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When scientist Douglas Melton at Harvard University Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology set out to find a cure for type 1 diabetes, he was driven by a personal motive: both of his children have the disease. When they transplanted the cells to mice with compromised immune system, the mice were cured of type 1 diabetes in 10 days. But, as it usually happens when new medical drugs or procedures are discovered, it will take years until we will see an actual diabetes treatment. This morning, my husband woke me with a London Times headline that declared, “Diabetes: a cure at last” (I am in London for the week). That’s what 38 years of living with an incurable disease like type 1 diabetes does to a person.
But upon closer inspection, and looking at other reports – I began to feel differently. Melton, who completed his PhD in molecular biology at Trinity College, Cambridge, is a Harvard professor whose son at 6 months was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.
Let’s give Doug Melton and the Harvard team time to get this right, including our patience, encouragement and respect. A team of Harvard researchers led by natural sciences professor and Eliot House Co-Master Douglas A.
With limited treatment options, type 1 diabetics alleviate their symptoms by injecting themselves with insulin.
A group of Massachusetts researchers has successfully completed the first run of human trials of the latest artificial pancreas design—a development that will free type 1 diabetics from relying on daily insulin injections.
Harvard’s Phi Beta Kappa chapter notified 48 seniors Thursday afternoon that they had been selected to join the prestigious honors society.
Researchers at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute have discovered a hormone which may lead to new treatments for patients afflicted with diabetes.
Harvard scientists have announced a breakthrough that could eventually allow millions of diabetics to shed the yoke of daily insulin injections. It took over 15 years of trial and error, but researcher Douglas Melton and his team have discovered a method to transform human embryonic stem cells into insulin-producing cells which can then be injected into the pancreas. The researchers developed a 30-day, six-step process that transforms embryonic stem cells into pancreatic beta cells, the same sugar-regulating cells that are destroyed by the immune system of people with type 1 diabetes.
Other researchers have had some success harvesting beta cells from cadavers and transplanting them into people with diabetes, but this method can’t round up enough of those cells to have a lasting effect. Melton’s method produces millions of the insulin-secreting cells, which were then fed through a catheter to the kidney capsules of 37 diabetic mice. When the mice were later given glucose injections,  73 percent showed increased levels of human insulin in their bloodstream, indicating that the beta cells were doing their job.
As with many medical breakthroughs, Melton said they are still a few years away from putting this method to work in humans. Susan Solomon, a chief of the New York Stem Cell Foundation, expects diabetes research to shift toward scaling Melton’s process, and overcoming the immune system problem. And with an estimated 30,000 Americans of all ages diagnosed with type 1 diabetes every year, the urgency of improving these mouse tricks is real. It is important to remember that the experiments described in the article were performed on mice.
10-20% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage, and 30-50% of fertilized eggs die before implantation. There’s also a huge difference between saying both zygotes an spemazoa are potentially human than to say an egg is a cake. One other thing is that being against killing babies, stem cells don’t come from killing babies.
I wonder how the researchers may guide the stem celkls to differenciate into pancreatic beta cells and not into alpha cells or exocrine pancreatic cells… Also, why they inject the cells under the mice’s kidney capsule?
Just goes to show again that stem cells are pretty much the silver bullet in solving many of our medical problems.

For over 35 yes I have been a type 1diabetic and pray to God that the scientists come up w a way to make this work for all of us who suffer from this difficult disease.
Can they do with stem cells that are NOT embryonic so people who don’t want to participate in the abortion industry can benefit from this cure?
A huge humanity is awaiting this revolution to take place – I hope many man lives will be saved if we can handle pancreas ! Dear Kendra, on behalf of me and my colleagues around the world: we will never stop before the cure to diabetes is found! Fifteen years later, he says he is on the right track and trials on humans should begin soon, according to the article he co-authored, published on the Thursday edition of journal Cell.
Insulin is an essential hormone, as it transforms sugar and starch into the energy we need. When I realised Professor Doug Melton and his team at Harvard have figured out how to regenerate beta cells, my weakened legs forced me to sit down and I became slowly entangled in a news vacuum – digesting every word. Scientists have been trying to do this for decades but Melton finally cracked the code and has found the way. They tried to emulate the process, triggering those same genes to go on and off using chemicals and growth factors. The team still needs to find a way to protect those cells from rejection by the immune system once they’re implanted. He predicts it will take an additional two years of testing before his approach could begin helping large numbers of patients.
Most patients are sick of hearing that something’s just around the corner; I’m sick of thinking things are just around the corner. If my instincts are on the right path (and I generally think they are), this could be the start of a brand new way of life for millions living with type 1 diabetes.
With more cells available for research, I am confident we’ll see much quicker progress with encapsulation and immunomodulation strategies than we have seen up to now.
Melton developed a scalable technique for creating human insulin-producing beta cells in vitro, a major stride towards an effective treatment for type 1 diabetes.According to a report published in the journal Cell on Oct. The discovery has generated a new wave of momentum in the field, with research labs across the country already working to replicate and build upon Melton’s results. The new cells can read the levels of sugars that enter the body after, say, a meal, and secrete the perfect dose of insulin to balance sugar levels. One of the primary obstacles to overcome is to find a way to mask transplanted cells from an immune system that’s out to destroy them. At the same time though, it is not surprising that someone was able to use stem cells to create new pancreatic cells.
I have type 1 diabetes and I would not use this “cure” because those embryos were murdered! Why not go post about the SIMS somewhere instead of trying to spread your intolerance here. Unless the embryo is implanted in a uterus, there is no way it can ever be grown into a human. I am only afraid that the pharmacudical companies discretely stop or hinder the scientists from getting a cure on the market in a timely manner due to all of the money that they are making off of the diabetics out there including my newly diagnosed daughter. Even if the stem cells are from aborted fetuses, stem cell research has nothing to do with why they were aborted. It’s donated in most cases by knowledgeable mothers and sometimes frozen and saved for a future emergency. Some scientists and doctors says high body acidity can damage organs and pancreas beta cells. Those who suffer from type 1 diabetes lack beta cells in their pancreas, the cells needed to produce insulin. So far, patients would have been satisfied if the daily insulin shots could be replaced by a less invasive procedure.

In fact, I felt angry with the English Press – how dare they make such an ignorant assumption!
Additionally, Melton has been able to create beta cells from pluripotent cells avoiding the controversy around use of human embryonic cells. Melton is working with MIT applied biology professor Daniel Anderson to design an implantable device that would work like an inkjet printer, coating the cells in an algae-like substance so immune cells can’t stick to them.
9, this development is the first to yield beta cells that closely resemble normal functioning beta cells, in the quantities necessary for cell transfer and pharmaceutical use.“This is an important venture for the field of stem cell research, with real potential to transform treatment for diabetics,” said Daniel G. However, never before have scientists been able to cure a mouse of diabetes immediately with the transplantation of beta cells, said Michael S. Does anyone out there have any ideas out there to get this on the market faster and keep the pharmacudical companies happy??? But best of all to report to you today, no more pills and no more injections for I am totally self cured of my illness.
But Metlon says that by using stem cells, his team managed to create the needed beta cells. We could soon see other organs being repaired or replaced with stem cells as part of a new wave called regenerative medicine. The researchers were able to make the insulin-secreting cells in the quantities that would be needed to treat patients. Anderson, an MIT professor working with Melton’s laboratory on preparations for clinical implementation.Type I diabetes, colloquially referred to as juvenile diabetes, results from an autoimmune destruction of beta cells in the pancreas which normally produce insulin—a hormone which regulates glucose levels in the blood. Segel ’14, one of the paper’s authors who worked on the team throughout his years as an undergraduate.Beyond the production of functioning beta cells, Melton’s technique can create cells at a scale that could match the demands of an effective treatment—a feat that has never before been accomplished. In this case though, it seems that the real kicker is to find a way to keep the immune system from destroying them.
Insulin is expensive, and I was turned off the idea of having children, because I did not want to pass on my recessive gene. But if u want to kill an innocent life just to tove as you please then that’s on you and God will judge you in the end. I would give anything to see him live his adult life to the fullest and for this disease to someday just be a bad memory. Each “batch” of the suspension culture yields about 100 to 150 million beta cells, Millman said. The majority of Type One Diabetics are diagnosed under the age of 12, But its okay for them to suffer right? Hopefully, this scientist will discover more medication for diabetes because it is not easy if you have this. This is not an abortion thing, although I do support Planned Parenthood and trust me I’ve made that trip to the clinic (for support, I am a guy). Its not your choice, you can judge me, hate me and call me sick and twisted, but your not the one who suffers. Less humane things have been done in medicine, get over it, because you will never stop medicine, it is science, it is true, and not even god can change that. Please let me know though if there is one instance you would treat an egg like a chicken -any. Go read your Shepard myths from thousands of years ago (which are rife with all manner of foulness) while the rest of us deal with the actual world we are confronted with. It is people like you who stand in the way of all human progress, yet still reap the benefits of our advancement. These things are not terribly dissimilar, and the basis for judgment against them is the same book.

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