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The screening test should detect the presence of urine glucose (sugar) in freshly voided urine.
Disclaimer:Always read product information, including warnings, directions and ingredients contained on actual product labels before using.
Healthy animals can eat and digest foods containing carbohydrates without a problem, since their body is able to convert them into glucose. Numerous veterinarians nowadays recommend the use of Diastix, because it helps owners monitor their pets’ diabetes at home, without having to constantly go to the vet. The principle on which Diastix works is pretty simple and is based on the fact that excessive glucose amounts in the bloodstream will be filtered by the kidneys into urine. If the glucose level in the blood is high for an extended amount of time, then glucose will most likely be present in the urine.
Collecting urine samples from pets can be quite challenging, considering that they are quite private with their toilet habits. Remember that reading after exactly 30 seconds (in total) is very important, otherwise the results may not be accurate.

Besides Diastix, Bayer also produces other types of urine test strips, such as Clinistix and Keto-Diastix. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Glucose is then absorbed into the bloodstream and then into the cells (with the help of the insulin hormone), where it is used for energy. If you do not want to submit them to the stressful process of blood testing, you can profit from a great alternative: Diastix.
This simple and inexpensive alternative can be used by anyone and provides a helpful insight regarding the pets’ health. The amount of glucose in the urine depends on several factors, such as how high was the blood glucose level and for how long it remained high. Keto-Diastix has become increasingly popular, since it not only measures the glucose levels, but also the ketones. WWSM accepts no liability for inaccuracies in information given, or provided by manufacturers, nor for any loss or damage that may arise from use of the information contained within material on this website.

When the body cannot use the glucose properly, the glucose levels get too high and the animals feel poorly.
The renal threshold is the level at which the kidneys can no longer process any more glucose, so they spill it into the urine.
When animals get ketones, it means that they have sustained particularly high glucose levels for a while. Their use is quite recommended, actually, since it allows pet owners to properly care for the health of their diabetic pets.
When the insulin level in the body is too low or does not work properly, then your pet is suffering from diabetes type 2.

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