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Good video showing how does Ebola virus attack you body!  How does it take over the body cells as well as other interesting info and statics. Helps the blood vessels to move blood through out the body and release enzymes and hormones that affect every function in the human body. If the syringe needle is injected too deep and reached the muscle, the insulin will be absorbed too fast as all the administered dose will move Quickly into the blood stream . Hint : The fastest absorption rates of Insulin is from the abdomen , followed by the arms, then the thighs, and finally the buttocks. Before performing any kind of injection make sure you properly wash you hands with soap and warm water .
Touching your patients with your hands provides comfort and creates a friendly mood , especially for children and eldery  :) . No special technique is needed , just make sure you clean your hands properly before wearing them .

While putting on sterile gloves, remember that the first glove should be picked up by the cuff only.
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