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Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Use these free clip art images for your collections, school projects, website art and more. It is clear that if we expect to mitigate the consequences – both personal and social – of this 21st century epidemic called DIABETES, we must begin with a thorough understanding of all that is known about insulin resistance.  Despite a profusion of misconceptions, the research on insulin resistance is fairly consistent in it’s conclusions. How can this be?  Didn’t we say that diabetes was characterized by the inability to regulate blood sugar?  Didn’t we say that too much sugar in the blood caused heart disease and blindness and all that other bad stuff?  Didn’t we say that dietary fat was incapable of raising blood sugar levels?
These molecules, called adipokines, work as a network to regulate inflammation, insulin action and glucose metabolism. Let’s just say that the absence of obesity is not a sufficient condition for the implication of freedom from inflammation or insulin resistance.
A few months ago, I wrote about Diet foods that make you fat and this post is sort of like a continuation of that post.

All those caffeinated, carbonated drinks labeled as so-called energy boosters or sports drinks are NOT healthy. These babies may taste heavenly but let me tell you, it is so loaded with sugar, calories and whatnots, you probably have to workout like mad to burn it all off.
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This paper ”Inflammation and Activated Innate Immunity in the Pathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes” is a great reference for those who wish to look further into these relationships.
We can never be too careful when it comes to choosing healthy foods especially when shopping at the supermarket. Say bread brand five times really fast…) like to market their bread as healthy, wholesome, etc.
Often, we get cheated by all the advertising hype of how this food is healthier, that food is better or this drink can make you slimmer.

If the salad contains high fat dressing, high sugars and high carbs (the pasta is definitely high carbs!) then you should steer far far away from it.
If you read the fine print, the challenge was to eat a portion of the cereal with low fat milk once in the morning and again for dinner.
If you must have bread, please go for wholemeal bread, at least it contains fibre and has more complex carbs rather than simple carbs.You can also go for sprouted wholegrain English muffins instead of plain white muffins.

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