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The stark facts about Juvenile diabetes are in –each year 13,000 kids are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. For the last 7 years, the community of Howard Beach has been participating in the Walk for a Cure, organized and sponsored by the International Society of SS Cosma and Damiano, which is held solely for the benefit of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). JDRF has made great strides in advancing the path toward a cure for the disease and the “Walk for a Cure” brings thousands of children closer to the possibility of one day being healthy. Type 1 diabetes has many indicators but the one most relied upon to let you know exactly what state a patient is, is through the monitoring of blood glucose levels.
One of the keys to lowering a spiked blood sugar is a constant hydration, preferably with an electrolyte enhanced water.
Without insulin that same glucose builds up in the bloodstream and brings about the life-threatening symptom logy of Type 1 Diabetes. There must also be an entire set of preventative measures on board to keep the risks for the development of heart disease in check.
DeCandia himself joins the long list of parents that knows the true circumstances surrounding a child with Type 1 diabetes.
One of the great challenges faced by anyone combating this disease is the control of blood glucose levels.
We also hope that this information will show you how your help can bring about a change for these kids.
Please join us in the fight against Juvenile Diabetes and show your support by registering in the Walk-for-a Cure.

We will continue our awareness campaign in support of this cause by bringing you all the facts about this condition which affects so many children every year up until the Walk for a Cure on May 18th. The constant monitoring of blood sugar is essential and while that is a crucial observation, patients must also be monitored for other key indicators, which if left unchecked can lead to damage to major organs including the heart, kidneys and also the eyes.
He and wife Doreen’s 13-year-old son Jacob was diagnosed with the disease when he was 9 years old.
It’s clear that the sleep patterns in this home, where three other children, Jacobs’s brother Joseph and sisters Juliet and Jillian, ranging in ages from 2-5 also reside. Children with Type 1 Diabetes face a laundry list of dangers including heart disease and stroke, kidney disease, nerve function, serious complications with their eyes, foot ulcers, amputations and infections. Nutrition is a crucial component in this fight along with the proper administration of insulin. We hope that you will follow the information on this disease over the next few weeks here in The Forum. And there’s also no question about the fact that it will reduce their lifespan by an average of 5-8 years. It is insulin that is used by our bodies to break down our blood sugar (glucose) and then move it into our cells where it is stored and later used for energy.
Hyperglycemic episodes are accompanied by mood swings, agitation, fatigue and an altered mental status.
Although it is not in the medical spotlight as much as other diseases, the tremendous sector of the population affected by it both needs and deserves our help in bringing them to their goal of a cure.

Foot and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands will be sponsoring a team of walkers for this year’s event. The reverse end of the spectrum, hypo glycemia, brings about yet another type of sleepless night. The disease requires a tremendous investment of time in order to make sure everything is managed correctly. FAS The Woodlands will also have a table at the walk with information regarding diabetes and how the feet are often involved in diabetic complications.
On these nights it’s sitting up in the bed, too weak to move, and gulping down apple juice—or anything with enough sugar to bring the number up.
If people knew to look for these symptoms and how to react to them their lives might not be so at risk every day.” But Gurino says people have no idea about the severity of this disease and their lack of knowledge can introduce great danger.
In the scheme of things 40 is the most feared number because it’s the benchmark of possibility of lapsing into diabetic coma.
There is prevalence for eating disorders as well, especially in young women because lower insulin use results in weight loss.

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