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As the health reform law approaches its third birthday, Obama Administration officials are noting that one of its provisions has already helped seniors on Medicare save $6.1 billion on their prescription drug costs. Since the Affordable Care Act first began phasing in reforms to Medicare’s drug coverage in 2010, the recorded savings for seniors have been steadily growing.
A full 90 percent of seniors with Medicare plans are satisfied with the prescription drug coverage they can access through the program, largely because of the savings they’re now experiencing. The phase I trial of a once-controversial clinical trial testing the effects on type one diabetes of a 94-year-old drug used to combat tuberculosis was so successful that in June of this year, the FDA approved the research to expand into a second phase of the trial. The results of the test on Bacillus Calmette-Guerin, or BCG, did in fact show it was safe to use on type 1 diabetics. For phase II 150 subjects with type one diabetes for 15 or even 20 years who do not suffer from any diabetic complications (such as neuropathy, retinopathy, and others) will be tested for five years to determine the dose, and frequency of dosages, required to potentially reverse type 1 diabetes, Faustman said. Faustman says that her work has raised the ire of some scientists and organizations for two reasons: It runs counter to the prevailing research emphasis to either prevent type 1 diabetes, or reverse it in people who have been recently diagnosed with diabetes and, at the time, ran into a stiff political headwind from embryonic stem cell researchers. Additionally, Faustman states that funding has been difficult to come by because her research is unconventional in many respects. Faustman says that she is testing subjects with long-term diabetes not only because she considers them “needy and deserving,” but because it’s considerably less expensive to test on subjects who have had diabetes longer. Despite the doubt surrounding her research, Faustman says the march of scientific progress has proved too much for the FDA and others to ignore.
Please keep working for the good of humanity and never be deterred by those who put profit first (i.e. The Diabetes Media Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit media organization devoted to informing, educating, and generating community around living a healthy life with diabetes. Yesterday the kids and I went wet market shopping at Malabon City and I chanced upon some ocean shrimp.
Lately I did some research and one company claims that himalayan salt contained a lot of iodine! So I asked the raw paleo diet community their experience with Himalayan Salt and some of them like it, some of them do not.

Do not include the tip most tiny leaves as they taste too bitter, or your healer may wish to include those for another purpose. Good supplement for those who eat all of their meat cooked like those on cooked meat paleo diet. Tags: athlete, athletic enhancement, cancer, chocolate love, Cordyceps, cycling, endurance, energy, health food, life, sports, superfood, swimming, vegan. However, one of the biological characteristics of all fungi is that their cell walls contain chitin which cannot be broken down in the human digestive system.
1 -2 teaspoons per day is more than enough for preventative use of most mushroom supplements.
2)  Jars keep your mushroom powders safe from chemicals that can leech into your food from plastics. Our mushroom powders are 100% organically grown and processed in a pharmaceutical grade laboratory environment to ensure purity and the highest quality and potency. Even as the cost of prescription drugs has continued to rise, the health law gives discounts to Medicare beneficiaries so seniors continue to be able to afford the medication they need — one of its most popular provisions. But, because of the widespread use of the generic drug for so many years, that was expected. The subjects, aged 18 to 60, must have low but still detectable levels of insulin production. The irony, Faustman says, is that ten years later most of the scientific questions argued about then have been resolved and are now more mainsteam concepts. One example, she says, is that she is studying reversing diabetes in people who have had the condition for decades and not merely a few years. Himalayan salt is widely sold in health food stores so I bought some for us months ago, just to try, but paid no mind much to it nor order our maids to exclusively use himalayan salt. I gave my wife the whole tops & she vomitted all of them because of the bitter taste whcih I also tasted. Also known as the caterpillar mushroom, cordyceps mushrooms are used to treat cancer*, bronchial asthma*, bronchitis*, Tuberculosis*, diabetes*, cough and cold*, erectile dysfunction*, blood hydrostatic pressure*, jaundice*, alcoholic hepatitis,* aids in weight control* and, helps stabilize blood sugar*.

On Thursday, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced that more than 6.3 million Americans in the Medicare program have saved more than $6 billion on prescription drugs.
Ultimately, making drugs more affordable means that people will take them more regularly, ensuring seniors stay healthy and their medical costs are lower. This year, Obamacare increases Medicare’s prescription drug discounts to about 52 percent of the cost of most brand name drugs and 21 percent of the cost of covered generic drugs. But the small doses of BCG administered to as two vaccines in three subjects followed for 2 years compared to 97 placebo and untreated reference subjects revealed the specific death of so called “bad” T cells that attack and kill insulin-producing islet cells.
The protocol for the trial stipulates that the subjects will receive two injections, four weeks apart, of either BCG or a placebo, along with annual injections of either over the next four years. She, on the other hand has budgeted $25 million to complete phase two of her trial, much of which has come from the Iacocca Family Foundation, which was established by Lee Iacocca after his wife died from complications of type one diabetes. And I do not believe for one bit that the global government mandate of spiking all salt supplies with iodine has any impact or is good at all. They are different salt mines in different parts of the world, so I’m sure they have different nutritional profiles.
Proven in double blind studies to improve cardiovascular performance in athletes by up to 73% compared to athletes with no supplementation*. In fact, the estimated 90 million Americans who don’t take their medications as directed represent the biggest root of wasteful health spending in the United States. The Himalayan salt she got was in big crystals, the Redmond Real Salt was finely ground in a convenient salt shaker. And they should be both in the middle of the table in the lazy susan for any family member who wants to add salt to their food.

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