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Recommendations (bulleted at the beginning of each subsection and also listed in the Executive Summary: Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes2013). The following best-practice guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and management of diabetes that have been developed for health professionals by medical. This guideline covers the care and management of type 2 diabetes in adults (aged 18 and over). It focuses on patient education, dietary advice, managing cardiovascular risk, managing blood glucose levels, and identifying and managing long-term complications.

Summary of the criteria for type 2 diabetes diagnosis from the ADA 2015 guidelines; diabetes education guideline resources for HCPs from NDEI. Canadian Diabetes Association 2013 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Diabetes in Canada.
A large body of evidence exists that supports a range of interventions to improve diabetes outcomes. These standards of care are intended to provide clinicians, patients, researchers, payers, and other interested individuals with the components of diabetes care, general treatment goals, and tools to evaluate the quality of care.

The International Diabetes Federation has produced guidelines on the following topics: 2015.

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