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It is never good news to hear about the possibility of diabetes or attempt to live a normal life after you have developed the condition. Rebecca Klaper studies emerging contaminants in freshwater systems, including the residuals of pharmaceuticals in wastewater.
A medication commonly taken for Type II diabetes, which is being found in freshwater systems worldwide, has been shown to cause intersex in fish -male fish that produce eggs.
A study by Rebecca Klaper at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee determined exposure to the diabetes medicine metformin causes physical changes in male fish exposed to doses similar to the amount in wastewater effluent. In addition to intersex conditions, fish exposed to metformin were smaller in size than those not exposed, said Klaper, a professor in UWM's School of Freshwater Sciences. The study, co-authored by Nicholas Niemuth, a researcher in Klaper's lab, was recently published in the journal Chemosphere.
Because intersex fish are particularly prevalent downstream from wastewater treatment plants, many studies have investigated the effect of hormones from birth control pills, Klaper said.
Initially, the results of her study seemed surprising since metformin is not a hormone and it targets blood sugar regulation. But Klaper said it is also prescribed to women with a common hormonal disease called polycystic ovary syndrome.
Of the chemicals she has detected in water samples collected from Lake Michigan, metformin stands out, Klaper said. The prevalence of the chemical in samples led Klaper to investigate what effects the medication may have in the environment. In a previous study, she exposed mature fish to metformin, and although there were no physical changes, she found the genes related to hormones for egg production were being expressed in males as well as females - an indication of endocrine disruption. For the current study, the researchers monitored fish that had continuous exposure to metformin from birth to adulthood. Pharmaceuticals, caffeine and items such as toothpaste additives have been found farther out in the Great Lakes than ever before, according to a new study that also raises concerns about their levels.
Researchers have found that pharmaceuticals and personal-care byproducts persist at low levels miles from sewage discharge pipes in Lake Michigan.
A new study could explain why DNA and not RNA, its older chemical cousin, is the main repository of genetic information. Migratory birds often use warm, rising atmospheric currents to gain height with little energy expenditure when flying over long distances. There are plenty of things that make it possible for humans to live in large groups and pack into cities. People who live with Type 1 diabetes suffer from an autoimmune disease, where the body has attacked the beta cells in the pancreas.
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Once you shake the hand of the President of the United States and get to talk with him about your passion -- in this case technology-driven diabetes care -- it doesn't seem like much in life could trump that.
Please say howdy once again to Dana Howe, a recent graduate student in Health Communication from Tufts University who's had type 1 since age 8. If we had a dollar for every time "What the heck??" was uttered in managing diabetes, we'd probably have enough funds to find the cure ourselves! Mary: Simply click on the text above in the 5th paragraph, that says Diabetes Calculator For Kids. The Diabetes Calculator for Kids, available for any patient who uses insulin, creates an individualized chart for rapid-acting insulin bolus dosage in five easy steps. Hi MikeH, i came across your interesting articles and was wondering if you might be interested in other versions of insulin-carb calculators.
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Twelve states currently have an adult obesity rate above 30 percent, according to a new analysis released by the Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).
Later this summer, TFAH and RWJF  will release the 2012 edition of F as in Fat, the annual report that analyzes state obesity rates and policy efforts to address the epidemic, and provides policy recommendations. In 2006, obesity-related medical costs totaled $147 billion a year, or nearly 10 percent of total medical spending, according to a 2011 study in Health Affairs. In recognition of the dramatic health and financial consequences of obesity, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) earlier this year released a comprehensive report that outlined strategies for reversing the epidemic and called on everyone to advance those strategies. Trust for America's Health is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to saving lives by protecting the health of every community and working to make disease prevention a national priority. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation focuses on the pressing health and health care issues facing our country. There are actually some pretty simple things that can be done each day that are known to lower your chances for diabetes and to help you live a healthier life.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The research in her lab indicates metformin could be a potential endocrine disruptor - a chemical that confuses the body's complicated hormonal messaging system, interrupting a range of normal activities, including reproduction. The next step is to determine the corresponding changes in the genome, which Klaper is doing at UWM's Great Lakes Genomic Center. Insulin pumps automatically calculate boluses for meals and corrections, and many keep track of how much active insulin we have working at any given time. After the parent or patient completes those steps online, a customized chart is produced that can be emailed or printed off.
Both of which will support, guide, and inspire you toward the best possible health outcomes for you and your family. For the first time, the 2012 report will include a study that forecasts 2030 obesity rates in each state and the likely resulting rise in obesity-related disease rates and health care costs.
The IOM committee, made up of nutritionists, public health experts, and leaders from the public, private and nonprofit sectors, called for a focused commitment to: making physical activity an integral and routine part of life, creating food and beverage environments that ensure that healthy food and beverage options are the routine, easy choice, transforming messages about physical activity and nutrition, expanding the role of health care providers, insurers and employers in obesity prevention, and making schools a national focal point for obesity prevention. As the nation’s largest philanthropy devoted exclusively to health and health care, the Foundation works with a diverse group of organizations and individuals to identify solutions and achieve comprehensive, measurable, and timely change.

It provides the parent, caregiver or patient an easy way to look up the correct insulin dosage based on current blood glucose, without having to do the math each time. Am literally soliciting negative feedback :)my other request is for the user to merely use it as a(just-for-kicks)quick reference, and that user must still rely on the manual calculations following the written diabetes orders to generate final insulin count.
The analysis also will examine the potential impact of a 5 percent reduction in body mass index (BMI) levels and the number of Americans who could be spared from type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke, hypertension, arthritis and obesity-related cancers if they were able to achieve that reduction. For 40 years the Foundation has brought experience, commitment, and a rigorous, balanced approach to the problems that affect the health and health care of those it serves. Would you tell a developmentally delayed child she could think her way out of her disability or tell a blind man all he has to do is open his eyes?Charlatans try to sell "cures" to Type 2 diabetics, who want to perpetuate the myth that a poor diet caused the illness, when the cause is really a genetic disorder.Finally, this story has nothing to do with Big Pharma. Additionally, the projection will feature the cost savings that could be achieved in each state as a result of a 5 percent BMI reduction. When it comes to helping Americans lead healthier lives and get the care they need, the Foundation expects to make a difference in your lifetime. And it worked perfectly!The Diabetes Calculator is apparently the first of its kind -- which is somewhat amazing, because it's really nothing fancy beyond a web-based version of a programmable spreadsheet.The online tool can be personalized so that any PWD or caregiver can create an individualized, printable chart that displays the calculated bolus amounts for food or insulin corrections, in five easy steps.
For a six-foot-tall person weighing 200 pounds, a 5 percent reduction in BMI would be the equivalent of losing roughly 10 pounds. You just plug in your personal information including name and birth date, caregiver's name, and whether you want doses rounded to the nearest half or whole unit. And wallah!You have a chart that can be referred to in any D-Math situation to assess needed insulin for what you're about to eat. David Repaske who is chief of endocrinology, metabolism and diabetes at Nationwide Children's. He said this whole idea came from what he'd been doing for many years with his pediatric patients and families -- whipping up a personalized chart for dosing calculations that they can print out."I have been practicing for 21 years, and there's a pretty reasonable number of patients who are continually challenged by insulin bolus calculations," he said.
So, I came up with the idea of just building a little Excel spreadsheet to give out to those people to help them better understand what was needed."He's been using this approach with about 5 to 10% of his patients, he says. People he saw would tell him the chart was valuable and they liked it, and that apparently is what caught the attention of hospital management and marketing. Someone got the idea to broaden this tool and make it a web-based resource that anyone could use, beyond their hospital walls."We don't give it to everyone, but if someone's struggling, we suggest this as an option," he said. As of June 13, the Calculator on the Nationwide Children's site had been viewed almost 1,300 times by more than 1,000 unique visitors.
Hospital marketing specialist Gina Bericchia says that Nationwide has received feedback from physicians in other states, that they're using this tool in their clinics and recommending it to patient-families. Repaske said that he's heard positive feedback from many endo colleagues as well.When I was up in Michigan recently visiting family, I saw a local news report that actually touched on this D-Calculator. I had written down a formula to figure out her correction boluses, based on her I:C ratio and insulin sensitivity, but I couldn't be sure that I was doing anything right to help my poor dad. Lying in a guest bed at my parents' house one night, I suddenly remembered this D-Calculator.I lept out of bed, well after midnight, and proudly pulled up the D-Calculator on the laptop to show my parents.

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