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Millions of people have acid reflux (commonly known as heartburn) symptoms. According to statistics, almost 20% of the United States’ population suffer from heartburn at least once a week. Yes, it can happen because exercise and bending forward increase the pressure inside the abdomen and push up stomach acid. 2)      Anticholinergic drugs, these drugs inhibit the action of acetylcholine (a neuro-transmitter). There are different approaches to acid reflux treatment, but in my opinion the first and most important primary approach to this problem is to identify the reason for acid reflux. In most cases how and what we eat could cause or worsen acid reflux, other factors are smoking, alcohol and most importantly stress. Eating smaller amount of foods, chewing well and avoiding food intake at least four hours before bedtime could be of major help in managing acid reflux symptom management.
Did you know that to get the most benefit from PPIs such as Omeprazole, Nexium, Prevacid, they should be taken 30 to 45 minutes before meal? Histamine stimulates acid production in the stomach and consequently inhibiting the histamine production by histamine 2 blockers reduces the acid production.
PPIs reduce acid production in the stomach by inhibiting the proton pump function in the stomach. This medication work on already produced stomach acid and does not prevent any new acid production, it protects the stomach tissue from getting damaged by the already existing acid. 4)      Make sure that you contact your doctor if the symptoms don’t improve even after taking the acid reducing medication. This E-book will provide you with exclusive tips and the knowledge necessary to prevent and control high blood pressure. So you may be familiar with raw food with lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and not heating food above 48 degrees Celsius to keep the food bioactive alive with enzymes. So this post is about food combining and is based on books, brochures, my own experience and information I found on the internet.
However my own experiences with food combining are very good and reading about it gave me lot of information that is both in-line with theoretical and practical research, so I dare to say that the principles of food combining are solid! Since there is way to much to write about how the human body processes food in a single post, I will give you pointers to other sources and hopefully trigger you to read further information (check all links). Here are some of my own experiences with food combining that made me conclude that it does work! When I go out to exercise a few times per week I will be in a hurry, It will be in the beginning of the evening, just finished working, have a hungry feeling and I want to have dinner.
However If you combine food correctly you will be able to almost exercise intimidate and the food will be ingested without slowing you down.

One of the best indicators of correct food combining will be your final act of digestion also know as defecation. There are different food groups and they contain macronutrients that need different process to digest! If you eat starchy food the digestion starts in your mouth where you must chew your food (there is no other place where food will be made in smaller chucks!!), Your saliva will release amylase containing ptyalin. When you swallow your food it goes to your stomach where the pH will be different depending on what your want to digest. To digest proteins your stomach will release the enzyme Pepsin that will need an gastric acidic pH optimum.
So eating both starchy food together with proteins, will be a bad combination and will be hard to digest. To digest fats or oils your stomach will need an acid environment and it will delay digestion for a few hours.
So that are the basics of food combining and natural hygiene, just search the internet and you will find a lot more information (less then I expected thought!) The pioneers are William Howard Hay (1866-1940) and Dr. With our education and social behaviour it seems very hard to live a life with correct food combining.
If you can read Dutch, buy the Groene dag brochure – juist combineren brochure it will provide a lot of good information. I spent a fair amount of time writing this post and reading informations about the subject. Learn about healthy eating, nutrition, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and much more from the true experts. Heartburn is a burning sensation in the stomach and behind the chest area that improves with taking anti-acid medication. I have not found scientific articles about the long term benefits of correct food combining and there has been no scientific proof that correct food combining will make you lose weight. Just give them a try, buy some books, read information and it will help you become a more healthier happier person.
So for the average western dinner will have contained something like cooked potatoes, vegetables and some fish or meat (or replacements).
For example I can now eat a more then 800gram raw vegetable stew (without additional water) and start my exercise and have energy throughout the complete intensity exercise. If you body has digested what you eat correctly your stool will be small, odourless, and compact! If you mix food groups that need different circumstances some part of your food will not digested and other parts will be digested less efficiently and the process can take a lot of your energy.

Beans contain both starch and proteins and will be hard to digest, but also a slice of bread with cheese or potatoes with meat.
They have to be processed to amino acids chains and even then they need to be processed to amino acids the body can actually use.
But try to keep seeing food as something fun, delicious and with social aspects and not only as a list of nutrition facts.
I have never felt having any stomach or ingestion issues and thought to be pretty normal and healthy.
This meal would have forced me to rest for at least 45 minutes, gave me a heavy full stomach feeling and I thought this was pretty normal! Mixing will be in the form of eating food at the same time or eating food before your stomach has finished processing your previous meal. If your food is mixed with fluids or something sweet the amylase is not released and the starch will not be digested properly. Your body will need to work hard to get some energy out of the meal because your stomach fluids will be in a non optimal state for ether processing starch or the proteins.
The stomach only does the first step for proteins, the pancreas releases other enzymes and fluids so the peptides can be further broken down to amino acids in the small and large intestine.
This made me wonder a lot about the natural combination in some nuts because they contain both fat and proteins in high amounts.
Keep the food combining principles as baseline when eating at home and when I eat somewhere else I just enjoy my food as it comes! I kind of stumbled on a good information source (Dutch written brochure) about food combining and natural hygiene (that also explained almost all raw food principles). I am also amassed that with all our medical advances there is so little real education on what correct food can do to the human body. Shelton one of the food combining pioneers suggests that more then 25% will just pass trough your digestive system polluting, fermentation and toxicating your body when you combine your food badly. Please do get the facts checked Ayurveda 5pts We are sorry about the inconvenience.

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