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Vandana Gulati, who is currently pursuing her Ph.D at Melbourne's Swinburne University of Technology and was involved with pharmaceutical research in India after completing her masters in ayurvedic pharmacy, has investigated 12 medicinal plant extracts and their applications in treatment of diabetes and cancer, reported Melbourne-based Indian Link newspaper. Preliminary research has shown that witchetty bush (Acacia kempeana) and Australian sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) stimulate glucose uptake in fat cells, while dead finish (Acacia tetragonophylla), turpentine bush (Beyeria Ieshnaultii) and caustic weed (Euphorbia drumondii) significantly reduced fat accumulation in fat cells. There were a few groups working in this field, however, majority were not receptive to the idea," she said.Previous studies have found that diabetes and cancer are linked, as the risk of low insulin in diabetes affects the growth of cancer cells.

The witchetty bush and dead finish also showed strong activity against cervical cancer cells.
It helps slowing down the ageing process, enhances memory, improves the functioning of vital organs, and nourishes all the tissues.Sex ProblemThe ancient Ayurvedic text of Charaka Samhita provided complete sexual solutions over 3000 years ago.

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