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I’m proud to rise to the position of the American Diabetes Association’s President, Medicine & Science, for 2012.
Thanks largely to our generous donors, the Association invests more than $34 million toward research annually (which we hope to grow) and publishes even more beyond that in our scientific journals.
One Association-funded researcher uncovered critical areas in the brain where estrogen acts through specific receptors to prevent obesity in women.
But what I am most interested in is informing you, the consumers who have diabetes, who love someone with diabetes or who are just generally interested in health and wellness. It can be easy to underestimate the general public’s interest in and capacity for understanding science, but I know you’re an educated and curious bunch.
So how do I suggest you keep up with all that’s going on in the world of diabetes research? Stay tuned to social media: We pledge to post more research findings on our social media platforms. Subscribe to DiabetesPro SmartBrief: This free daily digest of diabetes news makes for a quick and informative read. Subscribe to Diabetes Forecast: Our monthly consumer magazine includes research findings plus lifestyle advice, healthy recipes and inspirational stories of people who are working to Stop Diabetes. Visit the research section of our website for recent developments, profiles of up-and-coming researchers, even a searchable research database.
I hope you’ll follow along as we continue to make research a priority here at the American Diabetes Association, in terms of both increasing funding levels and broadening the scope of our research program. My mission for this year as president is to communicate directly with you and inform you of our progress. This entry was posted in Research and tagged American Diabetes Association, diabetes research.
Urine was collected by cystocentesis for complete urinalysis and urine culture and susceptibility. The water consumption measured over this 24-hour period was 96 ounces (2.9 liters), which appears to be in quite high for a dog of this weight. On an abdominal ultrasound examination, the liver, adrenal glands, bladder, and kidneys were all found to be normal.

Your dog certainly doesn't have complete central or nephrogenic diabetes insipidus (DI). Whenever we see such wide fluctuations in urine specific gravity measurement, we must move a behavioral problem to near the top of our differential list. There are a number of ways we could proceed at this point, but this step-wise approach is what I'd recommend. In dogs not previously vaccinated for leptospirosis, Leptospira infection can be confirmed by positive leptospirosis serology or use of molecular detection of leptospiral DNA by PCR testing of urine samples.
What I'd recommend in this dog is to first do an abbreviated, overnight water deprivation test. Evidence suggests that implementing disease management programs that target multiple components of chronic diseases can improve quality of care. As a longtime researcher, clinician and educator in the field of diabetes, I believe strongly in the power of science to fuel advances in treatment and prevention, and eventually lead us to a cure for this disease through clinical translation of research. Our projects address everything from genetics and immunology to clinical trials, diabetes education and behavioral research. Another study may help explain why saturated fat is more likely to cause insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Of course, we need to disseminate it to health care professionals so they may translate the findings into practice.
Medical professionals specializing in diabetes care are on the front lines of this effort as well, but you also often come straight to the Association for credible information (as you should!). You want to know the latest so that you can improve your own health and because every research outcome, however incremental, gets us one step closer to a cure. In many ways, building the momentum needed to put an end to this disease begins with you, the knowledgeable patient. Results of complete thyroid panel (serum T4, T3, free T4, and TSH) also showed that all values were within the reference intervals. He could have partial DI, but from the history, psychogenic polydipsia (compulsive water drinking) is a major rule out (1-3). In dogs previously vaccinated for leptospirosis, a 4-fold rise in convalescent titers is often diagnostic of the atypical form of this disease.

Since this is a relatively large dog, generic ciprofloxacin would be a cheaper alternative than brand-name enrofloxacin.
The water deprivation test is generally considered by most authorities to be the best diagnostic test for differentiating between central DI, nephrogenic DI, and psychogenic polydipsia. With this method, the owner walks the dog late at night to empty the bladder, and the dog is then put in a room (or a cage) overnight without access to water. Ciprofloxacin pharmacokinetics and oral absorption of generic ciprofloxacin tablets in dogs. I've divided the posts into 3 types: (1) my insights into specific endocrine issues, (2) Q & A posts that deal with questions I've gotten from veterinarians, and (3) reviews of current endocrine publications (with my comments and "insights"). It helps assess the management of diabetes over the long term by providing an estimate of how well a patient has managed his or her diabetes over the past two to three months. And one of our newer projects seeks to understand how a mother maintains normal blood sugar during pregnancy while supplying essential nutrients to her baby, in an effort to better understand the causes of gestational diabetes. We accomplish this through our professional membership, our research journals, the DiabetesPro website and the annual Scientific Sessions, the largest diabetes meeting in the world.
He has a history of arthritis, which the owner is treating with some type of holistic supplementation. It is unlikely that these supplements are the problem, but we don't always know what compounds holistic or herbal supplements contain or what effects they will have on an individual dog. The first thing the next morning (before the dog is given any food or water), the owner again walks the dog and collects a urine sample. When hyperglycemia is addressed and controlled, complications from diabetes can be delayed or prevented.
Importantly, Association- funded researchers frequently go on to obtain other research funding to keep fighting against diabetes.

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