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Baba Ramdev has conducted various sessions on how one can get rid of health-related problems by practicing yoga every day. To begin with, a person who has diabetes has to do Bhastrika pranayama every day for about 30 minutes. This cream is enriched with lodhra and manjistha, in addition to kumkumadi Tailam, a fairness concoction of 16 ingredients, known to help restore the natural balance on skin to give natural fairness.
It contains new Vita-Aloe Complex made with a breakthrough combination of vital Vitamins, Aloe Vera and Fruit Principles to facilitate work within the inner layers of skin to give you clear, fair skin.

He has delivered a session on 7 easy & simple steps to treat deadly disease like diabetes. 1 Fairness Cream now redefines the route to fairness with a highly developed multivitamin Fairness Nourishment method. The energy which is created while practicing meditation or pranayama is transferred in to the body through mudras. Disclaimer: This site is not an official website by Swami Ramdev or Patanjali yoga Haridwar.

The practice of yoga includes meditation, breathing exercises, pranayam, asanas and most important of all – attaining eternal peace. That is why Baba Ramdev has developed a yoga session for Diabetics and to help them get rid of the disease.

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