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Hey, sorry to interrupt AGAIN, but can you just… yes, again, yep I know you’re busy, I know it’s important, you’re having fun, but you really, really have to stop what you’re doing and pay me some attention right now.
Imagine you’re diabetic, and this is pretty much how your day goes, with the endless need to check on your blood sugar levels.
A few weeks ago, Abbott Freestyle Libre invited some young people with diabetes to a very special sleepover, at the London Planetarium. All the kids were wearing a Libre sensor, a tiny filament placed under their skin, continuously reading the glucose levels in their blood.
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How lovely that this has allowed you both extra reassurance and more time off without constantly having to worry about Maddie’s blood sugar levels. Well I think the benefits in terms of outcomes will probably prove themselves over time Izzie, and the NHS may well see the pros of funding something like this. Blyton Ice Cream have recently introduced a very popular sugar free ice cream to the range: this is proving suitable for people with diabetes or special diet requirements. Add in a mother on your case and you’re doing a pretty incredible job to stay focused on anything at all. Fun and games were had, friends were made, and sleeping bags were laid out for a night under the stars.

On any other night, parents would be waking them to prick their fingers for a drop of blood to keep them safe, but tonight was different.
We bought one when they first became available, before they were licensed for paediatric use, as they are now. Every time we scan, as well as a number for that moment, we get a graph of what her pesky blood has been up to over the previous eight hours. As she skated back and forth across the rink, learning pivots and ‘hockey stops,’ I waved her reader over her arm.
I guess it’s going to be too expensive to be approved for NHS use though and that is a real shame. The kids slept soundly, while the parents simply scanned their arms for a reading whenever they needed to check.
That kind of information is the holy grail of eyes-wide-open diabetes management – imagine a hundred blood sugar readings, where before you only had 5 or 6. As she learned to skate backwards (I still can’t fathom that!) I detected drops before they happened, handing her a Jelly Baby or a square of chocolate at appropriate moments. It’s not something the NHS is big on funding at the moment, so yes, sadly sufferers have to pay for the benefit of sleep and some peace of mind, as well as the information that allows us to make better health decisions. They’re not a perfect fit, but they feel better than having nothing when we occasionally drop the reader.

If you are looking for professional copy that tells a compelling story for your website, do get in touch to discuss your needs. Half an hour of exercise every day, an hour after breakfast insulin, in the cold takes a lot of tweaking and adjusting.
Exactly like the libre sensor only slightly bigger to hold insulin inside for 3 days at a time. As we drove home we talked excitedly about her new skills, not what to do about her insulin. I felt a quick scratch, much like the hamster would give me if I try to pick him up and scupper his chances of escape, and it was in. It catches on my bra strap occasionally, but I’m told you learn to compensate for that. However the cost to fund this off the nhs is ?300 for the device itself then ?250 a month for the pods.

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