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The cumin known as Jeera aka is an Indian herbal spice that is rich with many health benefits for the body. Acidity: you can take a pinch of raw cumin and keep it in the mouth and swallow later if you have acid problems and you want instant relief.
Indigestion: The equal part mixture of cumin, rock salt, black pepper, dry ginger, long pepper, made into a powder can cure dyspepsia issues.

Vomiting: Mix the roasted cumin with honey and consume one tablespoon after a meal to cure vomiting. Cough and Colds: The antiseptic properties of the cumin can help the frozen phlegm in the chest and the thoracic region. Stomach- ache and Body ache: Mix cumin powder in lukewarm water daily and consume it fresh to relieve pain. Diabetes: The level of the sugar in the blood can be regulated by consuming cumin with a glass of water twice a day.
Constipation: The equal amounts of cumin, black pepper, dry ginger and curry powder can clear the bowel and relieve from constipation.

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An Ayurveda physician wrote about the cumin giving an explanation why the cumin is such a valuable herb. You just need to boil cumin seeds in a glass of water and consume this drink after it cools off a little.

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