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Diabetes is a growing problem in India; in fact, it has already reached dangerous numbers here. Over the last few years, we were on our way to this unfortunate title, but we are now unshakeably at the very top.
India had approximately 32 million people with diabetes in 2000, but by 2030 this number is expected to increase to almost 80 million. New figures for diabetes prevalence in India indicate that the epidemic is progressing rapidly across the nation, reaching a total of 62.4 million persons with diabetes in 2011. The first phase of the ICMR-INDIAB study covered Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Chandigarh, with a sample size of 16,000 persons. Questions were also asked about food habits, physical activity, and smoking, alcohol usage, among others. Projections made in the past about the total number of diabetics in the country for the future may need to be revised. The three-phased study, when concluded, hopes to have done similar analyses for all the States and union territories in India.
This is the one single entity due to which many people across the globe are suffering alike .
I searched for the article with great interest online on the Diabetologia website, but couldn't find it in the current issue or in the articles available before print publication.
From the simulated battlefield with arms mounted on warriors, models of furniture, ceremonial coaches, photographs and memorabilia to paintings of the 19th Century a€“ all this and more is up for public display at the new Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum. Significant determinants of diabetes are age, body-mass index (BMI), waist-hip ratio, low physical activity, and family history of diabetes.
Indians develop diabetes at a younger age and  those younger than 45 years accounts for 36% of all diabetics in India.13  Longer duration of diabetes leads to greater complications and this could threaten the national economy.
CVD risk is primarily due to elevated lipids and blood pressure (much more than elevated blood sugar). The latest data (2012) shows a prevalence of diabetes in excess of 25% in most states as shown in the figure 108. Disclaimer : Please note that the content on CADI Research Foundation attempts to define practices that meet the needs of most patients in most circumstances.
Nowadays there is an increase in the diabetes patients in India and the alarming rate with which it is growing is raising concerns worldwide.
There are many types of diabetes such as type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational period diabetes. According to the 2007 study revealed, India is the first country with more number of diabetic people making China and United States stay behind it. The risk of Indian people having the chances of getting diabetes is five times than the rest of the world. The apple shape structure of the Indian people's body and its ability to resist insulin makes Indians more prone to diabetes. Also according to the study reports, about thirty five percent of the Indian population would die due to diabetes as the major cause in the next 10 years time. Almost three percent of the people living in the rural areas of India are at high risk of developing diabetes due to lack of awareness. The studies held during 2008 reveal that about 1.3 million people in India die due to diabetes every year.
Women in India who are pregnant experience gestational diabetes between 8 to 17 percent annually. Usually younger male population in India develop this problem of erectile dysfunction very early at about 10 to 15 years earlier than the usual cases. The occurrence of diabetes is found out to be in 20% of the adult urban population and 10 % in the adult rural population which is an example of the sedentary life style of Indians. About 285 million around the world suffer from diabetes, making it the fifth leading cause of death. Diabetes costs the US more than $174 billion, of which $116 billion is spent on medical treatment and $58 billion is lost due to lowered productivity. The carbohydrates that a person consumes are converted to glucose, which helps fuel the body. Mohan, who heads Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, the national co-ordinator for the study. The study also provides authentic new data on the total number of people with diabetes in India,” Dr.
It factored in anthropometric parameters like body weight, BMI (body mass index), height and waist circumference, and also tested fasting blood sugar, followed by blood sugar after a glucose load (known diabetics exempted), and cholesterol for all participants.

For instance, in May 2004, in Diabetes Care, volume 27, Sarah Wild et al proposed that India would have 79.4 million people with diabetes in 2030. Probably increasing the petrol price significantly so that forcing people to ride in a bicycle will definitely have a great impact in preventing diabetes but no politicians will do that. For thousands of years Indian population was living in calories debt rather than abundant and surplus food. In the survey, the number of times eating junk food or outside home is to be included which constitutes a principal cause for the onset of diabetics. Over the past 30 years, the prevalence of diabetes has increased to 12-18% in urban India and 3-6% in rural India with significant regional variations.1, 3, 4 5, 6 These rates in India are 50-80% higher than China (10%). The driving forces behind the epidemic are urbanization (30%) and economic development with resultant increase in GDP, sedentary lifestyle, western diet, and fast food diet on a background of genetic susceptibility.
Unfortunately, management of blood pressure and cholesterol remains dismally poor among diabetics in India (see Diabetes Control). High prevalence of diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors associated with urbanization in India. Methods for establishing a surveillance system for cardiovascular diseases in Indian industrial populations.
Prevalence of risk factors for coronary atherosclerosis in a cross-sectional population of Andhra Pradesh.
High prevalence of diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance in India: National Urban Diabetes Survey.
Age- and sex-specific prevalence of diabetes and impaired glucose regulation in 11 Asian cohorts. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma co-activator-1alpha (PGC-1alpha) gene polymorphisms and their relationship to Type 2 diabetes in Asian Indians. Role of genetic polymorphism peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma2 Pro12Ala on ethnic susceptibility to diabetes in South-Asian and Caucasian subjects: Evidence for heterogeneity. Mortality rates due to diabetes in a selected urban south Indian population–the Chennai Urban Population Study [CUPS--16].
However, everyone is unique, and the extent to which the information applies specifically to you should be a key point of discussion between you and your cardiologist or health care provider.
This is a medical condition that is caused by either high production of insulin in the body or due to low or nil supply of oxygen in the body. At present about 40 million Indian people are affected by diabetes and it is estimated that this will reach up to 70 million people by the year 2025. Even developing nations are coping with this disease, which can take a toll on the healthcare system and national productivity. The pancreas is responsible for maintaining blood sugar by releasing insulin into the blood as and when required.
About 79 million people in the US are prediabetes and more than 18 million have been diagnosed with the disease. If traveling to Europe, take a European health insurance to get coverage in the country of your travel. In a recent study conducted by Henry Ford Hospital, it was found that women between the ages of 60 and 75 who have managed to bring their diabetes under control had better hearing compared to women that did not have their diabetes under control. Fast foods taste good, are convenient to eat and quick to prepare, but they have low nutritional value, contain a lot of calories and are high in sugar, fats, calories and additives. However, before the piercing ensure that your blood sugar levels are under control, as this will reduce the chances of infection and poor healing. What you do, what you eat, what you need to carry revolves around this prominent lifestyle disease.
We also expect that by then, the epidemic will shift to the economically disadvantaged groups, going by the experience of nations in the West,” Dr. Govt can compensate by giving more pulses as in Tamil Nadu or 'coarse grains' like millets (ragi, barjra, jowar) which are much healthier. Social behaviour modification and life style must be abig factor, Diet and excersie, In diet it all about calorific intake. Hence it is inevitable that the more affordability in terms of food, modern technology would invariably leave us as the diabetic country in the world(25% of the population is going to be diabetic is alarming).
Also we need to figure out how much fruits and vegetable sales have increased over this period.
The ultimate judgment regarding your care must be made by you and your healthcare provider together, in light of circumstances specific to you as a patient.
This denotes that of every five person in the world one will be an Indian suffering from this disease.

It is found out that about 50% of men with diabetes are known to develop erectile dysfunction within 10 years of developing diabetes. Diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death among people, but with proper lifestyle and dietary habits, it can be prevented as well as controlled. However, it is the island of Nauru that has the highest incidence of diabetes in the world, with 30 percent of its population suffering from the disease. In 2010, about 1,900,000 new cases of diabetes were diagnosed among people aged 20 years and above. Foods with high glycemic index are bad carbs, while foods with low glycemic index are considered good carbohydrates. Always take a travel insurance that covers diabetes and any specialist equipment that your condition may require. In the US, 66 percent of Hispanics are more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes, with more than 90 percent Hispanics are either at risk of getting the disease or already have diabetes.
About 1 in 10 people in the US have some degree of hearing loss; and less than 15 percent doctors ask diabetics whether they are facing any hearing loss. According to research, regular consumption of fast food causes insulin resistance, which can result in Type II diabetes. While you can get any body part pierced, refrain from sites that go not get adequate blood, such as ankles, buttocks and shins.
So government needs to include the diabetes prevention measures in the school curriculum and people should make their own choice.
I think we should make (5 or 6 zones) Indian standard based on average persons' sugar level at random sample & make it the corrective action. So far in many of the scientific research we haven't found increased genetic predisposition for Indians. It is believed rice starch is a major instigator for the diabetes but if you look into the largely rice eating countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and mainly China have the incidence of the diabetes far less from India. To know the impact of this medical condition among the Indian people there are a few facts that would help you to have a better understanding. While both have similar symptoms, Type 1 develops quickly and Type II takes years to manifest itself.
Diabetics should look to get about 40 to 45 percent of their calories from carbohydrates, which are present in practically all foods.
If you are carrying your injection and other sharp-objects, carry a letter from your doctors, so that you will not face a problem while boarding the plane.
According to available statistics, nearly 12 percent Hispanics aged 20 and above have diabetes. If the pierced site gets infected, it is because the diabetes is not under control or proper piercing methods were not followed.
Also, he explained that there was a huge window of opportunity for prevention, considering the number of modifiable risk factors among the pre-diabetes group. My father is at 98 who is considered by local doctors as a border line diabetic is tells us to take sugar for instant energy. However it needs further research and clarification.I don't think that whatever the reason given by Kalyan may contribute to diabetic incidence, but one has to have a open mind. Another biological factor is the emotions and bursting out for triflings which are typical of Indians while the nations mentioned do not bother much about anything. The treatment for the two types are also similar – diet change, exercise and insulin injections. If a person consumes unhealthy diet, the blood sugar spikes and the pancreas is unable to secrete sufficient amounts of insulin to reduce the level. When traveling for long periods, carry sufficient amounts of insulin and always carry foods and drinks in case the flight is delayed and you have spend time at the airport.
Working longer hours is the pride of Indians, oblivious of the physical activity relative to the intake of food, which is also not timely. This can result in fatigue, lethargy and other health-related problems, including Type II diabetes. We have listed out some important facts and statistics that will shock and make you think. Let us survey the world where the diabetes is less preavalent and pick up their habits in all aspects including the food.

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