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A leaflet by the Foundation for People with Learning Difficulties, Prodigy and Easyhealth. Click HERE to compare the Eatwell PLATE with the Eatwell GUIDE > "If you want to get the balance of your diet right, use the eatwell plate" Food Standards Agency The EATWELL PLATE makes visualising your recommended daily food intake easy. Click HERE to compare the Eatwell Plate with the Eatwell Guide >>Slightly different version of our desktop mat. Families also had the chance to visit the various health services stalls at the GNP Health Zone, pick up free information leaflets and activity packs, sample delicious healthy recipes prepared at the GNP stall and have free diabetes checks. Use the easy-to-follow directions given in the leaflet and the Footpaths to Fitnesswaymarks out on the route. The leaflet is also available in the library, health centres and other local community hubs, or phone 01270 686029 to request a copy.

Its good for your heart - It reduces blood pressure and improves circulation round your heart. It helps keep your weight in check - A person weighing 60kg burns 75 calories by walking at 2mph for 30 mins. Kids love the countryside - a walk in the country can be a great adventure for children; they can learn about wildlife, plants and flowers. We've developed a huge range of resources, including posters, games, quizbooks, giant floor games and banners as big as a door ! VIEW OUR HUGE RANGE OF EATWELL RESOURCES - click here or on the pic above. Health professionals and teachers will find everything they need to promote understanding about healthy eating, a balanced diet and the 5 food groups. Around 4000 families joined in the fun and enjoyed the activities organised by Ealing Early Years, Childcare and Play Services. There are no stiles to climb over; instead kissing gates provide easy access along the way.

The leaflet contains 2 self-guided walks; so why not try the shorter, easier route first before tackling the longer one. It is also available as a big floor mat here - ideal for larger group work. You can download notes on using the Eatwell Mat or Eatwell Game here.

Type 2 diabetes best time to exercise
How to treat diabetes with diet and exercise regime


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