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Surging rate of diabetic patients is a big concern in most countries of the world, encompassing both, the developed and developing countries.
Diabetes results from hyperglycemia or increased blood sugar levels and further results into disruption of the entire blood glucose cycle.
The early stage of diabetes is also known as Mild diabetes and it is characterized by moderate increase in blood glucose level, to range anywhere between 100mg to 126mg, during fasting. One of the prominent symptoms of mild diabetes is that, you start to catch infections at faster rate and these infections start taking more than usual time, to heal. A person suffering from mild diabetes is always thirsty and has to urinate several times during the day or night.
As we know, in any kind of diabetes, including mild diabetes, glucose is excreted out of the body, by the way of frequent urination. Diabetes also prevents the glucose present in the human body, from reaching the cells, by intercepting it in the way, which again means that cells do not get glucose to burn and produce energy.
This is another symptom for mild diabetes, and occurs as glucose, the instant source of energy, is not able to enter the body cells. The numbness of limbs is known as neuropathy in diabetes, and is a symptom that becomes apparent after some time of the onset of this disease.
Mild diabetes is the first warning sign for the patients, and it is very important to identify and diagnose this condition in the initial stage only, to prevent further complications, as it leads to more severe form of diabetes. Body and Water EnvironmentA  Alkaline water has more electrolysis reducing large mineral clusters resulting in water effectively hydrates the body.
As environmental contamination of the earth progresses, it become increasingly difficalt to have access to natural water. Chlorine used to disinfect water creates the carcinogenic substance a€?trihalomethanea€?In filtration plants, chlorine is used for the disinfection of viruses and bacteria, the oxidation of organic chemicals, and for deodorization. However, when chloroform, a type of trihalomethane, was found in the water, he realized that the addition of chlorine caused the increased incidence of cancer. Lead is a highly toxic heavy metal that is particularly damaging to the blood-forming organ bone marrow. Infants below the age of 5 accumulate lead at a particularly high rate because their lead excretory system is not fully developed. A Water contamination in the period of rapid economic growth resulted mainly from industrial effluent. Recently, dioxin, a highly toxic caustic substance found in the ashes and smoke of garbage incinerator plants has become a problem to residents living in their vicinity and has been receiving more attention. A Thirty percent of cryptosporidium survive even when exposed to high concentrations of chlorine, hence this kind of protozoa is found in tap water throughout the country.
Ever since 1955, filtration plants in urban areas in Japan have been increasing the amount of chlorine used for purification due to the increasing contamination of untreated water by industrial and domestic effluent. Naturally, as the untreated water has become increasingly contaminated, the amount of chlorine used has also increased. A When chlorine is mixed with water, it reacts to create hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid that strongly stimulates cells, eventually destroying them. The amount of chlorine in tap water is minute, so even if the water is drunk, no immediately obvious problems will appear. A While the concentration of chlorine in tap water is much less than that in a pool, repeated exposure to tap water for a long period of time increases the exposure to a similar level.
Furthermore, the vaporization of water due to heat will double the negative effects of chlorine. Diabetes affects almost every biochemical process of the body including the hair growth process.
People with diabetes experience significant loss of body hair, especially loss of hair on the legs.
Hair loss especially on the legs is usually a symptom of reduction in blood flow in the peripheral arteries. Hair growth can be promoted by topical application of Minoxidil, a medication that is available over-the-counter. To promote hair growth include five servings of healthy proteins such as lean meat, fish, dairy and legumes, seeds and nuts, variety of fruits and vegetables and whole grains in your daily diet. One of the reasons that curcumin works so well on such a wide range of diseases is because it is such a powerful anti-inflammatory. Because of this anti-inflammatory activity, as well as its ability to kill tumor cells, increase activity of protective antioxidants such as glutathione, and modulate tumor growth cell factors, curcumin is effective against hundreds of diseases.
Curcumin is also a potent antioxidant, able to neutralize unstable, reactive free radicals. Although the information on how curcumin works at a cellular level is very technical, what you need to remember is that curcumin is not a synthetic drug that poisons your body’s systems – instead, it works with your body’s own processes to help bring back natural function.  If you would like more in-depth information on curcumin’s many mechanisms of action, please see the reference list at the end of this document. Our bodies have a natural ability to fight cancer through the activity of tumor suppressing genes. Curcumin has been shown to stop cancer initiation, promotion and progression, meaning that it stops the changes that cause normal cells to become cancerous, stops the replication of cancerous cells (tumor formation), and stops cancerous cells from migrating to other parts of the body (known as metastasis). Curcumin has also been shown to increase the activity of cancer drugs and to decrease drug resistance in cancer cells (meaning it helps cancer drugs kill tumors more efficiently).  Additionally, it protects normal cells from the toxic effects of chemotherapy drugs and radiation treatments. Taking curcumin in combination with chemotherapy drugs may mean less of the toxic drugs are required, but the results will be better, with significantly reduced side effects. Researchers believe that curcumin works similarly against all types of cancer, so no matter what kind of cancer you may have, curcumin can be helpful. Do you suffer from a chronic health problem and you just can’t seem to find a treatment that works?
Who knew there was a plant with a flower like an explosion of flame, which produces a beautiful but short-lived fruit with the appearance of a brilliant pink rosebud? Pour into a bowl and top with optional garnish ingredients to add flavor and nutrient density.
With dozens of possibilities offered at your grocery store, this super fruit might be one of the best choices available!
If you are looking for a food that will help you fight bad cholesterol and provide you with enough fiber throughout the day, consider pitaya as an excellent afternoon snack.
Over the past few decades there has been considerable focus on the effect of exercise, diet, aging and disease on mitochondrial health.  Understanding the basic physiology of mitochondria and how they replicate in response to your lifestyle can have profound impacts on your overall health. Simply stated, mitochondria produce ATP, and ATP is absolutely essential for survival.  Without a sufficient generation of ATP, life would cease to exist.
In this electron micrograph, many adjacent mitochondria are visible within the muscle cell.  It’s no coincidence that they are located close to one another – they do that in order to share glucose, amino acids and fatty acids in order to distribute the production of ATP across a coordinately linked network.
Muscles contain the highest mitochondrial content of any tissue in your body, in order to provide massive amounts of ATP for movement and exercise. Muscle is generally divided into three types – white muscle, red muscle and mixed muscle.  The terms “red” and “white” are derived from the way these muscles appear during surgery or autopsies, but largely refer to the mitochondrial content of the muscle itself.
Red muscles contain a large quantity of mitochondria, white muscles contain fewer mitochondria and mixed muscles contain both red and white muscle fiber types.  Whereas a single cell contains one nucleus, muscle cells often contain hundreds or even thousands of mitochondria in order to support the generation of large quantities of ATP during exercise. Mitochondrial biogenesis is a process that was first described over 40 years ago by a pioneer in the field of exercise physiology named John Holloszy, a professor at Washington University in St.
For more information on why glucose is your best friend during and after exercise, read How to Fuel Muscles During Exercise and What Happens to Muscles After Exercise?.

The term “mitochondrial biogenesis” simply refers to the process of replicating mitochondria within a cell, in order to increase ATP production in response to an increased demand for energy.
The result of mitochondrial biogenesis is an expansion of the network of mitochondria within a cell, and an increase in the maximal amount of ATP that can be generated during intense exercise.  In short – more mitochondria mean more ATP production at peak exercise conditions (2).
Insulin resistance and diabetes are metabolic disasters for muscle tissue unless specific steps are taken to counteract mitochondrial dysfunction. Since muscle tissue occupies more than 40% of the human body by mass, a reduced ability of muscle mitochondria to burn fatty acids and glucose for energy is partly responsible for feelings of low energy and sluggishness that many people with diabetes feel.  More importantly, defective muscle mitochondrial function often induces a mild inflammatory state within the muscle tissue that results in the production of blood borne cytokines that signal a state of stress to circulating immune cells. Specific measures must be taken in order to counteract mitochondrial dysfunction due to insulin resistance, and in next week’s article we will explore how exercise can induce mitochondrial biogenesis extremely effectively.  Since mitochondria are responsive to the demand for energy created by exercise and the type of fuel available from the diet, a 2-pronged approach to eliminating insulin resistance is often the most effective way to restore muscle mitochondrial function and restore blood glucose values to normal. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 22, I have spent over a decade learning the fundamentals of nutrition at the doctorate level. That's why I've spent over 10 years developing a rock solid system that can minimize blood glucose variability and insulin resistance.
This increase in the number of diabetic patients can be associated to the unhealthy life style and unawareness, regarding the symptoms and prevention methods for this disease.
This leads to uncontrolled blood glucose levels and may result into many health complications. If this mild diabetes is not identified and controlled at the right time, then it may lead to several health disorders, like, retinopathy, nephropathy and neuropathy, and may even result in organ failure. The excess body glucose attracts more pathogens to the human body, as they find a better suited environment to thrive, which in turn, results into infections like, itching, and rashes. These free radicals block the path of oxygen circulating in the blood and prevent it from reaching the affected area, thereby reducing the effectiveness of medications and ointments.
It is also a major symptom of mild diabetes and the patient may feel dizziness, hunger, clammy skin, and increased pulse rate.
This happens because the extra glucose enters the blood, and so kidneys have to work extra, to remove that glucose from blood and absorb it within the kidney cells. In this condition, the excess blood glucose pulls out the fluid content from body tissues, including those of eyes, and lenses inside the eyes. This leads to excessive loss of calories, which means the cells do not get ready source of energy to burn.
To compensate for this loss, the body cells start breaking down the deposited fat, and muscle tissues, resulting into rapid weight loss, which is one of the most prominent symptoms to identify mild diabetes.
This is because, in diabetes, either the pancreas is not able to produce enough insulin, or the body cells become resistant to it, and stop reacting.
In this condition, gradually, the consistent high blood sugar levels injure the nervous system of the patient, with maximum impact being on the extremities.
This is observed in the form of vaginal dryness, decreased periods, erectile dysfunction, and even early menopause in women. These above mentioned symptoms can help you in identifying the onset of this disease and may help prevent further complications, from popping up. A The oxidation of cells and the reduction of acidosis helps your body eliminate free radicals and combat many common ailments. To ensure a healthy life style, we also can not discount the effects our living conditions and the environment have on ourA bodies. Using the NATURALIZER KIRAMEKI tm can transformA common A tap water into a naturally, uncontaminated healthy state. Chlorination served a very important role in eradicating infectious diseases such as dysentery and cholera, therefore, chlorination is necessary to safeguard public health. However, from 1971-1977, beginning with Osaka, and big cities like Tokyo, Kanagawa, Kyoto, and Fukuoka, and before other prefectures or cities, cancer was already the leading cause of death. Lead is often used in pipes in the residential water supply and in parts such as feed pipes and pipe joints.
If the amount of lead in the blood exceeds a certain level, it causes many health disorders such as anemia, chronic fatigue, constipation, back problems, digestive and nerve disorders. Recently, dioxin has also been found in some water sources and the immense danger of this has been pointed out. This demonstrates the limits of chlorine disinfection and proves that water is no longer completely safe once it is purified with chlorine.A Increase in the amount of chlorine used to disinfect tap waterThe biggest concern about the use of tap water in our everyday lives is the harm that chlorine can cause. Also there are scientists who claim that chlorine causes health problems such as atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and cerebrovascular disorders. Actually it is easier to see the effects of chlorine on the body when tap water is used for daily uses other than drinking such as bathing or showering.
Do not think that the water that you use to bathe is safe because it does not go inside your mouth. In particular, if you take a shower, the surface area of the body exposed to tap water increases and consequently the rate of exposure to chlorine will also increase dramatically. Severe hair loss is often a symptom of diabetes-induced complications that usually occur in people with poorly controlled diabetes.
In diabetics, hair loss is caused by early onset of the telogen phase, a disorder known as telogen effluvium. Consuming dietary supplements containing nutrients essential for hair growth helps in arresting hair loss. Hair loss can also be treated by taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements that help in arresting hair fall by inhibiting activities of pro-inflammatory substances.
A balanced diet and regular exercises help in improving supply of nourishment to the skin and the hair follicles present in the skin.
Practicing stress management techniques such as deep breathing exercises and meditation also help in preventing hair loss by reducing elevated levels of stress hormones that worsen diabetes control and trigger hair fall. We know that almost all chronic diseases – from diabetes to heart disease to arthritis to Alzheimer’s disease – have something in common: unchecked, destructive inflammation. Free radicals are molecules with a missing electron that stabilize themselves by “stealing” electrons from neighboring molecules, creating another free radical in the process.
However, aging and environmental factors can turn off, or silence, these genes, allowing the cancer to grow and spread unchecked. Published studies on curcumin’s anticancer activity (so far) have found that it can suppress breast, prostate, liver, skin, colon and lung cancer. This is the pitaya – dragon fruit – indigenous to Central America but is also grown and exported from several Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand and Vietnam. Because of the richness in fibers, Dragon fruit aids in the digestion of food, Studies also suggest that Dragon fruit promotes the growth of probiotics. Studies also suggest that the the glucose found in Dragon fruit aids in controlling the blood sugar level for diabetes patients. Dragon fruit is rich in minerals and fibers that aids in digestion, cleans toxic ingredients thus preventing the occurrence of colon cancer.
The presence of high level of vitamin C, minerals and pytoalbumin is regarded as relevant in fighting free radicals and possess anti-oxidant properties. Dragon fruit is also rich in flavonoids that are known to have favorable effects against cardio related disease.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The onset of this disease is characterized by moderate increase in the body glucose levels, which if went unchecked, can have severe implications and may lead to full blown, Type I diabetes and further to Type II diabetes.

Thus, the identification of the symptoms of mild diabetes is extremely important, in order to keep this condition into control, and prevent it from deteriorating any further.
These infections also sustain for longer durations in the body, as the medications are rendered less effective. In severe condition, excessive shaking, blurred vision and inability to coordinate is seen, and the patient may even become unconscious or have seizures.
The excess sugar, which cannot be removed by the kidneys, is secreted in urine, and it results in frequent urination, and to cover up for that water shortage, you also need to drink lots of liquids. Now, since it is insulin only that helps in the movement of glucose from blood stream to the inside of cells, so it also means that cells do not get enough glucose to burn. Infections may also develop in these parts and cause inflammation, leading to extreme pain and discomfort. As we all know that, diabetes cannot be treated completely, but by being aware of its symptoms, we can keep it under control, and prevent it from becoming a big problem.
Furthermore, Osaka and Tokyo, the two cities with the highest cancer death rate, also have the highest levels of trihalomethane in their tap water. Lead leaching depends not only on chlorine but is also dependent on other water quality parameters such as pH and temperature. Following these serious pollution problems, stricter restrictions on waste disposal were imposed and improvements were also made to waste facilities. Chlorine it self is a toxic substance but it is used to disinfect untreated water and also as an oxidizing agent to break down various contaminants. Chlorine not only damages the corneum, but its oxidative properties also speed up the aging of skin causing wrinkles and other skin problems. The pollution of tap water not only causes problems when you drink it, but it also causes problems when you use it for daily activities such as taking a shower. This chlorine gas passes into your respiratory system and enters your bloodstream through the lungs.
Sluggish blood circulation in the scalp decreases supply of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles, increasing hair fall. Accelerated production of free radicals triggered by diabetes is another common cause of hair loss.
However, permanent hair loss will require surgical procedures such as hair transplants or scalp reduction.
This chain reaction of free radical formation is known as a free radical cascade, and it can result in cellular damage (called oxidative stress) leading to inflammation and chronic disease – including cancer.
Researchers have now found that one of the ways curcumin fights cancer is by re-awakening these “sleeping genes,” turning them back on to stop cancer. Obtained from several cactus species, its succulent stem provides the uniquely delicious fruit with moisture in the arid climates where it grows. Usually, this symptom surfaces, after some time of acquiring the disease, but nevertheless should be taken seriously. When chlorine is mixed with water, it creates hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid which strongly stimulate our cells, eventually destroying them. As a result there are currently almost no reports of damage from water pollution due to high concentrations of harmful substances in the water.
When you take a shower, the surface area of the body that touches the water increases and the evaporating hot water doubles the harm caused by chlorine.
Chlorine in its gaseous state attaches much faster to the hair and skin than when it is dissolved in water and causes greater damage.
People with type 1 diabetes are especially susceptible to alopecia areata that causes bald patches on the scalp and other areas of the body. This branch of science is known as epigenetics, and it may hold the answer to treating many types of cancer. Effects of exercise on mitochondrial oxygen uptake and respiratory enzyme activity in skeletal muscle. Defective Mitochondrial Biogenesis A Hallmark of the High Cardiovascular Risk in the Metabolic Syndrome?
Mechanisms underlying skeletal muscle insulin resistance induced by fatty acids: importance of the mitochondrial function.
Deficiency of electron transport chain in human skeletal muscle mitochondria in type 2 diabetes mellitus and obesity. The membranes of the bronchi and lungs, which contain large amounts of water, are particularly easily damaged by chlorine.
However, a new generation of pollutants, such as trihalomethane and pollutants previously overlooked are being discovered.Trichloroethylene, used to clean electronic components, and Tetrachloroethylene, used in dry cleaning solvents, have both been proved to cause cancer in experiments with mice. Moreover, the membranes of the bronchi and lungs are also the most susceptible parts of the body to inhaled chlorine gas. Production and activities of hormones associated with hair growth are also affected by diabetes.
Curcumin, like other antioxidants, is able to stop free radical cascades without becoming unstable itself.
Gene expression profile in skeletal muscle of type 2 diabetes and the effect of insulin treatment. The amount of chlorine absorbed by the body in a 15 minute shower is the same as that absorbed when you drink a liter of tap water. Furthermore, there are some scientists who claim that chlorine plays a critical role in causing heart attacks, strokes and cerebrovascular disorders arising from atherosclerosis.
In 1994, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries issued a warning restricting the use of chloronitrofen (CNP), a herbicide used in rice fields, as it was suspected of causing an increase in the incidence of gallbladder cancer when it entered tap water via the rivers.
Therefore, there should be a greater awareness of the damage caused when chlorine vaporizes. In fact, a specially prepared extract of curcumin has an antioxidant value of over 1,000,000 – many times higher than that of blueberries (6,552), strawberries (3,577) or dark chocolate (powder) (40,200) – well known food-based antioxidants. Also, the huge amounts of pesticides now used to grow grass on golf courses can lead to pollution of adjacent watercourses. The dual properties of curcumin as both anti-inflammatory and super antioxidant may also explain why it has no side effects.
Professor Itokawa from the University of Kyoto has proved that rice cooked with tap water loses half of its vitamin B1. Nowadays, even the water from high in mountainous areas are also starting to become polluted.
A As the pollution level of untreated water has increased, the amount of chlorine used in filtration plants has also increased.
While this is a problem in itself, a new problem has emerged recently of chlorine combining with organic chemicals in untreated water to create the carcinogenic substance a€?trihalomethanea€?. Thus, a disgraceful situation has been created where the chlorine used to purify water creates a carcinogenic substance that did not exist before.

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