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Chiropodists diagnose and treat gait disorders, functional and structural -a€?Biomechanicala€? walking disorders by designing and dispensing the highest quality,A  custom, prescription orthotics ( orthoses) available today, to correct , support and align the feet to their optimum functioning position. An appropriately indicated and prescribed foot orthotic is a unique medical orthopaedic device based on an assessment and diagnosis. All our devices are custom hand crafted by a certified pedorthic technician, at an internationally renownedA  facility we partner with and believe to be the leading licensed orthotic laboratory in Canada. The prescribed orthotic is intended to address orthopaedic issues of the feet, gait abnormalities and other presenting pathologies. The typical range of types of footwear the patient wishes to fit the device into is taken into account. Your case may benefit from a high quality a€?Pre -Fabricateda€? AFO (non-custom made) and may be dispensed for significant savings.
This device is selected from measurements taken by your chiropodist compared with taking an impassion of your lower leg, ankle and foot. Book a consultation now to determine if an AFO for either a Prescription Custom Device or a Non -custom device!

A pre-fabricatedA  manufactured device that is professionally selected for your case by our foot specialist is more economical however IS GENERIC IN DESIGN. The HUMAN FOOT is strong, complex and a dynamic marvel of evolution, comprising of 26 BONES,33 JOINTS AND OVER 100 MUSCLES, LIGAMENTS AND TENDONS. The joint alignment in your ankles, knees, hips, back, neck and shoulders are casualties due to such factors and may causeA  variable amounts of stress and inflammation in those affected joints and long term arthritis may develop. This can lead to painful, acute and chronic inflammatory conditions of the foot including Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Bunions, Mortona€™s Neuroma.
The Wilson Foot Health Clinica€™s protocol is to take a thorough detailed history, a physical examination, a gait assessment (we may use videoA  gait analysis depending o complexity of case) take a plaster of Paris negative impression of the foot. When you need to invest in prescription orthotics, your best bet is to have them made by a trained expert with experience.A  Book your appointment for an assessment today to see if an foot orthotic prescription is right for you !
Having taught and lectured extensively on the subject within the Ontario Chiropody Educational program and withA  over 33 years professional experience, you can be confident in the outcome! It is designed with consideration of the patients unique foot, gait, structure and function.

Very good outcomes and high patient satisfaction can be anticipated.A  Designed for specific foot and ankle pathologies, the AFOa€™s are DISCRETE, LOW PROFILE, LIGHT WEIGHT,DURABLE HIGH QUALITY SPECIFICATIONS. If the feet suffer with alignment, balance, structural skeletal issues ,or arthritic disease this will influence the way you walk.
Alignment of the foot and inflammatory issues of the feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips and back, neck and shoulders may result. This is converted into a positive model at our laboratory and used to form the core of the orthotic. Fatigue and pain can be reduced since the orthotics give corrective supportA  where needed. The laboratorya€™s licensed Pedorthotist will follow my prescription, corrective design and material specifications.

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