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If you tuned into ABC 1233 Newcastle Radio bright and early on August 4th, you may have heard an English lady from Bar Beach talking about diabetes. We had a top night on Tuesday August 4th with Leigh Hopper, who presented at this month’s support group session. We held our Lifestyle Night on July 16th as part of National Diabetes Week, and it was a huge success! Congratulations – Diabetes Australia welcomes Coalition Health Policy focus on diabetes.
When Jack Newton OAM came to speak to us during Diabetes Awareness Week he spoke about an alarm device he was supporting.  This alarm is primarily for parents of children with diabetes or anyone who cares for a person with diabetes The carers alarm requires continuous blood glucose monitoring, an insulin pump and an alarm system. This opinion piece was published in today’s Newcastle Herald in conjunction with National Diabetes Awareness week.
Dr Morbey and Diabetes Educator Melba Mensch have provided me with a list of apps and websites to post on to the AIM centre links page.

This last week has been a very productive and rewarding one for the AIM centre with the work of Dr Claire Morbey being mentioned in the international press.
The Aim CentreThe Aim Centre are the Hunter's Specialists in Prevention, Detection and Management of Diabetes.
Leigh is the Director and Health Coach of Weight Loss for Life (based in Charlestown) and focused her talk on changing habits. Many people, with and without diabetes, came along to gain some invaluable advice from our guest speaker Jacci Allanson.
Dr Morbey was part of a team who flew to Brunei to start the first Bruneian patient on  insulin pump therapy.
This information is not intended as a substitute for medical advice from a qualified health professional.
HbA1c targets must be balanced against the risk of severe hypoglycaemia, especially among older people.

Health professionals should rely on their own expertise and enquiries when providing medical advice or treatment. More than half of people with the condition are from the less affluent E and FG quintiles, while only 11% are from the well-off AB quintile. Our figures show a 33% growth since 2007—and that’s just among people who know they have the condition. Obviously, this presents a growing challenge to Australia’s already stretched healthcare system.
Although medical experts recommend specific lifestyle measures to control or even prevent type 2 diabetes, it seems that not everyone is listening.

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