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India  has the dubious distinction of World diabetic capital with 40 million diabetics and likely to reach about  75 millions in next 10 to 12 years.
System of medicine has more side effects than the benefits  like – acute Hypoglycaemia, Drug resistance due to prolonged usage of drugs, Deposition of Toxins in the body. For various associated problems of Diabetes like- Retinopathy, Nephropathy, Neuropathy  etc., the patient has to visit the respective consultants, which involves time and money. Prameha (Pre-diabetes) and Madhumeha (Diabetes) were treated since  more than two thousand years with comprehensive  treatment methods to tackle diabetes and associated problems. There  are possibilities occurrence  of Hypoglycaemia in allopathy, whereas in Ayurveda, it is overall management of Diabetes and chances of Hypoglycaemia are ruled out. There are no side effects , or adverse reactions , drug toxicity and drug resistance even  in  prolonged Ayurvedic Treatment . Considering this practical problem we provide  services  of our Specialist consultants for  Diabetes and associated problems like Nephropathy, Neuropathy, Retinopathy, Loss of Libido, etc.,   under one roof. To provide comprehensive and cost effective and convenient  services to the Diabetic patients, Dr.
Commonly known in the online realm as The Purple Foodie, Shaheen is a camera toting food blogger, baker, and food writer. Outlines suggestions for enhancing the availability and absorption of iron in the diet through food selection and preparation techniques. Presents practical suggestions for adding calories and protein to meals with the goals of regaining muscle mass, energy, and preventing weight loss.
Categorizes foods into very good, good, and fair sources of calcium; presents opportunities to increase calcium intake with recipe suggestions, snack ideas, and grocery list. Designed to help improve the nutritional intake of individuals undergoing cancer treatments affecting the patient’s food intake and nutritional status; addresses the issues of nausea, sore mouth, diarrhea, indigestion, and constipation. Provides nutrition guidelines for maintaining stable vitamin K intake in order to obtain the maximum therapeutic effect of Coumadin® and other anti-coagulant medications.  Summarizes Vitamin K content of foods and emphasizes the importance of consistency in Vitamin K intake. Outlines methods to achieve the DASH diet food plan demonstrated to help reduce blood pressure.
Provides a one page diabetes self-management summary; opportunity to review medications, carbohydrate budget, sick day advice, exercise, and the “rule of 15” for treating hypoglycemia.
Actual food photography beautifully illustrates techniques to increase dietary fiber with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Outlines key post-surgical dietary principles to achieve and maintain optimal nutritional status while losing weight with the assistance of the Lap-band® type device. Establishes goals for achieving slow, gradual prenatal weight gain and presents a simple approach to managing blood glucose control during pregnancy. This new counseling tool helps patients identify customarily consumed foods which promote inflammatory atherosclerotic processes and guides the patient to find ways to replace harmful foods with heart healthy anti-inflammatory foods. Provides feeding techniques and a timeline for introducing solid foods based upon baby’s age and demonstrated signs of developmental readiness through the first year of life.     Specific foods to prepare and mealtime menu ideas are suggested. Outlines key nutrition concepts to improve well-being and slow the deterioration of kidney function. Outlines key post-surgical dietary principles with illustrations to help patients achieve and maintain optimal nutritional status while losing weight after Roux en Y gastric bypass surgery.
Provides dietary suggestions to prevent or relieve the common pregnancy related discomforts of nausea, constipation, and heartburn; action plans and food suggestions provided.
Outlines key post-surgical dietary principles with illustrations to help patients achieve and maintain optimal nutritional status while losing weight after Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. Our hospital is well planned and built to ensure that a right ambience is created for Ayurvedic treatments. We offer a range of ayurvedic treatments for all ailments and are given by experienced ayurvedic doctors and well trained ayurvedic therpaists.
Indian Ayurvedic Hospital offers treatments for a long list of ailments, be it lumbar disc prolapse, chronic rheumatic arthritis, diabetes or even the much-feared Alzheimer's disease. Chinnaruha, Chinnodbhava – Regular growth of plant even if it is cut-off several times. Ayattha, Amravalli, Kundali, Guduchika, Jivantika, Tantrika, Devanirmita, Dhara, Nagakanyaka, Bhishakpriya, Madhuparni, Somavalli, Vayastha, etc. Sushruta has classified this herb under – Guduchyadi, Patoladi, Valli Panchamoola, Kakolyadi and Aragvadhadi group of herbs.

As per Charaka, Guduchi is one among 4 medhya rasayana (Brain tonics, to improve memory),where its swarasa is to be administered. Botanical identification: Tinospora cordifolia and Tinospora malabarica are used in the name of Guduchi.
Sangrahini – brings about absorptive nature to stomach and intestines, useful in malabsorption syndrome, diarrhoea. Interesting fact: The areal roots of Guduchi are so thin yet so strong that, Sushruta used to use this for suturing surgical wounds.
If it is Guduchi capsule, (extract), then 250 mg capsule  one per day can be given for the child, after food.
Guduchi Satva – used in Ayurvedic treatment of burning sensation of feet, bleeding diseases etc. For an adult – A tablespoon of Giloya powder is added with 2 cups of water, boiled and reduced to half a cup, filtered and administered within 8 hours of preparation. Yes, but herbs like turmeric, neem, Tulsi leaves, etc are more commonly used in eosinophilia. When there is viral fever, to bring down the temperature, to improve immunity and also to fight the virus, Giloy is a good option, in the order mentioned. For a better effect, using a teaspoon of each of neem and Guduchi together, to prepare Kashayam is a very good option. Sriramaneni RN, Omar AZ, Zaini AM. Vasorelaxant effect of diterpenoid lactones from and Andrographis paniculata chloroform extract on rat aortic rings. If there is infection, anti viral and anti bacterial herbs are selected – like neem, bael, etc. If there is inflammation, anti inflammatory herbs like Guduchi, Ashwagandha etc are selected. If there are kidney stones, then herbs that can dissolve them are selected example: Patalagarudi, Ksharas etc. If there is urine obstruction, then herbs that are diuretic are selected – example- Gokshura, Punarnava etc. If there is need of rejuvenation (in case of degenerative diseases), herbs like Shilajatu, Guduchi, Ashwagandha, Bala etc are selected. I have local Ayurveda doctor and he has given some medicine for kidney problem, I am allergic to some of the composition in it and get pigment problem on my face. Dear Madam, As we all are genetically different with different constitutions and patterns, we respond to treatments in many different ways. Thanks for the very informative article.Can I take guduchi stem decoction for long period ?( I am taking it for the last 6 months). Can Giloy due to its regenerative properties be used to treat increased kidney function (CKD). I am taking gulvel juice daily 2 time ie morning before eating and in evening before 2 hours of the dinner. It is best to consult an Ayurveda doctor in person for the treatment of fatty liver changes.
Hi, Giloy does not suit to all the problems described, but for blood sugar, that too, requires to be taken under medical supervision only, or else the sugar levels may vary out of control. Turmeric is a traditional healing herb in many countries– Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic (Indian science of healing) and Hawaiian practitioners rely on turmeric for its myriad healing properties. Unlike the drugs, which are associated with significant toxic effects (ulcer formation, decreased white blood cell count, intestinal bleeding), curcumin produces no toxicity.” Turmeric is also a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, intestinal conditions, and has been shown to be beneficial for treating cancer, especially of the colon, breast, lung and prostate. Fresh turmeric has a pungent, slightly bitter, earthy flavor without the spicy zing of ginger.
Turmeric can also be made into a simple tea to help boost your immunity and make you feel better during a cold or flu. Andrea Bertoli A vegan chef, educator, writer, surfer, and yogi based in San Francisco, Andrea is also the Accounts Manager for Important Media. Vibrant Wellness' Journal is part of the Important Media network of blogs working to make the world a better, greener, and healthier place for all.
Diabetes mellitus is a disease that occurs when the sugar levels grow too high in the blood. Diabetes Insipidus (DI) is an atypical disease that develops due to the body’s incapability of regulating water levels.

Diabetes is a chronic condition, which develops due to the increased levels of sugar in the blood.
Diabetes is a disease due to either deficiency of insulin or resistance of insulin receptors. Fighting diabetes without a treatment plan, is like entering a battle, without proper strategy. Common complications of type 1 diabetes include cardiovascular problems, neuropathy, retinopathy and nephropathy. Pink Guava (peru, amrood):A  Flavor-wise, it's just like the regular white guava, but it's much prettier!
Presents the vegetarian “healthy plate” with menu suggestions for vegans and lacto-ovo vegetarians; encourages patients to try new foods from international vegetarian cuisines. Because each person's health needs are different, a physician should be consulted before acting on any information provided in these materials.
All cases are subjected to a careful assessment by an expert team of physicians and the treatment is executed under their direct supervision.
Many a time the hospital arranges for a free or concessional treatment to the poor and under privileged. Your individual consultation and questionnare (if applicable) is reviewed by our network in India and Sri Lanka. But it cannot be assured that the patient will be able to completely avoid insulin, with the use of Giloy. While, hotness helps Giloy to decrease Kapha and Vata dosha, its bitter taste helps to decrase Pitta dosha.
Chemopreventive potential of Epoxy clerodane diterpene from Tinospora cordifolia against diethyl nitrosamine induced hepyocellular carcinoma. Hebbar, you are truly doing a soulful deed by imparting Ayurveda knowledge… Many Thanks.
If it is just to maintain good health, half a teaspoon mixed with honey, along with a cup of water is good enough.
According to the World’s Healthiest Foods, “In numerous studies, curcumin’s anti-inflammatory effects have been shown to be comparable to the potent drugs hydrocortisone and phenylbutazone as well as over-the-counter anti-inflammatory agents such as Motrin.
It works by increasing acting against transcription factors for cancer cells and aiding in detoxification systems for the whole body. If you are not here in the islands (!), turmeric might be grown in China or India, so be sure to choose organic turmeric to find the cleanest product.
You can use minced fresh turmeric in soups, sauces, stir-fries and curries or simply use a microplane grater to add a bit to your salads or meals. Opinions and comments published on this site may not be sanctioned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., its owners, sponsors, affiliates, or subsidiaries. Although every effort is made to ensure that this material is accurate and up-to-date, it is provided for the convenience of the user and should not be considered definitive.
The hospital follows a strict treatment regimen based on the scientific principles of Ayurveda. Set up primarily for the people of Coimbatore and Tamil Nadu, the hospital is catching the eye of many in other parts of India and abroad too. You can find turmeric near the ginger at your local health food store or well-stocked grocery store. MEDI-DIETS ™ and Diet Consult Pro do not make any representations about the suitability of these materials for any other purpose.
The hospital itself wants to become a contributory to the age-old stream of ayurveda and wants to dedicate this facility for the extension of the knowledge of the Ayurvedic system for the benefit of mankind. Any individual or entity using these materials assumes all responsibility and risk for such use. The skin is brown and might be a little gritty from the soil– simply give it a good wash before eating! Neither MEDI-DIETS™ nor Diet Consult Pro shall have any liability whatsoever for any use of these materials.

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