
Diabetic neuropathy is treated with the use of laser surgery; the other part of treatment is a tight control of blood sugar levels by insulin treatments and close attention to diet modifications (cutting out sugar and refined carbs).

This outline is only a teaching aid to patients and should stimulate you to ask the right questions when seeing your doctor. Click here to view an earlier site with useful notes, unfortunately some images have been lost, however all the text is still present.
In diabetes, high sugar levels in the blood damage blood vessels throughout the entire body. Buchanan Optometrists uses a Zeiss retinal camera and Zeiss OCT which can accurately detect any changes to the retinal health. As an independent optical practice we have the freedom to use suppliers that provide the best service and products to you. If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please let me know and it will be promptly removed. The specialist will detect enlarged veins and small red dots in the retina, which starts the process of the diabetic retinopathy.
These vessels grow on the surface of the vitreous body and can involve the vitreous cavity. Any sudden change of vision, black spots or flashing lights in one or both eyes need the prompt attention of an eye specialist. He had such poor vision that he could distinguish hand movement only; he had high blood sugars. Regular eye examinations are important in diabetes because diabetic eye disease and the vision loss caused by it are completely preventable. Any medical discussions on this blog are for educational purposes only, I am not your medical provider and cannot tell you what to do with your health issues.

There are a number of procedures that the eye specialist can utilize, such as vitrectomy or eye laser surgery to deal with neovascularization. The examination showed severe macular edema, exudates, neovascular changes, and numerous flame-shaped hemorrhages.
The last link shows you more details and explains with pictures of bleedings into the vitreous body and formation of fibrous tissue why the vision of a patient with uncontrolled diabetes deteriorates.
Your eye also has many blood vessels in it, and diabetes can also damage those blood vessels. The only way to know if you have these changes—and need laser therapy to save your sight—is to visit your eye doctor regularly. As the proliferative retinopathy forms scarring, this can cause retinal detachment resulting in sudden visual loss.
In particular, high blood glucose levels cause damage to the blood vessels in the retina of the eye. People with diabetes should have their eye examined at least once a year to make sure they do not have early damage that threatens their vision.
When the retina’s blood vessels are damaged, the retina stops working properly, and sight can be lost.

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