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Few businesses can claim a heritage quite as long as the Bail family’s five-generation relationship with the shoe industry.
One generation after another has adapted to local needs, market trends and economic vicissitudes—from the boot soles crafted by French-Canadian patriarch Napoleon Bail to the custom-made shoes and orthotic devices made five generations later by Chris Bail, CPed, and his daughter, Laura Bail, CPed.
The Canadian immigrant’s son, Chris Bail’s grandfather, took the company’s shoe repair business, which by that time included selling shoes as well, to its next iteration when he graduated in 1924 from the American School of Practipedics in Chicago, where he studied under footwear icon William M. Chris Bail’s father, Oscar, brought to the company not only the technical expertise he’d absorbed from his own father but also the business skills he’d learned in college. Chris Bail became an employee of his father’s shop, then called Bail’s Shoe Store and later Oscar Bail & Son Shoe Store, when he graduated from high school.
Around 2000, just as Oscar Bail made the decision to retire, the economy in the Pioneer Valley became precarious, and businesses of all kinds had to adapt quickly or risk failing. Father and daughter, upon completing 120 hours of coursework, rebranded their new business as Bail’s Custom Footcare and worked out of a podiatry practice for two years before establishing their own office, this time in South Hadley, MA. They both split their time between appointment days, when they may see as many as 25 scheduled customers, and lab days, when they do the hands-on crafting of shoe modifications, orthotic devices, and other foot health accessories. Download this FREE eBook to see how foot pressure data contributes to more efficient treatment and better outcomes. Wear Reusable Gel Metatarsal Pads directly over the ball of the foot to cushion fat pad atrophy, ball-of-foot pain, burning pain in feet and as a foot callus treatment.
Place Reusable Gel Metatarsal Pads immediately proximal to the ball of the foot to off-load weight away from the forefoot, reducing symptoms associated with Morton's neuroma, metatarsalgia, sesamoiditis and bursitis. The best thing about Reusable Gel Metatarsal Pads is that the "sticky" doesn't wear out after one use.
Indications - Reusable Gel Metatarsal Pads are used in the treatment of forefoot bursitis, forefoot callus, forefoot capsulitis, forefoot pain, Freiberg's infraction, metatarsalgia and Morton's neuroma. I need help with my metatarsalgia ~ I suffer from dropped metatarsal heads, which hurt quite a bit when I run.
Arch Binder with Metatarsal Pad: a great slip-on solution to wear at home barefoot or in slippers or sandals. Pedag Comfort Supports: these insoles have the pad built-in so there is no guesswork about where the pad should go. If you wish to wear these in your birks, sneakers and walking shoes, the thickness depends on what you are trying to fix.
Arch Binder with Metatarsal Pad – this is a slip on that can be washed and dried after use in water activities.
Metatarsal Pads- Felt – this one adheres to your shoe also, and would need to be dried between activities also.

I have Morton's Neuroma and have shooting pains in my 2nd and 3rd toes when I walk with shoes on -- no pain when barefoot or with slippers. If you want  an insole that has the metatarsal pad built in and in the right position, take a look at the Pedag Comfort Insoles, as they take the guess-work out of placement. I have pain on the balls of my feet when I wear shoes or walk bearfoot .  I purchased a dr. If you need something directly on the balls of your feet to cushion and add padding, then take a look at these 3 products, all of which take up very little space in your shoes:         Gel Metatarsal Cushion         Ball of Foot Gel Pads          Foam Ball of Foot PadsIf you need a pad that will off-load weight from the balls of your feet, then many of the other ball-of-foot products will work. But more than just a long history of selling shoes, the Bail family’s story is one of resilience.
At the time, that dual skill set seemed ample for continuing to build a shoe retail business.
The adhesive is reactivated every time the pads are hand-washed in mild soap and water and is effective for months. Any of our metatarsal pads would do the trick to alleviate some of the pressure on your metatarsal heads. With Morton's neuroma symptoms, the key is to use a pad to help spread your metatarsal bones apart, and keep them from pinching your nerve. We have many ball-of-foot products; some are better for fat pad atrophy and others are better for various forefoot problems where off-loading the ball of foot is the goal.
I am highly sensitive to synthetics, & am wondering if you think this may be work trying out? This pad is designed to adhere to your skin, so if you have sensitive skin, I would steer away from it.
I what been running on treadmill and gravel roads for some time and never had a problem until I experienced terrible ball of foot pain that came on gradually. But, in 1964, Oscar Bail attended a sales convention and was invited to undergo certification as a pedorthist.
Contemplating the pros and cons of more training, Chris found motivation from an unexpected source: His daughter Laura, barely in her twenties at the time, said she would attend pedorthic certification training with him.
If you have any questions regarding which metatarsal pad is right for your needs, be sure to read our blog post entitled, 'Metatarsal Pads - which one is right fot me?'. If you have metatarsalgia, capsulitis or mortons’ neuroma, and need the pad to off-load weight from the ball of your foot, then the ?” thickness is probably what you need. Rather than lift the metatarsal head with a pad placed directly on it, you want to displace the weight by using a met pad behind it. Any of our met pads would work for you, especially the most simple Felt Metatarsal Pads~ they are inexpensive and effective.

I wear a size 7, but it seems like I'm an 8 or so from my heel to the ball of my foot, and then I have short toes. We do have other products that you can use for fat pad atrophy that adhere to your shoe, such as the Foam Ball of Foot Pads and Ball of Foot Gel Pads.
I have self treated and not exercised other than running since but finally came to a point of exhaustion w it. So most shoes make my foot feel like it is suspended between the ball and the heel, with nothing under the arch area (all the way across the foot, not just on the inside). Seven out of ten cases of capsulitis can be successfully treated with metatarsal pads to off-load the metatarsal head. In this case, the functional measurement of heel to ball-of-foot is being used, making the shoe just too long. I have a skinny skinny ankle, low arch and a medium upper foot area and so hard to find a great fitting shoe. My body's weight distribution when I walk feels more stable in the smaller size and less stable in the large size. One suggestion to help with fitting of the shoe would be to purchase a shoe based on heel to tip of toes measurement but pad the shoe with a tongue pad. After trying many different arch supports and orthodics, I thought I would try these metatarsal pads since that is the area that feels like it needs something under it. Your second question, regarding Morton’s toe, yes, I would focus on the use of a metatarsal pad to realign weight bearing on the forefoot.
Pain have passed but now for the past 4 months I'm left w ongoing sensitivity esp after standing for longer lengths of time or walking barefoot on hard surfaces. Would you recommend metatarsal pads (which ones?) and the small pad under the first metatarsal head, or something else? But, I can tell you that our felt metatarsal pads are by far (many times over) our best selling met pad. An X-ray was made and saw that the second met had a tilt toward the big toe (which I've noticed a widening gap bt 2&3 toes). I got s cortisone inj and was told to check back in 6 weeks while cont ice and NSAIDs and no running.
I've worn diff orthotics from my chiropractor that I love for many years but I'm excited at what you may have to offer.

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