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When a patient chooses a diabetes medication, it is important to look at the side effects of the drugs to find the safest option.
The drug metformin, also known by its name brands of Glucophage and Glumetza, is one option to help regulate blood glucose levels. Acarbose—a drug that falls under the category of an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor—prevents high blood sugar by blocking the body from breaking down starches. Another option for managing one’s diabetes through medication is the drug glipizide, which goes by the brand name Glucotrol. Please note the kidneysteps information is for educational purposes only, is not a rendering of medical advice, and is not intended as a substitute for professional care from your own health care provider. Understanding your options for type 2 diabetes medications is important, as different medications have different side effects. Glucosidase Inhibitors: Acarbose and Miglitol work by slowing carbohydrate absorption from the gut.
More information about diabetes medication can be found on the American Diabetes Association’s website. Lori is the author of a book entitled Healthy Choices, Healthy Children, A Guide to Raising Fit, Happy Kids (pre-order it at Amazon).
This entry was posted in Diabetes, Hot Topics, Medication, Special Needs and tagged diabetes medication, insulin, type 2 diabetes. The primary goal of this educational program is to update primary care physicians on the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes. Current guidelines recommend metformin for most patients when starting hypoglycemic agents.7 However additional patient factors determine which other agents are selected either at diagnosis or once HbA1c goals are no longer being achieved on monotherapy. These recommendations are based on current evidence about medication efficacy in relation to clinical outcomes and not only HbA1c levels, as well as data on drug side effects. The content of this website is educational in nature and includes general recommendations only; specific clinical decisions should only be made by a treating physician based on the individual patient’s clinical condition. Intensive blood-glucose control with sulphonylureas or insulin compared with conventional treatment and risk of complications in patients with type 2 diabetes (UKPDS 33). Effect of intensive blood-glucose control with metformin on complications in overweight patients with type 2 diabetes (UKPDS 34). Metaglip (glipizide and metformin) Drug Side Effects, Interactions, and Medication Information on eMedicineHealth. What is the most important information I should know about glipizide and metformin (Metaglip)?
What should I discuss with my healthcare provider before taking glipizide and metformin (Metaglip)? Glipizide and metformin is a combination of two oral diabetes medicines that help control blood sugar levels.Glipizide and metformin is for people with type 2 diabetes who do not use daily insulin injections. Do not use glipizide and metformin if you have congestive heart failure or kidney disease, or if you are in a state of diabetic ketoacidosis (call your doctor for treatment with insulin).If you need to have any type of x-ray or CT scan using a dye that is injected into your veins, you will need to temporarily stop taking glipizide and metformin. Treatment with metformin usually starts with daily intake of 250 mg of the drug, twice a day. Meglitinide analogues such as repaglinide and nateglinide work by increasing insulin production. Acarbose belongs to a category of anti-diabetic medication called alpha-glucosidase inhibitor.
These anti-diabetic drugs work by improving the sensitivity of the muscles and adipose tissues to insulin. In clinical trials, some patients on the anti-diabetic drug liraglutide—sold under the brand name Victoza—developed pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer. Prior to the FDA’s 2010 approval of Victoza for use in connection with the treatment of diabetes, the agency began questioning whether Victoza causes thyroid cancer because studies showed that Byetta, a similar GLP-1 Type II diabetes drug, might. The process of demanding compensation for the harm you’ve suffered can be complicated, even if it doesn’t seem fair that you should have to go through even more trouble to be made whole again. If you have taken Victoza and believe it caused you to develop pancreatic cancer, contact RLG today. Please note: Comments are encouraged in order to permit visitors to discuss relevant topics. I have been on victoza for over a year now and I just recently found out I have multiple nodules on my thyroid.

Since last post ultrasound found places on my thyroid, doctor has scheduled a procedure to find out if they are cancerous. Since taking Victoza, I've been diagnosed with chronic urticaria.The hives and other ailments have come from using victoza. Disclaimer: Please note that you are not considered a client until you have signed a retainer agreement and your case has been accepted by us.
Issues with the cardiovascular system are just one type of problem that occurs in patients who do not control their diabetes. Although insulin was never considered to treat type 2 diabetes in the past, it is now a safe treatment option that is sometimes given in correlation with other medications, in particular oral diabetes medications.
It may cause a variety of side effects, both severe and mild, but it does not have the severe side effects of some diabetes medications.
This drug is a safe option that classifies as a sulfonylurea, meaning that it works by stimulating cells within the pancreas to produce more insulin. Published articles and chapters in publications including the American Dietetic Association's "Kids Eatright" blog, and Play Outdoors blog and magazine. Celiac disease is an auto-immune, inherited disease that causes intolerance to the protein gluten. We present the risks and benefits of the different treatment options and provide guidance on selecting the most appropriate agent for each patient. National diabetes statistics report: estimates of diabetes and its burden in the United States. Projection of the year 2050 burden of diabetes in the US adult population: dynamic modeling of incidence, mortality and prediabetes prevalence.
The influence of age on the effects of lifestyle modification and metformin in prevention of diabetes. Effects of aerobic and resistance training on hemoglobin A1c levels in patients with type 2 diabetes: a randomized controlled trial.
This medication is not for treating type 1 diabetes.Glipizide and metformin may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide. It works by increasing sensitivity of the body tissues to insulin and reducing hepatic glucose production.
It acts by obstructing the activity of the enzyme alpha-glucosidase, which breaks down the carbohydrates oligosaccharides and disaccharides into simple sugars or monosaccharides, which are then absorbed through the intestine. Acarbose is usually used for reducing the blood sugar level after meals.
The FDA found that, at “clinically relevant exposures,” Victoza causes the formation of thyroid C-cell tumors in rodents. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) heard arguments by Victoza users who were suing Novo Nordisk, as well as from users of similar incretin mimetic drugs, to consolidate their cases into a multidistrict litigation (MDL).
The lawyers at the Rottenstein Law Group believe that getting satisfaction shouldn’t be just more hardship. My thyroid is enlarged, and I have several "masses" on either side of my thyroid, that are pushing my esophagus to the right. That way, whoever reads your excerpt might read more informative material of interest at one of RLG's sites. Prior results do not guarantee or predict a similar outcome with respect to any future matter. Your use of our Web site or its facilities constitutes your acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In many cases of diabetes, a patient must take diabetes medication to further assist with keeping hyperglycemia under control. These issues include atherosclerosis or narrowing of the arteries, hypertension, stroke, heart attack and coronary artery disease (CAD). Although drinking orange juice is a method to counteract low blood glucose levels, it will not work when the patient has hypoglycemia due to this drug. They work in different ways, which is why you often have two or three of them at the same time.
Prescribing the right diabetes drugs depend on many factors, so what works for your friend with type 2 diabetes may be very different from what works for you. However a tighter target, such as ?6.5%, may be appropriate for younger patients and newly diagnosed patients without existing cardiovascular disease.
Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) can occur if you skip a meal, exercise too long, drink alcohol, or are under stress.

The treatment starts with the lowest dosage of the drug that is gradually improved until the desired blood sugar control is attained. The anti-diabetic medication is taken 15 to 30 minutes before meal. As the hypoglycemic effect of acarbose is not as powerful as that of other oral anti-diabetic medications such as metformin or sulfonylurea, it is usually combined with any of these drugs.
One of the seven Victoza users suffered pancreal necrosis and subsequently died, though the FDA does not know if Victoza was at all responsible. The JPML was hesitant to merge cases brought against multiple manufacturers, but it determined that there were sufficient common issues of fact and law to make the consolidation worthwhile. That’s why we do everything we can to streamline the process, and we will file a Victoza lawsuit on your behalf if necessary. Comments should not be used to ask questions of RLG’s lawyers; if you want to speak with a lawyer, please fill out this contact form or call 1 (888) 976-8529.
Have also developed periodic episodes of Vertigo where the room spins and my vision gets very blurry. I will have a biopsy in 2 weeks to see if it's cancer, and I never had any thyroid issues till I started this medicine. The information contained on this Web site is not medical advice and is not intended to be medical advice. It is imperative that patients discuss their options with their physician to find the correct drug or combination of drugs to deal with the condition. Uncontrolled diabetes is also associated with nerve damage, and in severe cases may cause a complete loss of feeling in the affected limb or limbs.
These should not be given along with a DPP4 inhibitor, as incretin mimetics have a similar but much stronger action than DPP4 inhibitors. For patients with multiple comorbidities, frail elderly, those at greatest risk of hypoglycemia or with a limited life expectancy, a less stringent HbA1c ?8% may be reasonable. Symptoms include headache, hunger, weakness, sweating, tremor, irritability, or trouble concentrating. In addition to improving the blood sugar level, metformin helps to reduce low-density cholesterol and triglycerides levels and body weight. It may be combined with another anti-diabetic drug such as metformin or acarbose or insulin. Diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, bloating and flatulence are possible side effects of acarbose.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Victoza for use in connection with the treatment of diabetes. Another complication is kidney damage, which can eventually turn into kidney failure or end-stage renal disease, requiring a kidney transplant or dialysis. Filing an Actos lawsuit is becoming a common theme for the patients severely affected by this drug. According to the American Diabetes Association, diarrhea and gas may occur from taking this drug.
However, a sulphonylurea drug should not be combined with meglitinide analogue or another sulphonylurea. Not sure if it's related to Victoza - anyone else have problems with neuropathy and vertigo? Please discuss any health or other concerns with your doctor or other healthcare professional.
No recommendation or endorsement of RLG is implied by reference to any newspaper or television or radio station. Be sure your family and close friends know how to help you in an emergency.Some people develop lactic acidosis while taking metformin. Diarrhea, vomiting, photosensitivity and weight gain are possible side effects of sulphonylureas.
Get emergency medical help if you have even mild symptoms such as: muscle pain or weakness, numb or cold feeling in your arms and legs, trouble breathing, stomach pain, nausea with vomiting, slow or uneven heart rate, dizziness, or feeling very weak or tired.

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