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This has been a bad year for homoeopathy, first there was the Draft Information Paper on Homoeopathy from the NHMRC, which concluded there was no reliable evidence for the use of homoeopathy in the treatment of the 61 health conditions looked at.
In the latter case it is fortunate at no uranium will actually be present, as uranium nitrate causes kidney failure. To remind you, the review found there was no good evidence that homeopathy was effective for any of the 61 medical conditions considered. There Was No Adequate Explanation Of Why Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) Were Excluded.
Chance is one, if a therapy has no actual effect,by chance alone you will find some studies that appear to show an effect. Thus it is far better to compare as many high quality trials as possible to get a clearer picture.
While there are limitations to this approach (specifically the most recent research may be excluded), it is widely used in making clinical decisions and in no way invalidates the findings of the report. Three academics invited to comment on the review all broadly agreed there was no high quality evidence recommending homoeopathy for any disorder. Of the reports submitted by stakeholders, only a few passed the inclusion criteria or were not already included.
While this excludes some studies, most high quality studies are published in the English language press. These homoeopathic preparations are already in use in humans, so the appropriate studies are ones in humans in the first place. Overall, while there are some limitations to the study, this is a wide ranging, carefully interpreted study. After completing these training programmes, her students become enthusiast to promote Yogic Health Science in the society & offer Services. She has significant data, which shows the effectiveness of Medical Yogatherapy for palliation & restoration in degenerative musculoskeletal disorders.

Visiting Lecturer for Post Graduate Diploma course at Navlmal Firodiya College, in the field of Yogic Health Science, Pune.
This includes Yoga for fitness & therapy, Meditation, Pranayam, Garbhasanskar, Diet monitoring, counseling, breathing exercises during labor, breast feeding, baby caring etc.
Homoeopathy & Yoga treats the person as a whole & works on the body as well as the mind of an individual at the same time. Her articles in the a€?Family Doctora€™, a health supplement of renowned news paper SAKAL , VIPULASHREE magazine & some other local news papers stating role of Homoeopathy in various conditions like Calcaneal spur, Stress incontenance, Allengic rhinitis, Menstrual complaints, Peri -menopausal & menopausal symptoms, Early menarchy , Leucorrhoca , Pregnancy related problems , a€?Garbhasanskara€™ etc.
Then a homoeopathic remedy manufacturer left the North American market due to law suites over the ineffectiveness of their products, then the Federal Court has found that Homeopathy Plus!
Complementary Medicines Australia has claimed, 6 months after the public consultation process had closed, that the NHMRC process was flawed. Thus caffeine diluted 1 in a hundred 30 times is used to treat insomnia and Uranium nitrate diluted 1 in a hundred 30 times is used to treat diabetes. In uranium nitrate-induced kidney failure some glucose turns up in the urine, as the kidneys ability to reabsorb it is damaged. In some cases, there was clear evidence that homoeopathy was ineffective; in others the evidence base was too weak to give a clear result. The main review focused on systematic reviews, which included randomised controlled trials (and other types of high level evidence).
Randomised trials were not excluded, but an integral part of the evidence through systematic reviews. One of the biggest limitations is that negative findings tend to be under-reported, so that systematic reviews tend to overestimate the effectiveness of a therapy. Pro tip, if the NHMRC asks you for peer-reviewed systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials in humans, don’t submit books on the life of Hahneman and studies of frogs exposed to thyroxine (yes, I went through the papers).
As well, the practicalities of translating foreign language papers to ensure there are no complicating errors in translation are avoided.

As well, the studies in animals suffer the same flaws as those in humans, too many are of poor quality and many are unable to be interpreted or make claims that cannot be supported. While overall the broad conclusion is that there is no good evidence the homoeopathy being effective in the 61 studied conditions, in at least 13 studies there was good evidence that homoeopathy was ineffective (asthma for example). By continuing to use our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. The review looked at both systematic reviews of the use of homoeopathy in 61 heath conditions and submissions on behalf of interested parties, which contained a mix of systematic reviews and individual randomised controlled trials.
Randomised controlled trials submitted by stakeholders that were not already part of systematic reviews were considered as well. 374 were duplicate citations, 729 were the wrong study type (not peer-reveiwed, not systematic reviews or metaanalyses, or not looking at controlled trials or high level evidence) or were not looking at the conditions considered in the review or did not report the outcomes (etc. For example, one study submitted to the review that claimed to demonstrate that homoeopathic treatments kill breast cancer cells actually shows that the ethanol diluent is the lethal factor.
All submissions and papers were carefully evaluated against strict criteria recognised internationally for this type of review.
Randomised controlled trials are considered the highest level of evidence, but the results of a single randomised controlled trial may be misleading for many reasons. The Australasian Cochrane Centre independently reviewed the overview report to ensure that it was valid and high quality.

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