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In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas does produce insulin but either the production of insulin is insufficient or the body is unable to use the insulin properly as a result of which the cells in the body do not get the glucose. People suffering from this disease often undergo excessive thirst, extreme fatigue, frequent urination, bladder and gum infections, blurred vision, numbness in the hands and feet and irritability. However, cheap and effective home remedies can do much to keep the disease under control, alleviate its symptoms and over a period of time, perhaps cure it altogether. Apple cider vinegar is full of medicinal values which cure a number of diseases and ailments. The leaves and fruit of this tree contain innumerable medicinal properties which cure many diseases and ailments.
Cinnamon is a very useful spice in reducing the blood sugar levels.  It has a number of medicinal virtues but its most active ingredient is a polyphenol compound known as MHCP which is very much like insulin and together with the natural insulin is better absorbed by the body.
The leaves of Vernonia amygdalina, popularly known as bitter leaf, are usually bitter and all parts of the plant (leaves, stem and roots) are said to have medicinal uses.
In a study, researchers studied the antimalarial activities of the aqueous and ethanolic crude extracts of bitter leaves, already in use by traditional healers to treat malaria and other diseases. The researchers found that under laboratory conditions, extracts of bitter leaf made from water and ethanol showed moderate antimalarial activity and a negligible level of toxicity in the test animals–rats. Malaria is one of the most important tropical diseases and the greatest cause of hospitalisation and death among children below age of five years. WHO said approximately 80 per cent of malaria cases in the world are estimated to be in Africa where the disease is endemic. The alarming rate at which Plasmodium falciparum has developed resistance to chloroquine and other synthetic antimalarial drugs makes it necessary to search for more effective antimalarial compounds. In Africa and other countries where malaria is endemic, traditional medicinal plants are frequently used to treat or cure malaria, thus the need to investigate the antimalarial activity of medicinal plants in order to determine their potentials as sources of new antimalarial agents.
The study entitled “In vitro Antimalarial Activity of the Extracts of Vernonia Amygdalina” was documented in the 2011 edition of the Science World Journal.
For the study, blood samples were collected from children and adults aged six months and above, who had fever in the last 24 hours, auxiliary temperature of 37.5 C, had not taken any antimalarial in the last two weeks, and who gave oral or written informed consent after the aim of the study were involved in the study.
Of the two extracts tested, the ethanol extract of bitter leave showed the highest antimalarial activity of 78.1 per cent. In addition, dose-dependent antimalarial activity was clearly shown for the two crude extracts. In addition, a another study pointing to the potential use of bitter leaf in formulating a malaria drug in years to come, revealed its potential also in reversing chloroquine resistance when used as an adjuvant with chloroquine.
The 2008 study, documented in the journal African Health Sciences, while validating the traditional use of bitter leave  in the treatment of malaria in Nigeria reported that the aqueous extract of the plant enhance the antimalarial effects chloroquine in mice infected with chloroquine resistant and sensitive P. Previously, a 2010 study documented in the African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines stated that African mahogany, in combination with chloroquine or halofantrine, elicited significantly greater malaria parasite clearance following the administration of the combination when compared to the effects of African mahogany or the conventional drugs alone. Similarly, a review of studies into medicinal plants used to treat malaria across all ethnic and cultural groups in Nigeria showed that there were more than 110 plant varieties.
They include plants such as leaves of Newbouldia laevis (Akoko leaf in Yoruba), Enatia chlorantha (African yellow wood, Iyani or Awopa in Yoruba), Eupatorium odoratum (ogbogbo or Ibo- ofo in Yoruba), Bridelia micrantha (abere-aluko or akisan in Yoruba), Cajanus Cajan (Pigeon pea in English, olele in Edo, shingwazo in Gwari), Carica papaya (pawpaw). In addition, there were also stem bark of plants such as Abrus precatorius (omisinmisin in Yoruba), Afzelia Africana (Mohogany bean tree), Psidium guajava (guava), cashew plant, Blighia sapida (Achee, Akee, Akee or Apple Tree), Alchornea cordifolia (baushe in Hausa, edo in Igbo and idi-odan in Yoruba). Alstonia boonei (awun in Yoruba) is highly priced, especially in situations where affordable antimalarial drugs are found ineffective, due to drug-resistant malaria parasites. Recently, researchers in the 2008 edition of Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, formulated the stem bark extract of this plant into tablets, and made this available as an antimalarial remedy. Most of these antimalarial plants are used in form of monotherapy, and only a few plants are taken together in combined therapies. Pharmacological studies have demonstrated under laboratory conditions antimalarial effects of extracts from 45 plant species used in Nigerian folk medicine out of the 51 species tested. Previous studies on neem, attributed its antimalarial effect to it affecting all stages of the malaria parasite in the body unlike artemisinin and primaquine that seem to affect only the immature stages of the malaria parasite. It should be noted, however, that some of these extracts exhibited very high antimalarial activity in laboratory tests carried out on the malaria germ in the test tube, but displayed poor activity in animals infected with malaria germ. Geographic tongue causes the papillae to become white and slightly pronounced, thus causing patches on the tongue that change position with time.
Avoiding or limiting food irritants that could aggravate the sensitivity of your tongue tissues might just help. Mix one tablespoon of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar along with a quarter of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water. This is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that could treat the patches on your tongue which essentially helps in removing the toxins from not just your mouth, but also your body. Take a tablespoon of organic (preferably) sesame or coconut oil in your mouth and gargle for about ten minutes.
Inhibiting the growth of bacteria in your mouth and nipping the red patches at the bud is what our dear old friend hydrogen peroxide is up to. Include foods rich in vitamin B such as milk, cheese, oats, bran, bananas, turkey, liver and whole grains. Before you unleash a full fledged paranoia attack on yourself, do try out these remedies and watch how your little geographical condition fades away in no time. Lung cancer is a very serious disease on which your chances of survival will greatly improve with the proper treatment. There are different types of treatment for lung cancer, including surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Radiation therapy is an option for lung cancer patients who can’t go through surgery, like the elderly or those with other chronic health problems. Chemotherapy is successful in prolonging the life of cancer patients who are already in good general health. According to Oncology Channel, the 5-year survival rate of lung cancer patients with primary lung cancer jumps from 10 percent to 35 to 40 percent after surgically removing cancer that has not spread from the lung.
In some cases, this pain can be quite debilitating and may handicap a person for a temporary period. The cool contact on the skin can relieve the pain by dulling the pain signals sent by nerves to the brain. Diet is an important part of natural treatments. The first step in to switch to anti-inflammatory diet. Vitamin B12 is a necessary compound that should be maintained at optimal levels when you suffer from this condition. Swimming is a great exercise which not only keeps you fit but also does not hurt your feet.

A 63-year-old African-American woman is brought to the emergency room for upper arm pain and swelling following a fall at home.
Summary: A 63-year-old African-American woman is evaluated for a humeral fracture sustained during a fall because of lightheadedness. The Neuropathy support formula is a nerve supplement that has been created to help people who have been affected by Neuropathy. Can this natural supplement really help you get rid of the nasty effects associated with the many types of neuropathy? With so many types of treatments available online for neuropathy it can be quite hard to find an effective treatment be it cream, supplements, electrodes they all seem to have mixed reviews! There is a lot of customer opinions online about this product, although most users say this pill is effective there are a few that say it did not effect them and felt no relief from it at all!
What I used was a lot of oral supplements plus injections of a mix of three vials of B vitamins. I have not tried it, as I had already fully recovered from a serious case of neuropathy in 2003, so I have been fine for 10 years and came across this one after I was already cured. But from my awareness that B vitamins are water soluble, I would suggest take it not 2x2 but 4x1 and spread it more through the day.
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DO NOT use this section for spam or SEO purposes as it WILL BE DELETED, every post is reviewed before it is published in this section. When the cells remain glucose starved there is a buildup of sugar in the blood which causes the disease and the various problems associated with it. It abounds in active compounds and sulfides which not only keep the immune system strong and healthy but also stimulate the pancreas into producing more insulin. It also has vast reserves of copper, potassium, vitamin C and B, all of which lower the blood sugar level and help to metabolize fats and carbohydrates. They are chiefly good for type 2 diabetes as they contain an acid called Corosolic Acid which is very effective in reducing the blood sugar and preventing it from accumulating in the blood. Boil a cup of water and steep into it a tablespoon of dried banaba fruit and leaves for ten minutes. Scientists looking into potential sources of cure for malaria have identified bitter leaf, a very popular soup vegetable, as a possible ingredient for the treatment of malaria  in future. These include promotion of dieresis, cure of tonsillitis, fever,  diabetes, pneumonia, jaundice, anaemia, stomach problem and ascaris. The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that there were an estimated 246 million malaria cases distributed among 3.3 billion people at risk in 2006, causing at least a million deaths. In Nigeria, malaria transmission occurs all-year-round in the South, and is more seasonal in the North. These were patients attending the outpatient department of the Damboa General Hospital, Borno State. The review entitled: “Medicinal plants used in Nigeria for treatment of malaria” was documented by the 2011 edition in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology.
Also on the list were stems of Citrus sinensis (sweet orange), Cymbopogon giganteus (Oka eye in Yoruba), Khaya senegalensis (African mahogany, madachi in Hausa and ono in Igbo), Mangifera indica (mango) as well as onion bulbs and ginger.
The plant stem bark or leaves are administered as decoction or “teas” and sometimes as an ingredient in malaria “steam therapy”. An example is the multi-herbal extract referred to as ‘Agbo-Iba’ made up of Cajanus cajan (pigeon pea) leaf, Euphorbia lateriflora leaf, mango leaf and bark, Cassa alata leaf(Asunwon in Yoruba), Cymbopogon giganteus leaf, Nauclea latifolia leaf, and Uvaria chamae bark.
These include neem, Morinda lucida (brimstone tree, oruwo in Yoruba and eze-ogu in Igbo), African mahogany, Tithonia diversifolia (Wild Sunflower; ogbo or Agbale in Yoruba), Momordica balsamina (Balsam pear or ejinrin in Yoruba) and Picralima nitida (abere in Yoruba).
This problem has been found more in people with psoriasis and has been considered to be the oral form of psoriasis.
Avoiding spicy food, tobacco products, acidic fruits and vegetables or highly sugary processed food wouldn’t be such a bad idea when your tongue is in splits. A few drops of this wonder liquid can help restore the pH levels in your mouth and will also fend off an infection and curb it from spreading.
Hence always make sure to increase your fluid intake, which in this case will not only ease the discomfort caused, but also promote oral health on the whole.
Hence, taking zinc supplements or eating zinc enriched foods may help ease the discomforts. It removes the cancer by taking out either the tumor, the infected lobe of the lung or the entire lung.
Food items that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids are considered anti-inflammatory in nature. Fish, fortified soy products, red meat, cheese and eggs are some examples of vitamin B 12 rich food stuff.
Exercise also stimulates a healthy flow of blood especially to peripheral regions of the body.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. The family has noted that for approximately the past 2 months, the patient has become progressively fatigued and absent-minded, and she has developed loss of appetite and weight loss. She has a 2-month history of fatigue, absent-mindedness, loss of appetite and weight, and nocturia.
Its taxonomy, Impatiens capensis, classifies it as a wild version of the colorful impatiens plants sold so widely for shady annual beds (for a photo of this weed, see picture on right).
I had been using oral supplements alone with no improvement for over 2 months, but the adding in of the injections on TOP of the oral supplements helped and I noticed a difference in two weeks of 5x a day injections.
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Over a period of time this disease can damage the blood vessels and the nerves and can harm the eyes, kidneys and the heart.
In their findings, leaf extract produced 67 per cent suppression of malaria –causing germ in a four day test.
Because it results in the formation of red, white or pink patches on the surface of your tongue, which forms distinct areas.
It could be triggered by stress, spicy food, oral para-functional habits, allergies, a nutritional deficiency, diabetes and hormonal disturbances. Vitamin B does great job in preventing the recurring red patches on your tongue. You may also opt for Vitamin B supplements, they work equally fine.

When I am not writing, you will often find me either curled up with a book and a bag of fries, or playing with my son of five years and his many transformers and cars! Common causes of this medical condition are repetitive injury or trauma to feet, consumption of certain drugs and sometimes simply due to idiopathic reasons. Some other medical conditions like kidney diseases, HIV AIDS, nutritional deficiency, multiple myeloma also cause this problem in many people.
Onces you know that it is pure pain due to inflammation or an aftermath of a wound that has healed completely then you can go for massage. Sea cod oil, salmon, mackerel, flax seeds, walnuts, basil, broccoli are some of the easily available food items that are high on omega3 fatty acids.
Diagnosis and management of cough executive summary: ACCP evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. She has been getting up to urinate several times per night and complains of thirst; however, a test for diabetes in her doctor's office was negative. The dominion of this itch-inducing menace is far-flung, making the plant the best known of The Big 3: poison ivy, sumac and oak.
However, for jewelweed to be most effective as a treatment for poison ivy rash, you really need to derive an extract from it. So, knowing it was working, I continued at 3x a day for 4 months and found I was OK, but continued for a full 1 year and 5 weeks just to use up the vials as vitamins are healthy and I would not consider wasting them. You should mix two tablespoons of this vinegar in a glass of water and drink after every meal. M from the Department of Paediatrics, State Specialist Hospital, Maiduguri, Borno State, as well as Ikpa, T. You could also rid foul smelling breath with this remedy. Using glycerin mouthwash twice or thrice a day will help greatly in treating geographic tongue. If supplements aren’t your thing, then include milk, cheese, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, spinach or any other green leafy vegetables in your diet. You may also take an icepack or frozen golf ball and place it under the feet where the pain emanates. Massage is best done as a follow up of warm water dip as it further soothes the relaxed muscles and alleviates the stiffness in the feet around the bone. However, before getting into an exercise regimen, do consult a physiotherapist who will give you a better idea and suggest various ranges of sitting and standing exercises.
A focused diagnostic strategy should focus on the possibility of hyperparathyroidism and malignancy, including multiple myeloma.
Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, purchasing a jewelweed extract is more feasible than making your own.Other examples of rash-causing plants may well coexist in your backyard right alongside plants that help counteract their effects.
Alternatively, soak a ball of cotton in vegetable glycerin and apply on affected areas to alleviate the discomfort that may be brewing in your mouth.
Drink fruit juices, coconut water, chamomile tea or green tea to see visible results in no time. Those are people who chose to cure lung cancer using herbal remedies, or using the medical treatment.
In most of the cases, doctors recommend nerve relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs in the interim but these have their own set of side effects when taken over a long period of time. This is why avoid weight exercises and keep away from carrying any heavy weight even while continuing in your usual daily lives. Physical examination is notable for an elderly, thin woman in mild distress as a result of pain.
Given the rapidity of onset of symptoms, weight loss, age, and presence of lytic bone lesions, the first concern should be for malignancy, such as multiple myeloma, or bony metastases from an undiagnosed cancer.
While not dreaded as much as Rhus radicans, stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) is certainly a backyard nuisance.
If you ask me what I love most, my answer will be quick: Travel, Food, Movies, Music, Writing, Books, and My Son! In this feature we will introduce our readers to various ways of relieving themselves of these neuropathic pains of feet. Also in cases of diabetic patients, they must keep away from this remedy if they have any wounds or infection in the feet. In addition to the fracture seen on x-ray, she also has lytic lesions of the proximal humerus.
That advice, however, will do you little good when you accidentally come into contact with it in your backyard.
When pricked by its spines while working out in the garden, your skin will feel like it's on fire!
Applying fresh aloe vera gel two or three times a day on your tongue has been shown to provide relief.
Animal meat like liver, kidney and heart are non-vegetarian options of food items rich in lipoic acid. If you do have some very flat soled shoes then go for insoles, that are easily available in most of the shoe stores. If your pain is occasional and well managed, then you may go for running as an exercise. Both serum and urine electrophoresis would help to identify the presence of a monoclonal gammopathy. Fortunately, you just might have another weed in the backyard whose juice acts as a treatment for poison ivy rash, relieving that awful itch. Normal serum parathyroid hormone (PTH) and parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTHrP) levels would exclude other causes of hypercalcemia (diagnostic algorithm is given in Figure 36-1 and causes of hypercalcemia in Table 36-1). Unlike using jewelweed as a treatment for poison ivy, the fresh juice should be sufficient -- no need to go out and buy an extract. But some people have such a severe reaction to the plant that they need to visit a physician. Examination of her extremities is significant only for deformity of the left mid-humerus with swelling. The radiologist calls you to confirm the fracture of the mid-left humerus but also stales that there is the suggestion of some lytic lesions of the proximal humerus and recommends a skull film. Oral corticosteroids are prescribed "if the rash is on the face, genitals, or covers more than 30 percent of the body.

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