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Each of Cinnamon Grand’s restaurants has its own diabetes menu for lunch and dinner, and simply because the food featured is healthy, it is by no means Spartan. Compiled with the combined insights of dieticians, doctors and other luminaries, the menu takes into account the nutritional requirements of a diabetic. The Nallur Kandanswamy Kovil, a resplendent golden palace, penetrates the very fabric of Hindu culture.
Anoma Wijewardene, an artist with a style of painting uniquely her own, transcends the norm. GMC (General Medical Council) is the body that regulates doctors ensuring good medical practice.
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The Diabetic Menu provides a lower carbohydrate, sodium, and fat alternative to customers with or without diabetes,who are conscious about selecting healthier food choices. Featuring an appetising array of over 30 dishes, the menu includes poached salmon with horse-radish sauce and steamed orange modha fillet with herbs, not to mention cinnamon apple turnover and black forest trifle.
Srikanth MD 'Physician', MHSc 'Diab', PGDHSc 'Diab', FCD, FDRC WHO cc (Gold Medalist).jpgDr. Srikanth MD 'Physician', MHSc 'Diab', PGDHSc 'Diab', FCD, FDRC WHOcc (Gold Medalist).jpgDr. Srikanth MD 'Physician', MHSc 'Diab', PGDHSc 'Diab', FCD, FDRC WHOcc [Gold Medalist].jpgDr. Enzymes – SGOT, SGPT, alkaline phosphatase, amylase, lipase, CPK, gamma GT, LDH Equipment: Roche Cobas Integra 400+ ,Roche C111, CPC stat fax , microlabs RX 50 ? 3. Special Parameters – Insulin, C- peptide, PTH, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, AFP Equipment: Roche Elecsys 2010, E4116.

Ultrasound Scan – Total abdomen, Kub, Thyroid, Neck,graftkidney, Chest, Legs, TIFFA Equipment: Wipro GE LogiQ P6 ?13.
Total Body Bone Mineal Densitometry – Advanced DEXA Equipment: Wipro GE Lunar prodigy advance ? 15. Total Bodyfat Composition and  Trend Analysis Equipment: Wipro GE Lunar prodigy advance? 16.

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