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You are browsing the archive for Diabetes News Archives - Diabetes Community Action Coalition of Fulton County. Since 2015, all private health plans must offer smoking cessation treatments to adult smokers as a preventive service required by the Affordable Care Act.
For those Georgians covered by Medicaid, a free 12-week supply of certain smoking cessation medications is available.  To learn more, see Medicaid coverage in Georgia.

For those without health insurance, it is possible to buy over-the-counter smoking cessation products at a discount when prescribed by a doctor by using one of several drug discount cards.  See Discount Card for OTC Medications.
Why is it important to make tobacco cessation products available as a free preventive benefit? This individual used a 3x5 ePad hotpad on top of the foot for the amount of time indicated in the image.

Note the decrease in inflammation and improvments in skin tone, as well as healthy tissue emerging at the base of the big toenail.

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