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Just because the sizes are getting larger, doesn’t mean you and your meals need to as well! Ok, so now that we know the correct serving sizes, how do we make the smartest choices and stick with it? Measure out your food. Having a general idea of a portion size ( ie tennis ball, deck of cards, etc) can be helpful when you are first learning the basics or when you are dining out. Our free blood sugar chart (or blood glucose chart) lets you track your blood sugar levels throughout the day.
Print this blood sugar log and attach it to your fridge or wherever you typically test your blood sugar.
With this Blood Sugar Chart spreadsheet you can enter your blood sugar test results and see those results plotted on a graph along with your recommended upper and lower blood sugar levels. Remember to enter notes next to your entries regarding your diet and exercise so that you can see how they may be affecting your levels. Tracking your blood sugar level (or blood glucose level) is highly recommended to give you power over your body and health.
Measuring your Blood Sugar Level: You can check your blood sugar level with a blood glucose meter at any time during the day, but generally people take them before meals and before they go to bed at night. Tracking Your Blood Sugar Level: After using the meter to find your blood sugar level, enter the date, time, level and any notes into the chart. If you are on an exercise plan, ask your doctor for the best time to take your levels, to determine the affects your exercise plan is having. American Diabetes Associaton at diabetes.org - Along with being a great resource for information on diabetes, the American Diabetes Association works towards preventing and finding the cure for diabetes.
Studies show that people who write down what they eat lose more weight than those who do not.  Tracking your food allows you to see exactly what you’re eating too much of—or not enough of—and helps keep you accountable.
Refer back to them to find recipes, substitutes at restaurants, and encouraging reminders of how far you’ve come. If you’re ready to go electronic and use your smartphone, sign up for a food journal app like MyFitnessPal.  It’s free and user-friendly! MyFitnessPal has Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snack categories ready for you to enter your food into.  The database of food is probably the largest one out there.

There’s a place to add in recipes so you don’t have to enter each ingredient each time.  It revolutionized how many of our clients cook, eat and keep track of it. If you stick to eating every 2-3 hours and having a well-balanced plate, you won’t need to use your extra calories because you won’t be starving your body. Some people have a hard time remembering to log their food after each meal.  So here are a couple of suggestions.
Set timers on your phone to remind you.  Believe us, it will annoy you enough to remember to do it!
Enter your food for “tomorrow” today!  Plan your meals a day or two—or even week—ahead.  This way you have a daily plan of what you’re eating and won’t go to bad things because you didn’t plan. This is what really counts!  All the work you’re doing is so you can really see your progress. Remember, the portion (the number of servings you consume) will depend on your gender, weight, age, goals, etc. Even though an item is sold as a single portion, there might be multiple servings within that one package. Here you will find all the information you need to determine the serving size of that item. This might be tedious, but it can really help you stay accountable and focused on what, how much, and when you are eating. These can be found anywhere (Target, Walmart, online, etc.) for a reasonable price and are great for food that are easier to measure when weighed (meat, nuts, etc) than in a cup or spoon. If you are eating from a package with multiple servings, avoid eating straight from the package. Serving sizes at restaurants and fast food joints are usually TRIPLE the correct serving size. It also allows you to enter in normal blood sugar levels, both high and low, so you can see how well you are staying within your healthy range. This printable blood sugar log allows you to write down your results no matter where you are. For the A1C level chart, you can enter the level that your doctor recommends you stay close to.

Tracking your blood sugar level along with your diet and exercise lets you see how to use diet and exercise to keep you at the right levels and stay healthy. Notes could include what food you ate, what exercises you did, or anything else that you think influences your levels. And you can easily use your smartphone to scan bar codes on packages and quickly input your food.
You might be working out religiously, but if the food plan isn’t in place, you won’t see the results. Be careful and take your time when choosing your foods and how much you will really be eating.
Next to each entry, you can enter notes about your diet and exercise, to see how they affect your levels. You can also show your healthcare provider your results to help them provide you with a better care plan. Because the average life of a red blood cell is about 4 months, this test will give you a good idea of how you've been doing for the past 2 to 3 months. Whip out those measuring cups and spoons; you might realize you were actually consuming multiple servings worth! This will help prevent overeating and help you learn your body’s signals of when you are satisfied and content…plus the right portions for your body!
You can also keep track of your A1C levels (also referred to as hemoglobin HbA1c levels), which you get tested by your doctor. If you plan all your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for the week, you can build your grocery list from your weekly menu.  This will help you from impulse buys in the grocery store and save you money from eating out!

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