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In whichever stage, early, small or badly infected and gangrenous- we have various treatment options.
In diabetics and also past middle age, the muscles in the foot tend to become weak and cause deformities. Whether presenting immediately after birth, or in childhood - we have various treatment options.
We are the first Podiatry & foot and ankle centre, both diabetic and orthopaedic, in Andhra Pradesh. This is a centre of excellence providing most modern foot and ankle services, backed by well trained and reputed professionals in the field.

We not only treat all your Podiatry & foot and ankle problems but we give great service starting from your call, enquiry, receiving you in the centre, our ambience, and many more things. In addition to a conventional Podiatry & FOOT AND ANKLE CLINIC, we at HAPPY FEET FOOT CLINICS present you with some unique features. Unique surgical options for flat feet, recurrent corns, hallux valgus, Charcota€™s foot reconstruction and ankle joint replacement surgery.
No need to run around to get the lab tests done, as all orthopaedic related lab tests facility is available in the clinic itself. I am really happy with the treatment he provided to my father, I strongly recommend you to visit this hospital and the doctor.

Diabetes affects about 20 % of Indians, and the complications like vascular disease and neuropathy are about 30%.
At HAPPY FEET it is more patient friendly more like a spa than a hospital in terms of cleanliness, smell, and ambiance.

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