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American diabetes association – a true a1c chart, A1c measures the percentage of hemoglobin cells in your blood that have bonded with glucose molecules.
The normal a1c level – mendosa, You want to control your diabetes as much as possible. I saw the Bayer A1cNow Selfcheck kits on sale and decided that it was worth it to buy a box and check it out. We still have a little way to go, but we made a couple more changes to I:C ratios and correction factors that I think will help.
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I did this exact test (had a $5 off coupon) at home in October because I had 4 months in between endo appointments and got a 6.0% on it at home. And I wish I hadn’t messed up one of the tests so that I could compare them to each other.
I have used A1c home test kits for a little more than a year to monitor my progress between 6 month or 3 month clinic tests for my type 1 diabetes. DisclaimerThe information provided here is for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.
CopyrightAll material on this blog is subject to copyright protection including text and pictures. This entry was posted in Charts and Graphs and tagged Average BG value by A1C, diabetes diagnosis chart. About LizzyLouWhen I was diagnosed, I was told “you are diabetic”, given a prescription for some medication, and told to wait for a nurse to come in and give me an insulin shot.
By keeping your diabetes under tight control, you significantly reduce the risk of losing your vision to diabetic eye disease.
An A1C reading of 7.0 or less indicates that your blood sugar control is probably quite good.

The hemoglobin A1C test is in reality, your report card on how well you and your physician are managing your diabetes.
If you depend upon insulin injections to control your diabetes, a strategy of more frequent blood glucose measurements may improve the quality of your control considerably.
You need to have a general idea of what your blood sugar measurement would be at any given time, and you should test yourself whenever you are not sure.
We have an A1c done in office every three to four months, but sometimes I wish I could check in between to see if changes we’ve made are making any difference. That evening I pulled it out and did the test and was absolutely SHOCKED at the number that popped up. I wrote it off as inaccurate and decided to wait until our next endo appointment and use the second test in the box to compare. I wonder if you repeated the test at the endo’s office on a different machine if it would be the same? At my endo appointment 6 weeks later, December, I had a 6.0% in their office with this kit. Mike Durbin (I think) almost bought an expired box, and I did and had to return it to the store for a new one. When I picked up the prescription I was given a 10-page booklet telling me “All About How to Mange Diabetes”, and sent on my way. This blog is to share my experiences and anything I write is in no way intended to be taken as medical advice.
You can think of the hemoglobin A1C test as if it were an averaging of all your blood sugar readings from the previous three months. Patients who maintain their hemoglobin AIC levels below 7.0 are less at risk for developing the complications of diabetes and are more likely to retain their vision.
You should be interested and you should always know what your latest hemoglobin A1C results are.
The best diabetes control usually requires that you test your blood sugar four times a day or more.

He writes articles about Diabetes, How To control it, How to live a healthier life style plus on other health and fitness topics.
If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please let me know and it will be promptly removed. The test is used to screen and test for diabetes (both types) and to estimate blood sugar control over an approximately 3 month period. Some pts eat healthy prior their blood sugar control, and it can turn out to be normal, but when you see the HbA1c, you know they’ve been naughty! In the meantime I saw two other bloggers use the home kit and they each seemed to think that the test was accurate enough. Problems may be the way the person is shaking the vial or the way the blood sample is put into the meter. Any information here is intended to complement the relationship with your doctor, not replace it.
Keep these results in your wallet so that when you visit the Rand Eye Institute, we will be able to know what your latest numbers are. Higher than normal blood glucose levels can be lowered with an additional insulin injection.
Any medical discussions on this blog are for educational purposes only, I am not your medical provider and cannot tell you what to do with your health issues. My Endo MD swears that it is as accurate as the lab tests and would accept it as a test he could rely on.
Lower than normal blood glucose levels can be raised with a little sugar, orange juice or chocolate. This regimen of intensive control should be utilized only under the direction and supervision of your doctor.

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