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As NPR points out, social media and online communities have the potential to provide a broad-based support network to the increasing number of Americans suffering from diabetes.
The diabetes online community (DOC) consists of millions of Americans nationwide who blog and share testimonials on every aspect of living with the disease, from insulin testing to dating advice, through social media services. A few years ago, drug companies started paying attention to these video testimonials and to bloggers talking about their products. Emerging internet technology is already encouraging a growing number of people to use online resources to track their medical information or even to crowdsource their medical bills. But officials from the Food and Drug Administration are careful to note that while pharmaceuticals’ online outreach might be the wave of the future, there must be greater transparency in identifying which bloggers and online resources are funded or sponsored by the drug industry so as not to dupe customers in what is largely a profit-motivated enterprise.
Diabetes Mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by high blood glucose levels, disturbances of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism resulting from either insulin secretion and or insulin action. The International Diabetes Federation predicts that there will be 334 million diabetics by 2025. The classical symptoms of diabetes mellitus are Polydypsia, Polyphagia, Polyuria and unexplained weight loss. By increased frequency of urination (Polyuria) the body tries to remove the dangerously elevated levels of glucose in the blood and excretes it through urine, hence diabetes mellitus commonly was referred to as sweet urine disease in the earlier times. Increased appetite (Polyphagia) in a diabetic is a result of the body cells inability to take up nutrients and glucose (due to inefficient insulin secretion and or insulin action) and also because the unused glucose comes out of body through urine. As the body needs energy and is unable to use glucose (due to inefficient insulin secretion and or insulin action), it converts fat into free fatty acids for energy leading to weight loss despite a normal appetite.
Due to the high blood glucose levels, some of it is taken up by lens leading to a distorted blurred vision. Recurrent skin infections is often seen in diabetics as the glucose provide a rich environment for the micro organisms to grow. The feeling of fatigue is a common symptom as the cells are unable to use glucose to produce energy.
Breath that smells sweet and like nail polish remover needs immediate medical attention as it is probably due to diabetes ketoacidosis which is a deadly complication. This may be accompanied by feelings of nausea, weakness, rapid heartbeats, abdominal pain and deep and rapid breaths.
In hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) the diabetic experiences weakness, fainting spells, rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, trembling, irritability, hunger or suddenly drowsiness. People with Type – I diabetes mellitus develop symptoms over a short period of time whereas type – II diabetes mellitus symptoms are often not as noticeable as in Type – I. Another form is the Gestational diabetes mellitus which occurs only in pregnancy and disappears after the birth of the child. Tufts OCW material is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. A hyperpigmented rash on the neck of an overweight man is likely to be acanthosis nigricans, D. In addition to obesity-associated acanthosis nigricans, the following types have been recognized: •Syndromic. This patient also had a number of acrochordons, or skin tags, which occur most often in persons who are overweight or who have diabetes. Answer to bonus question: The malignancy most commonly associated with acanthosis nigricans is adenocarcinoma of the GI tract.
It is a chronic or long-term skin disorder that gives rise to benign, reddish rashes over the skin surface. This skin condition typically affects children and adults within young to middle-aged group.
Another GA form without any known cause, this condition tends to affect women between 50 and 60 years of age. This is a form of GA that is characterized by the development of more than 10 lesions on the body of patients. In rare cases, the rashes may appear as firm nodules beneath the skin of the legs or the arms. According to some studies, individuals with thyroid disorders, childhood diabetes or hormonal imbalances are at an increased risk of suffering from this skin disease.
Diabetes is associated with GA and is also believed to be a causative agent for the condition. People having abnormal rashes on their legs or forearms should immediately visit a primary healthcare provider to make a proper diagnosis of the lesions. Once a proper diagnosis has been made, a physician may consult the patient about the possible treatment options for the disease.

Also known as Chinese rhubarb or “Da huang”, this herb consists of phytochemicals like beta-carotene which promote healing and combat infection. Ginger (zingiber officianale) is famous for its anti-microbial effects that helps prevent infection. This Himalayan herb is a part of Ayurvedic herbal medicine and is popular for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is produced from the oil of Torchwood treep and contains steroidal saponins that have powerful anti-fungal properties. GA rashes generally appear as papules or little red spots over the skin of the hands or feet. The rashes of Granuloma Annulare often arise on the regions of the body that are exposed to the sun, such as the forearms and the hands. Take a look at these Granuloma Annulare photos to know how rashes arising due to this condition look like.
If you develop a ring-like rash or an elevated bump that refuses to go away in a few weeks, call your health care provider as soon as possible.
They also have a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and a diabetes dictionary, and they’re looking into Pinterest and Instagram. And internet tools do present a promising opportunity for a pharmaceutical model that puts drug manufacturers in direct contact with the people they are servicing, creating better market information and bearing potential benefits for both patients and drug makers. Drugs for pre-diabetic or borderline patients can run Americans with private insurance up to $100 per prescription.
In Type-I either the body have stopped making insulin or the amount of insulin produced is less whereas in Type –II there may be decreased or nil insulin levels and or the insulin levels may be normal but it is not being utilized by the body (Insulin resistance).
Symptoms of diabetes vary from person to person and are related to elevated blood glucose levels. Excessive thirst(Polydypsia)is due to dehydration resulting from excessive urination and sweating. This is a temporary change and the vision improves as the blood sugar level returns to normal.
Slowly healing ulcers, sores, wounds cuts are due to decreased immunity and blood circulation to the wound. Diabetics are usually irritable and or depressed due to decreased glucose supply and nutrition to the brain. One should be given a carbohydrate snack or a glucose drink quickly to avoid more serious complications. The type A syndrome is also termed the hyperandrogenemia, insulin resistance, and acanthosis nigricans syndrome (HAIR-AN syndrome). The rashes appear as raised, circular bumps that are arranged in a ring-like or circular fashion. The disease leads to rashes on the lateral as well as dorsal surfaces of hands, fingers, elbows, ankles and dorsal feet. It manifests as dispersed yet symmetrical bumps or ring-like eruptions consisting of over ten skin lesions. It mostly affects children and is characterized by skin lesions that develop most often on the lower region of legs.
The rashes can emerge in ring-like clusters or as elevated bumps that typically measure less than 1.25 cm (or ? inch) in diameter. Majority of adults and children with this skin disease are found to be quite healthy otherwise. Around 15 percent of the total population of GA patients is found to suffer from Disseminated Granuloma Annulare. A large percentage of Disseminated GA sufferers are found to suffer from Diabetes Mellitus.
A physician carefully examines the rashes and diagnose whether these are characteristic of GA.
Treatment, therefore, is unnecessary other than improving the appearance of the hands or feet. It restricts the production of leukotreines or the unsaturated fatty acids that are released during allergic reactions and lead to inflammation.
These are usually harmless and self-limiting in nature, meaning these resolve naturally with time and without any treatment.

Without treatment, the condition usually resolves within a span of 1-2 years after its onset. These useful Granuloma Annulare images will provide you with an exact idea about the appearance of GA lesions. Quick diagnosis and medical attention helps persistent rashes of this disease resolve faster.
Especially because diabetes cases have soared by 50 percent in the last 15 years, and are likely to continue affecting more and more Americans across the country, this could be an important way forward.
The type B syndrome generally occurs in women who have uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, ovarian hyperandrogenism, or an autoimmune disease. However, pain and other discomforting symptoms associated with other types of rashes are generally found to be absent here. Patients of Disseminated GA usually comprise of adults older than 40 years or children who are younger than 10 years. In some cases, extremely strong ointments or steroid-based creams are used to clear up the lesions at a faster pace. It can also help you evade any potential complications that may arise at any time in future. Diabetes type 2 is condition where there is low insulin secretion or body is not sensitive to the insulin (not properly utilized by the body) or both. This is considering as a major risk factor for developing diabetes type 2 and other metabolic syndrome. These symptoms occur during blood-glucose rise, and it may disappear when it normalizes.If you have a family history of diabetes or having other diabetes risk factors and feel some of the above symptoms, then immediately, go for a blood test. Liver convert excess glucose in the blood into glycogen and store it for the future requirement. So, in addition to tweeting about new products, pharmaceuticals are sponsoring bloggers like Sparling.
However, the disorder is supposed to have a preference for females as girls are found to suffer slightly more from GA than boys.
Due to their shapes, GA lesions are often confused with rashes arising due to ringworm infection. Administering steroidal creams directly into the rings through injections can also prove to be effective.
Topical corticosteroids are prescribed to such patients to quickly shrink the bumps and reduce inflammation, thus making recovery much faster.
Applying a high-quality sunscreen (of SPF 15 or more) on the areas can also help avoid rashes from breaking out. All diabetes is considering as serious, if not properly treated can lead to dangerous diabetes complications. Diabetes type 1 develops when your body's immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. I heard from many peoples, who were diagnosed as diabetes when they consult their doctor for some other health reason.
Some physicians may choose to remove the rashes with the aid of cauterization which involves freezing the abnormal bumps with liquid nitrogen.
Individuals with underlying health problems like thyroid disorders may require specialized medicines to manage the disease. Still now, we not fully understand the actual causes of this diabetes; however, scientists believe both genetic factors with environmental triggers may involve.
In extreme or widespread cases of GA rashes, oral medications or ultraviolet light therapy may be used for cure.
Diet or lifestyle has no link with the cause of type 1 diabetes, thus you cannot get rid of it.

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