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Diabetes mellitus has many symptoms, including overactive bladder, excessive thirst and hunger, weight loss, a tingling sensation in the digits, and weakened vision.
It is common for patients with diabetes to suffer from hardened muscles, or muscles that have contracted as a result of thickening soft tissue.
While atherosclerosis and diabetes are not directly related, diabetes can promote atherosclerosis, or the thickening of arterial walls. Lastly, infarction can cause the death of motor and sensory neurons that are involved in muscle movement and blood supply.
One of the simplest ways to counteract the effect of diabetic muscle loss is to undergo testosterone replacement therapy.
Testosterone replacement therapy can help patients with diabetes regain lost muscle by building new muscle with the proper workouts. Patients with diabetes who believe they may be suffering from muscle loss may consider calling Ageonics Medical for a testosterone replacement therapy consultation.
Leg ulcers in diabetics are the result of nerve damage and arterial blockage, which reduces sensitivity of leg dermis towards heat, pressure and injury, causing continued damage and subsequently neuropathic ulceration. The positioning of ulcers with associated clinical characterization like callus, edema or decreased pulses, will determine the predominant cause of the leg ulcer.
For any lower extremity ulceration, the best treatment remains prevention of ulcer development. In active patients, compression stockings need to be used to manage the edema and treat the venous ulcer of the leg. For patients with venous ulcers and arterial occlusive disease, compression therapy can be a hazardous procedure. Diabetic patients with arterial leg ulcer should consult a vascular surgeon to determine the probability for a peripheral revascularization therapy.
The arterial ulcers will only recover with sufficient tissue oxygenation that may require a need for partial amputation of the leg. Intensive blood glucose management is must to slow the onset or progression of peripheral neuropathy for diabetic patients. Wound debridement is a process of removing nonviable tissue that if left, within the wound might lead to infection. In case of presence of osteomyelitis along with leg ulceration, the antibiotic therapy with surgical debridement is performed, to remove the infected bone.
For diabetic leg ulcers, wound need to be kept moist and clean to prevent infection and promote granulation. Diabetes is a condition in which the body cells become unable to absorb glucose from blood either due to lack of insulin production by the pancreatic cells or due to the inadequate working of the target receptors. Symptoms of numbness, pain and tingling in arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet and toes; nausea, dizziness, weakness, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, stiffness of wrist, hand, hip and knee, etc. Other drugs such as duloxetine hydrochloride, amitriptyline, which are anti-depressants, are used to relieve pain in diabetic neuropathy. Physical therapies such as muscle stretching, exercises and massages can help the patients who suffer from muscle cramps, spasms and weakness.
Electric nerve stimulation is a technique in which low voltage current is used to stimulate the nerves.
Diabetes Neuropathy is not a life taking disease if one follows proper steps to keep the blood pressure and blood sugar levels in control. Yeast infection or vaginal yeast infection is experienced by women and refers to the overgrowth of yeast cells in ones vagina.
Recurring yeast infections must not be ignored.You must consult your doctor immediately for advice as to how to avoid these infections and also to detect their underlying cause. You may also experience a burning sensation while urinating. Pain may also be experienced during sex. However, these symptoms are sometimes confused with symptoms caused by other serious diseases like contact irritant or an inflammatory condition or even a sexually transmitted infection (STI) like Chlamydia or gonorrhea. I have strong memories of hypoglycemia anxiety from my early days of living with Type 1 diabetes. I counsel people with Type 1 diabetes, and one of the most stressful parts of diabetes for many people is the experience of being hypoglycemic. Hypoglycemia anxiety can diminish their quality of life, and often results in an ongoing elevated blood glucose level that causes other health issues. Anxiety becomes problematic when we overestimate the dangers that surround us, and underestimate our ability to cope.  We can reduce anxiety by developing a more realistic perception of the dangers we face, and of our ability to cope with them. I have had many patients describe feeling “low” when their blood glucose readings are actually in the normal range.  Many believe this is because they are on their way to a low and will just keep dropping.
For those with high levels of anxiety, it can be helpful to develop a hierarchy (list) of fears. The nursing student starts to look at factual evidence to challenge her belief she will go low and die. If you are struggling with anxiety, or someone you care about who has diabetes is struggling with anxiety, maybe you can try some of the techniques described here. If your hypoglycaemia anxiety is so high that these ideas seem out of reach for you, then please consider accessing professional support. Michelle Sorensen is a member of the Ontario College of Psychologists and has a private practice in Clinical Psychology in Ottawa.
Having had T1D for 64 years and literally thousands of lows i was not anxious about having them. The Diabetes Media Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit media organization devoted to informing, educating, and generating community around living a healthy life with diabetes. Two weeks later, when it was large enough that even my husband noticed it, I couldn’t ignore it any longer.
The following day my GP’s office called to tell me they were referring me to a surgeon.
One hour later, I was home on the sofa in my pajamas with an ice pack clutched tenderly against the four-inch incision on my chest.
That makes me lucky, I know, and so many women who go through this same experience aren’t.
There is research going on at a molecular level, but I have no idea how much they are being funded and until we know the cause, we won’t find a good cure.
And, BTW, most times you only hear about women needing to worry about breast cancer and most (typically men) ignore that MEN need to be aware and do self checks as well.

Good thing it wasn’t what you think it was and yes I agree that one must act immediately if you find something strange in your body as a prevention. This type of general diabetic muscle contracture can be pervasive, and makes it much harder for a patient to move or use their muscles. This contributes to restricted blood flow, which can cause cramps, pain, or general discomfort. The death of these vital neurons can further contribute to muscle disuse and atrophy, and can lead to muscle twitching and pain. Without the proper lifestyle changes and treatments in place to support the patient’s quality of life, muscle range and movement continues to decrease, with muscle atrophy and loss being the inevitable result. Low levels of testosterone are common in patients with diabetes, and while low testosterone by itself does not directly contribute to muscle loss, it does hinder new muscle gain. Building new muscle leads to improved movement and restored muscle functionality, which in turn improves the overall quality of life for patients with diabetes who experience muscle loss. Leg ulcers are the result of venous insufficiency, peripheral arterial occlusive disease or peripheral neuropathy. Infection of a leg ulcer further increases the risk of severe damages that need to be controlled, through systemic therapy.
Edema need to be well managed with help of mechanical therapy, for treating venous insufficiency.
Compression stocking increases the healing rate of ulcers and lowers the chances of its recurrence, by reducing venous hypertension, increasing fibrinolysis and improving the microcirculation of the skin. For those, pharmacological therapy is performed, wherein drugs of enteric coated aspirin and pentoxifylline are administered that are known to significantly reduce the leg ulceration. The therapy may involve less or more invasive vascular procedures that help to elevate the peripheral blood flow. Hence, a vascular surgeon must be consulted for arterial ulcers, to determine the right level of amputation, whenever necessary. Once ulceration initiates, treatment focuses on debridement (removal of dead or infected tissue), pressure relief and treating the core infection. Platelets get accumulated in the debrided wound, thereby promoting the inflammatory stage of wound healing.
Topical growth factors, silver impregnated dressings, negative pressure wound therapy and living skin equivalents are amongst the various adjunctive therapies available at the specialist end that can be employed to treat wound, during leg ulcer care. As a result, the cells are devoid of the proper glucose supply and the blood levels of glucose remain high.
The raised blood sugar levels can cause damage to the peripheral nerves resulting in peripheral neuropathy.
Neuropathy of motor nerves can lead to proximal muscle weakness whereas, that of sensory nerves can lead to loss of sensations and sensations of tingling and numbness in different parts of body.
Although, it is an epileptic drug, it is helpful to ease the pain that occurs due to neuropathy.
It has proved to be useful in reducing the stiffness and pain symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and hence, improves mobility. Moreover, weight control is also necessary and a proper check and control of the diet must be carried out.
Itchiness in the vaginal region and discomfiture while urinating are the most common of its symptoms. It may also cause swelling in and around your vagina which leads to soreness and cracks on your skin. This kind of discharge has no odour, looks like cottage cheese and generally occurs a week before your menstrual cycle. If you have yeast infection and are pregnant, or under twelve years old or if you have diabetes or any other condition that makes your immune system weak, you must visit your doctor.
Patients in my practice with very high blood glucose levels have learned to look at the evidence and develop more balanced thoughts about the likelihood of a dangerous low.
This allowed her to keep her BG levels in a normal range for longer periods of time, without giving in to the impulse to snack and boost them higher to get rid of the hypoglycemia anxiety she felt.
This can be helpful when patients are becoming accustomed to a healthier range of blood glucose levels after having lived with higher readings due to the fear of hypoglycemia. For example, take some deep breaths every time you sit down to eat a meal or to catch up on email.
I have met patients who have underlying worries about the long-term effects of their high blood sugar, but it just never seems like the right time to change their way of coping. Start with the most intense sources of anxiety at the top of the list and the least feared situations, events or people at the bottom.  Work your way up the list gradually, gathering evidence about your ability to confront yours fears until you are able to tackle the most intense ones on the list.
Of course, all of these techniques need to be used in conjunction with support from family and health care professionals. It is a good idea to speak to your diabetes educator or endocrinologist for support and possibly referral information. My simple advice would always be avoid panic, keep packets of sugar with you always, take medicine and meals regularly, regular exercise and visit a doc monthly or quarterly.
I experienced this anxiety when first diagnosed (at 32 of T1D) partly because I had seen my mother (also T1D) have low blood sugars at a young age, when I didn’t really understand what was happening. I could have used that a few years ago ?? I really appreciate the frankness of the article, thank you!
Now that i am older i get very anxious after them for an hour or so but understanding what is happening to your body helps. I made an appointment with my doctor for my annual womanly checkup for the following week and, again, put it out of my mind.
After all, as well-endowed woman (though not so large-chested that I need to weigh the things on a scale of their own), I’m used to my breasts doing weird things. There, they found the lump and, for good measure, they took screens of the red, swollen, itchy part, too. We’re talking shooting pains that felt like someone was stabbing me with an ice pick.
Honestly, I don’t remember much of it except that the anti-anxiety stuff they gave me before wheeling me into the operating room was good.
Why insurance companies and even our government are trying to discourage regular mammograms.
While I think the field of epigenetics (being able to affect our own DNA and, thus, that of our ancestors) is fascinating, it shouldn’t come out of the funds raised to address current medical conditions!

In severe cases, the lack of oxygenated blood to localized areas of muscle can cause infarction, or tissue death caused by restricted blood flow.
An uncomfortable type of muscle atrophy in which the muscles of the shoulders and hips waste away, known as “limb girdle wasting”, is common in diabetics and often referred to as diabetic amyotrophy. As a result, muscle disuse combined with low levels of testosterone can and will lead to muscle loss. Olivieri has decades of experience treating low testosterone, and has helped hundreds of patients improve their quality of life by normalizing testosterone levels and restoring mobility. One may also make use of multilayer of compression bandages to effectively reduce the edema.
According to an estimate, about 60-70 % of diabetes affected individuals suffer from peripheral neuropathy.
Due to an autonomic neuropathy, internal organ functions can be affected such as functions of heart, lungs, urinary system, sweat glands, etc.
But the question arises, ‘how to treat diabetic neuropathy? Well, treatments for this consequence of diabetes include medications, physical therapies, nerve stimulations, and many more. Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors are also known to relieve pain due to neuropathy. The major cause of this itching is inflammation caused due to overgrowth of the yeast cells in the vaginal area. This caused due to the overgrowth of fungus in the vagina.Yeast infection is one of the most common infections experienced by women. If they note that accurate carbohydrate counting and insulin dosing keeps them in safe range, coupled with testing BG regularly and carrying sources of sugar for lows, then they become more willing to gradually reduce their blood glucose levels. You can use imagery to imagine feared events beforehand, and prepare yourself to confront them by using cognitive restructuring or relaxation methods. Unfortunately, I cannot tell her that I know for sure she is wrong.  But I can suggest we explore her underlying assumptions and figure out if this belief is very realistic. It is important to develop confidence in her ability to cope with hypoglycemia… yes, it is best to prevent lows when possible, but she can treat the lows quickly and recover from them. If you choose to see a psychologist or social worker, I recommend someone who practices CBT, which is an evidence-based clinical approach.
That pervaded into my own experience and my coping mechanism in my school life was to keep my sugars a bit higher than they should have been. Enjoyed the article but T1D is different for each person, take the time to understand what is happening to your body, it do s help with anxiaty. It’s easier, and it gives me something to do while my hair conditioner sinks does its thing.
If you really want to scare the hell out of yourself you’ll do your self-exam at that point.
So was whatever they gave me in there, because even though it was just supposed to sedate me, I don’t recall a damn thing. Although my one-week follow-up with the surgeon had been scheduled this past Monday, he’d been called in to a surgery that ran much longer than expected so they called to reschedule. Why, when we know certain chemicals in our food supply feed cancers like this, we aren’t doing more to eliminate those lethal concoctions. Therapeutic ultrasound, hot wax and short wave diathermy are also known to benefit by reducing pain and giving massage to muscles. Moreover, a careful monitoring of blood glucose level must be done to prevent its levels to rise in the blood. A big consequence of diabetic neuropathy is the loss of sensations of feet, infections of leg and foot; and foot and leg ulcers. Your doctor will guide you through the steps you need to take to treat your present condition and also to prevent any further such infections. Many women even have recurring yeast infection, that is, as many as four infections within the span of a single year. This can be done in conversation with a therapist or by writing down negative thoughts and challenging the thoughts using thought records (see Mind over Mood by Christine Padesky and Dennis Greenberger for a patient’s guide to cognitive behavioral therapy). I work on gathering evidence to develop new, more balanced beliefs with patients who are overcome with anxiety about hypoglycemia. I have seen patients reduce their levels of anxiety and greatly improve their quality of life.  It is absolutely worth the effort.
In other words, I’m usually thinking about other stuff while I do it, but this time was different. All the hormone-filled ducts and lobules in there feel like a science project when you’re having your period.
Then again, a lot more people had fiddled with my breast in the past day than in the past, oh, 15 years that I’ve been with my husband. In fact, my next memory is of a flock of nurses descending on my bed as I came out of anesthesia, apparently screaming for my husband to come help me.
Why, even with all the headlines about how 1 in every 8 women will be diagnosed with this, so many women skip their monthly self-exams and annual mammograms. Hence, the effected individuals must take great care of their feet and check every day for if any blister, cut or redness appears. I don’t care about using another test strip it if means my blood sugars are better controlled! Sure enough, she found the thing, too, right there at the base of my breast, buried quite deep, and almost like it was part of my rib. That caused a hematoma, which in turn led to more pain, which in turn led to slower healing. But since it was nowhere near the red, itchy space, I decided to wait and see if it changed much. After all, a mammogram that doesn’t show you a clearly palpable lump isn’t an accurate mammogram, is it?

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