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Researchers have achieved a major breakthrough in the search for a cure for type 1 diabetes in humans. The team of researchers, consisting of scientists from MIT, Harvard, and other institutions, announced in the journal Nature Medicine on Monday that they have successfully implanted mass-produced pancreatic beta cells into mice genetically bred to suffer type 1 diabetes.
The latest breakthrough follows the successful use of human embryonic stem cells in 2014 to create insulin-producing beta cells in large quantities in the laboratory. Harvard’s Professor Doug Melton, who led the team that made the 2014 breakthrough, was also part of the team that achieved the latest breakthrough. The researchers also announced they were able to prevent the cells from being rejected by the immune system of the mice.
The scientists reported that following the transplant of the TMTD-encapsulated pancreatic beta cells, the mice were able to produce insulin to regulate blood sugar levels at normal healthy ranges during the 174-day period of the study without requiring daily injections of insulin.
Type 1 diabetes is a condition in which the pancreas is unable to produce insulin, the hormone that helps to regulate glucose levels in the blood. Thus, people with type 1 diabetes need daily injections of insulin to prevent the build-up of sugar in their bloodstream.
The latest breakthrough has been hailed as having the potential to provide a functional cure for type 1 diabetes. He said that human trials would commence soon and that if the procedure proves successful in humans, type 1 diabetes patients would no longer require daily injections of insulin, but only booster transfusions of the pancreatic beta cells once in a few years. According to Julia Greenstein, the vice president of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) which funded the study, “Encapsulation therapies have the potential to be groundbreaking for people with type 1 diabetes.
Bernie Sanders, hours after his Brooklyn debate with Hillary Clinton, brought his message of economic equality to the Vatican — but missed out on meeting Pope Francis.
Hillary Clinton came to Thursday’s Democratic debate armed with the Daily News to take on rival Bernie Sanders over his positions on Wall Street and guns. The Encaptra delivery system, next to a quarter to give a size perspective, is the latest from Johnson & Johnson and ViaCyte.
Johnson & Johnson working with a biotech company, ViaCyte, has produced the first stem cell treatment. The therapy involves putting embryonic stem cells in a lab dish and turning them into insulin-producing cells.
After three months, the capsule did what it was supposed to — glommed onto nearby blood vessels and insulin was being produced. Type 1 diabetes, once called juvenile diabetes, is usually found in children and young adults. Those with Type 1 do not produce insulin, the hormone needed to break down sugars and starches into glucose. It was the fourth time that I had been contacted with a request to “correct” a story Insulin Nation had done on a research effort, and I was trying to find the most diplomatic way to tell the researcher to leave me alone. I had already been contacted by the researcher’s public relations team and others, and was sent a list of suggested edits.
This is the way the game is played, and everyone has a right to craft their message, but still I worry that some promising research efforts might be drowned out by well-publicized research efforts.
The FDA approves the marketing of CGM mobile apps that can collect and share blood-glucose readings.
The Diabetes Research Connection steers crowdfunding to younger scientists with innovative ideas. The study will test whether a common blood pressure medication can stop Type 1 shortly after diagnosis.
Insulin Nation® delivers comprehensive information about the technology and science of diabetes therapy, and curates the best, most relevant news for the 6.5 million people in the US who take insulin – the “Citizens” of Insulin Nation.
Topics covered include diabetes-specific technology and medicine, the science behind a potential cure, wearable and wireless health tech, the rich data produced by meters, pumps, and CGMs, and the people and organizations that impact the everyday lives of our readers. Not enough insulin, leaves you unable to move sugars out of the blood, into the cells.  The resulting elevated sugar levels are T-R-0-U-B-L-E.
This means, you’ve got more than enough insulin floating through the pipes – the trouble is, the insulin has NO WHERE to go.  The “deficiency” is NOT because of an absence of insulin, the insulin that is present, doesn’t get the job done. This is what a group of researchers found, when they took “normal” mice, fed a “normal” diet  and gave them, EXCESS insulin. If that sounds like an awful lot, it is and it isn’t.  Normally fasting insulin levels should be below 10, but levels over a hundred, are often found in people suffering from hyperinsulinemia. Glargine, is the version of insulin that is used in insulin therapy – it is classified as a long acting insulin.
But the real monitoring too place, at the end of the 8 weeks, when the animals were “sacrificed”- the blood and tissue samples were then analysed for all sorts of things. Remember, these little guys were eating ordinary mouse chow.  They were not pigging out on the mouse equivalent of MacDonalds hamburgers. The CANDY FLOSS system is designed to help you lower your insulin levels.  Click here to learn more.
Exposure to excess insulin (glargine) induces type 2 diabetes mellitus in mice fed on a chow diet. Diabetes (high blood sugar) has reached epidemic proportions in America, we must be very alert to the signs and symptoms, and if you have them, please see your health care professional. People with prediabetes have glucose levels that are higher than normal but not high enough yet to indicate diabetes. Normally your body produces a hormone called insulin to help your cells use the energy (glucose) found in food. If you have prediabetes, you’re at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes as well as the serious medical problems associated with diabetes, including heart disease and stroke.
To determine if you have prediabetes, your doctor can perform one of three different blood tests: the fasting plasma glucose (FPG) test, the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) or the Hemoglobin A1C (or average blood sugar) test.

The good news is there are simple measures you can take to reduce the risk of developing diabetes, these measures can play a significant role in early diagnosis. The following points highlight important actions you can take to help reduce diabetes risk.
Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. When her 7-year-old daughter Mary was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1998, event designer and lifestyle expert Sarah Lucas dove headfirst into a new world of raising diabetes awareness and fundraising for a cure, leveraging her wide network of friends and colleagues to make an impact in diabetes. But after 13 years as a powerhouse diabetes fundraiser and as her daughter Mary flourished into adulthood, Lucas felt as though something was missing. Across the country, celebrity chef Sam Talbot, diagnosed with type 1 at the age of 12, had been experiencing that same sense of ennui around his own work in diabetes, lamenting that many charity events – while meaningful work – had become formulaic, repetitive, “like groundhog day,” described Lucas.
Back in Silicon Valley and not far from Lucas’s home base, Juliet de Baubigny, a superstar venture capitalist who had sat on the board of Project (RED) with the likes of Bono, was navigating the type 1 diagnosis of her young son Nicolas. When these three people – a seasoned diabetes philanthropist with an eye for stunning visuals and bold campaigns, a charismatic celebrity chef, and a philanthropist and activist mom of a young child with diabetes – came together, magic was bound to happen. When you hit their website or engage with them in social media, you feel as though you’re engaging with a lifestyle brand and not a pharma site. In seven months’ time, Beyond Type 1 has burst onto the scene, amassing nearly 40,000 Facebook followers and a large presence on Instagram (at over 12,000 followers). Both Lucas and Jonas dreamed of a new kind of community – one that leverages the power, reach, and talent of their expansive networks, one that offers everyone a visual voice, and one that gives back to the community in ways big and small – from their videos like Type1Day1 and their large grant awards to other nonprofits to the fact that their beautiful visuals are shared freely in social media and available in hard copy at no cost to the requester.
Publishing new content everyday now, the organization did not expect to become a “content producer,” but because of the feedback they receive from people hungry for the sleek, beautiful images and empowering messages, they engaged a content specialist as part of their team.
Lucas doesn’t see Beyond Type 1 as a traditional diabetes nonprofit, but more like a seed-funded tech startup, as they have the luxury of having been completely self-funded.
I asked Lucas whether she anticipates there being a turning point at which time it becomes necessary to seek outside capital for the organization’s overhead needs and she said that, if that were to be the case, it wouldn’t be from the usual pharma sponsors. Beyond Type 1 has big plans for growth and development in the coming years, with hints that they may even extend their diabetes focus “beyond” just type 1. The Diabetes Media Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit media organization devoted to informing, educating, and generating community around living a healthy life with diabetes. Researchers are closing in on a cure for Type 1 diabetes that could potentially make daily insulin shots a thing of the past. A team of scientists have been able to halt type 1 diabetes in mice for six months by implanting into the mice insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells generated in the laboratory from human embryonic stem cells. He has been working on a cure for type 1 diabetes since his son Sam was diagnosed with the condition, according to the Daily Mail. When the body’s immune system rejects transplanted cells, it attacks and destroys them, rendering them non-functional. It is thought that the condition is caused by genetic factors or the destruction of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas by an autoimmune reaction possibly triggered by viral infections. High blood sugar levels have a damaging effect on vital body organs, leading to cardiovascular ailments and damage to the kidneys, eyes, and nerves. The only available therapy for type 1 diabetes for many years involves daily injections of insulin which causes patients significant discomfort. The Democratic presidential hopeful spoke Friday to an audience of clergy, academics and two South American presidents at a Vatican conference where he was an invited guest. WASHINGTON — President Obama threw his weight Friday behind an effort to give consumers more choice when it comes to the cable boxes that control which television channels they watch. The highly contentious and spirited debate at the Brooklyn Navy Yard turned into an old-fashioned donnybrook with each candidate going after the other aggressively as they jockeyed for positioning just days before the state’s April 19 primary.
Thursday night I was conflicted: I love New York and I love Brooklyn (even the new Brooklyn peering up at the stage through Warby Parker glasses). Hundreds of striking Verizon employees marched Thursday across the Brooklyn Bridge on day two of their walkout against the communications giant. So far, small groups of patients who began being tested a year ago, were doing well, it was reported Thursday. The company and the American Diabetes Association were contacted for comment and have not yet responded. It is also a competitive arena where researchers must vie for ever-shrinking research grants. Cure research news often percolates through diabetes news outlets shortly after trial results are announced, and then the news dies down until the next trial is completed. He's written about health policy, environmental health, community health, and maternal health for over 25 publications.
The insulin, that is  produced by your body, is broken down, too quickly to be used in insulin injections.   Glargine has been designed in such a way, that the insulin sticks around for a longish period of time (18 to 26 hours) – this means, a patient get’s the benefit of the insulin for a 24 hour period, but only takes a single injection.
Could the widespread use of artificial sweeteners be contributing to the obesity and diabetes epidemic ?
With diabetes, either your body doesn’t make enough insulin or doesn’t efficiently use the insulin it does produce. The pancreas may not be able to produce enough insulin after a meal to “clear” the incoming glucose from the blood, or cells may be insulin resistant.
With pre-diabetes, you are at a 50% higher risk of heart disease and stroke than someone who does not have pre-diabetes.
While the general rule is to have an annual visit, if you are overweight, have high blood pressure, high blood glucose or even high cholesterol, you may want to consider visiting your doctor every 6 months to have your numbers checked and discuss any health concerns.
For instance, blood glucose (A1C) should be less than 7% and can be checked by your doctor at least twice a year. Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship.
In her time spent fundraising for JDRF, Lucas raised a whopping 9 million dollars for the organization through efforts like her and husband Don’s famous Bay Area Spring Fling.

Throughout those years, she had urged the big organizations to consider shifting their focus to include fostering community.
De Baubigny was shocked that, in today’s world, so few resources existed to help her navigate this new normal. And they put that magic in front of Nick Jonas, the 23 year old rockstar diagnosed in childhood with type 1 diabetes with a huge fan base, undeniable popular appeal, and already a diabetes advocate in his own right.
There is nothing clinical in their sexy simplicity or their diamond teardrop #thedropspotted swag. They are building an engaged and passionate community on the various platforms where they live in social media. What is on the site now edges toward the lean side, but is of exceptional quality already, especially their videos (love this one!) and photos, which, with very few exceptions, feature people living with type 1 diabetes and not stock imagery.
She says they are “taking the lessons from Silicon Valley and applying them to a nonprofit.” Lucas described how they have been incredibly fortunate to have launched in 2015 already understanding how to leverage the forces of social media and technology. In keeping with their lifestyle brand approach, Beyond Type 1 will forever retain its non-clinical feel, she explained, and in that event would search for sponsorship from other sought-after lifestyle brands. Currently hiring to expand their team, they are seeking out the highest skillset of people who are interested and passionate in the kind of work that they are doing. The cells were able to restore normal insulin function in mice, thus eliminating the need for daily injections of insulin. Court filings unsealed Friday show the former Assembly Speaker had affairs with two women — one a state lobbyist and one who he helped get a job with the state. The marchers, carrying signs or wearing placards, trekked across the landmark span on a sunny afternoon to demonstrate outside the Democratic presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Election reform advocates bashed New York’s closed primary system for leaving millions of voters locked out of next Tuesday’s presidential primary. Others seemed focused on rebranding the information given, and those I declined to include. Once in a great while, a research effort will be covered by mainstream news outlets and get a huge boost of attention.
Most people with prediabetes don’t have any symptoms, but they are considered to be at high risk for developing heart disease. When glucose builds up in the blood, it can damage the tiny blood vessels in the kidneys, heart, eyes, and nervous system. When cells are insulin resistant, they won’t allow the insulin to escort glucose from the bloodstream into them. This may be a wake-up call as many who are diagnosed with type 2 experience little or no symptoms.
Other factors such as lifestyle habits and family health history should be reviewed to learn how you can adopt necessary changes to reduce diabetes risk. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. Diabetes was suffering from a lack of public support and a lot of misconceptions…and so were those affected by it.
When they approached Jonas about the idea to start Beyond Type 1, he was instantly hooked on their look and tone.
The white and rhinestone on black is bold, fresh, and the content they’re creating is rich. Their campaign launched last November to raise 1 million dollars for diabetes charities is still bringing in donations and they were able to fully fund all seven of their grant awardees, with gifts from $5,000-$150,000 awarded to organizations that educate, advocate, or research for a cure – groups like Marjorie’s Fund, Tidepool, the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, and the Nightscout Foundation. Therefore, patients have to take immunosuppressant drugs for the rest of their lives.To overcome the problem, researchers designed a material that can be used to encapsulate human islet cells before transplantation. The Federal Communications Commission is pursuing new regulations giving consumers more options to buy elsewhere. That board, on this planet, in real life, not as a joke, for real, met, discussed, and deliberated on who to endorse to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States. And there was the city I adore, cheering and hooting and wooing at every Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton applause line, and even a few unadorned statements of fact.
The state has a closed primary, only allowing people registered with a particular party to cast ballots in that party’s race. Luke to focus on musicThese startups are heading to Richard Branson's private islandTake a weed break at work. In these instances, it doesn’t seem to me that the trial featured is any more newsworthy than the others recently covered by diabetes news outlets, and I wonder if the difference is a good public relations team.
It signals the likely onset of a more serious condition and can begin the process of doing damage to your heart as well as other organs such as the kidneys, eyes, and nervous system. Risk factors for both conditions are the same while they are both preventable with weight management, regular exercise, and healthy eating habits. She had been a part of helping to change the image of AIDS from a lifestyle disease fraught with stigma to a condition worthy of public empathy and action through her work with the (RED) campaign. Unlike other diabetes nonprofits, she knows she has leverage in heavy hitters like Jonas, Talbot, and other celebrities who have lent their voices to Beyond Type 1 like Victor Garber, Kendall Simmons, Sierra Sandison, and Nat Strand. Obama described it as a model for expanding competition in other areas, including financial services. They should see eye to eye on every issue because, basically, they’re both progressives who care about a fairer, more just nation.
Voters can’t cross party lines — and independent unenrolled voters can’t vote in any primary.
Why can’t they just sit and quietly discuss the issues instead of having these unnecessarily angry debates?

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