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Speight's Podiatry specialises in diabetic foot care, and can provide you with a full diabetic foot assessment, which you should have regularly.
Prevention is better than treatment, so you need to be fully aware of the early signs of problems, and treat them quickly. As a recognised expert in diabetic foot care, Simon has also been invited to provide podiatry services at Gisborne Hospital, and as far afield as the Chatham Islands. At Gisborne Simon is Head of the Specialist Diabetes Podiatry service at Tairawhiti District Health. Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are one of the most widely used medicines in New Zealand; in 2013 omeprazole was the third most commonly dispensed medicine in the community. Heartburn, the cardinal symptom of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, is experienced by 15 – 20% of adults at least once a week. Gallstones are common among the general population, but because they rarely cause symptoms many people are unaware of their presence. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is one of the most common long-term complications of diabetes. Dr Jeremy McMinn is a consultant psychiatrist and addiction specialist at Capital & Coast DHB. Changes to the National Immunisation Schedule will soon take effect, with the introduction of rotavirus vaccine, free of charge, from 1 July, 2014. Bad circulation in your feet will mean any cuts or sores take longer to heal, and are therefore more prone to infection.
This will identify how severe your risk of diabetic foot problems is, by assessing things like loss of sensation in your feet, blood flow and biomechanics. As the only podiatrist in NZ to be accepted onto a Masters programme with Brighton University in the UK, he is able to offer the very latest treatment methods and advice to diabetics. Technology used in looking after these feet is also being introduced at Speight's Podiatry to you, the best care possible.

PPIs are highly effective at reducing symptoms caused by gastric acid, and are generally well tolerated. The patient’s history and their response to an empiric trial with a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) are used to diagnose GORD in primary care. Over a ten-year period, approximately one-third of people with gallstones will develop the painful symptoms of biliary colic. It develops in up to half of all people with diabetes, and is one of the main risk factors contributing to foot ulceration and eventual amputation. He is also the Co-Chair of the National Association of Opioid Treatment Providers and the New Zealand Branch Chair of the Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine.
In addition, the Prevenar 13 pneumococcal vaccine, which protects against 13 serotypes of pneumococcal disease, replaces Synflorix, which protects against 10 serotypes.
Fluox will not be subsidised after 1 July 2014, and there is no guarantee that it will continue to be available for private purchase by patients once current stocks have run out.
But don't worry a€“ in most cases, serious diabetic foot problems can be avoided with early detection and good foot care. If left untreated, infection can lead to foot ulcers and eventually gangrene, which can result in the need for amputation, and may be life-threatening.
Endoscopy often provides limited diagnostic information as the majority of patients with GORD will not have visible lesions.
This can be a precursor to more serious conditions, such as acute cholecystitis and pancreatitis that require acute advanced endoscopic or surgical assessment.
In developed nations the main cause of non-traumatic lower limb amputation is “diabetic foot”, which is a result of a combination of decreased sensation and reduced arterial supply.
We invited Dr McMinn to answer a series of questions about the role of oxycodone, both as a legitimate option for pain control, and a medicine with a serious potential for misuse.
Dr Bryn Jones, Chief Advisor at the Ministry of Heath, expects that the schedule change will have a significant impact on the health of young children: “Thousands of children and their families are affected by rotavirus every year.

Therefore, most patients will need to be assisted in changing brands (if they have not done so already) to continue to receive fully subsidised treatment with fluoxetine.
With impaired sensation in your feet (neuropathy), the stone may go unnoticed and cause damage to your feet.
The role of endoscopy is therefore limited to investigating patients with possible complications of GORD, e.g. The presence of upper abdominal pain, despite normal physical examination and blood test results, is consistent with uncomplicated biliary colic. Assessing for peripheral neuropathy is a routine part of ongoing care for patients with diabetes. For most, it’s a few days of unpleasantness, but it can lead to dehydration and hospitalisation.
The same is true of shoes that rub continually on your feet, or even using water that's too hot to wash your feet.
An ultrasound should be arranged for all patients with features suggestive of biliary colic to confirm a diagnosis. Oxycodone, and opioid prescribing in general, is already out of hand and we need to collectively take action before it is too late.
Patients should be warned that rebound acid secretion often occurs following withdrawal of treatment, even after periods as short as four weeks.
PPIs are the mainstay of treatment for GORD, but should be prescribed at the lowest effective dose or “as needed” for patients with mild to moderate forms of GORD.
Patients with biliary colic are generally managed in the community with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and lifestyle advice while awaiting assessment for laproscopic cholecystectomy.

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