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The Indian Medical Association has demanded strict and immediate action against yoga guru Baba Ramdev stating that his claims to cure heart diseases, diabetes and cancer were false. Watch Yog Rishi Swami Ramadev speaking about curing diabetes with the help of Yoga and Ayurved. Baba Ramdev has a large fan following and though we appreciate his propagating yoga and its benefits, we will not allow anyone to make claims about helping cure cancer, diabetes and heart diseases,” said IMA joint secretary Dr.
We are receiving a lot of complaints about the wrong treatment given by Baba Ramdev or his associates.

But only the drug controller is empowered to initiate legal action against violators of the law against magical remedies.The meeting suggested several measures to combat the growing menace of quackery.
We now appeal to the Drug Controller of India and the Union Health Ministry to take action against Baba Ramdev,” added Dr.
With this treatment, we have seen that blood cancer can be cured."I am telling you this because we have data and have also published results of our research," Ramdev tells his followers in the video.
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