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As we begin transition from winter to spring, it is common that patients begin to experience some anxiety. Location: Directly between the eyebrows, in the indentation where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead. Location: On the center of the breastbone, three thumb widths up from the base of the bone.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), anxiety is viewed not as a brain dysfunction, but more as an imbalance of the inner meridians.
When treating anxiety, weekly acupuncture treatments are necessary until the patient feels the anxiety is either gone or at a very low level. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing method that involves putting pressure with the fingers or the hand on certain points of the body. Whether you are at home, stuck in traffic or stressed out at the office, acupressure for anxiety will provide instant relief. PC 6– Starting from the wrist, measure down with three fingers as shown in the picture to the right. HT7– Apply pressure with your thumb at the point where your wrist forms a crease with your hand. Our bodies have certain mechanisms for responding to moments of danger as a means of survival. Regular cardiovascular exercise disperses the cortisol because it gives our bodies the physical release it needs to eliminate it.
If those things don’t help, it is time to seek professional help to get a handle on the stress and keep you balanced.
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Book on Advance Acupressure and Acupuncture tells the importance of Yan and Yin, Generation and Distribution of Qi in human body. A new study published in  AJP-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology suggests that electroacupuncture to the abdominal region may prevent increases in blood sugar concentrations after a meal by affecting insulin sensitivity and circulating free fatty acid concentrations.  Granted this is not comparative physiology research, I find it interesting that electrical stimulation can have such a large impact on metabolism, in mice at least.
I have added a cartoon of the acupoints that were stimulated in the mice for the study described in this blog. Whether the mechanism has anything in common with the traditional claims of acupuncture, can be tested in a subsequent study. The advantage of working with mice, as Wesley Dodson noted above, is that there is no placebo effect to worry about. I’m skeptical of acupuncture as such, but the bottom line is that empirical findings are what they are, and our job is to make sense of them and figure out the mechanisms. Scientists have been wondering why Asian Alycaeidae snails have a snorkel that was seemingly functionless. Toothache is an extremely common health issue that is occurs in young and old alike and all of us have faced this painful problem at some point in our lives. Working on a few of these points at a time can help your get relief from toothache quicker.
SI 18 or Small Intestine 18 is one of the most important acupressure and acupuncture points for relieving toothache that is frequently used as a first aid recovery point. This point can be activated by applying steady and firm pressure on the points present on both sides of the face using the index finger and middle finger for 1 minute while breathing deeply.
ST 6 or Stomach 6 is another significant acupressure point for teeth pain relief that works as effectively as formal medicine for tooth pain.
This point on both sides of the face can be activated by applying firm and steady pressure on the points using the thumbs for 1 minute.
ST 36 or Stomach 36 is a functional point of acupressure for tooth pain that provides prompt results. This point can be activated on both sides of the face by applying firm pressure to the points using the middle finger and index finger for 1 minute while breathing deeply.
LI 4 or Large Intestine 4 is an extremely popular acupressure point for curing all types of chronic pain, and it is the ultimate solution to the question of how to relieve tooth pain quickly. This point can also induce labor and therefore, pregnant women should refrain from stimulating this point unless they want to induce labor. Acupressure point TW 13 or Triple Warmer 13 is yet another vital pressure point that is an effective answer to the question of how to get rid of tooth pain naturally. This point can be stimulated on both the arms by applying steady pressure to the outside of the upper arm with the help of the fingers for 1 minute or until the pain and tenderness subside while breathing deeply. Toothache is often caused due to excessive stomach fire or heat and ST 44 or Stomach 44 is a useful pressure point that helps to reduce stomach fire. This point can be activated on both feet by applying firm and steady pressure on the points using the index fingers for 1 minute. KD 3 or Kidney 3 is another effective acupressure point that works as one of the best remedies for tooth pain caused by Kidney Yin deficiency. This point can be activated on both feet by applying strong and firm pressure using the thumbs for 1 minute. The SJ 2 or San Jiao 2 is a less known acupressure point, but it provides amazing results for toothache relief.
This point can be stimulated on both hands by applying strong pressure on the point using the fingers for 1 minute.
SJ 5 or San Jiao 5 is yet another acupressure point on the San Jiao channel that is used to treat toothache.
This point is located 2 cun proximal to the dorsal crease of the wrist, on the line joining SJ 4 and the tip of the olecranon, in between the radius and ulna.
GV 14 or Governing Vessel 14 is the final acupressure point for toothache relief that shows fast results.

This point can be stimulated by lowering the head and applying firm and steady pressure on the point for 1 minute while breathing deeply. Now, say goodbye to painkiller medications and treat your menacing toothache, swelled gum and painful cheeks with the healing touch of acupressure therapy, which has absolutely no side-effects.
I did all but two of the exercises listed (I couldn’t do my back arm and behind the neck), but instant relief, and definitely got my sinuses flowing. The first part of my practice determines where a patient’s energy is out of balance and how to put it back in balance.
The second part of my practice determines what might be causing a patient’s energy to move out of balance and then correcting the body’s response.
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Here are some acupressure points you can stimulate to help relieve your anxiety and help return your body to a more calm state.
Benefits: Relieves nervousness, anxiety, chest tension, anguish, depression, hysteria, and other emotional imbalances.
Here are some points you can massage on your own to reduce anxiety, stress and overall tension.
In a sitting position, cross one leg over your opposite leg and rest your foot on your knee.
Ulcers, digestive problems, sexual problems, sleep problems, weight control issues, high blood pressure and anxiety are some of the many problems that come from chronic stress. Acupuncture treatments can help keep you centered and balanced as well as massage or supplements.
It teaches all the importance of acupressure, simple ways of doing acupressure, all acupressure points in human body. Nicola Abate and Jiande Chen, lead investigators on this study, fed female mice either a diet that was very high in saturated fatty acids (60% fat) or a control diet. Calling it electroacupuncture helps give legitimacy to new age practitioners that will call it acupuncture and reduce the importance of the current. There was a study published in 2010 that tested the effects of electrical stimulation of the quadriceps alone (without acupuncture) on blood sugar regulation in type 2 diabetics. You don’t have to stimulate all of these points, just try them once and see which ones work best for you.
This point is termed the Cheek Bone Hole, and it is located at the lower edge of the cheekbone, straight down from the outer corner of the eye, across from the lower edge of the nose. It is extremely beneficial for the treatment of toothaches, jaw swelling, TMJ problems, Bell’s palsy and facial paralysis.
This point is called the Jaw Chariot, and it is found right in the middle of the upper and lower jaws, on the muscle in front of the earlobe that protrudes out when the back teeth are clenched.
This point is especially useful for relieving jaw pain, spasms, TMJ problems, lockjaw, sore throat, and dental neuralgia, toothaches in the lower jaw, swelling of the cheek, crooked mouth, and acute trismus. This point is also called the Facial Beauty, and it is situated at the bottom of the cheekbone, directly below the pupil.
This is a multipurpose decongestant and anti-inflammatory point that is used to treat toothaches, headaches, rhinitis, TMJ problems, fever, skin diseases, and eye problems and boost the immune system. It is called the Union Valley, and it is located on the highest point of the fleshy joining between the thumb and the index finger when they are brought together. This point is also known as the Shoulder Meeting Point, and it is situated on the outer side of the upper arm, one thumb width in the back of the base of the upper arm, and two finger widths up towards the shoulder.
This point is termed the Inner Court, and it is located on the top of the foot, in the web margin between the second and third toe. It helps to relieve toothache in the upper jaw, facial pain, Bell’s palsy, stroke, sore throat, wry mouth and epistaxis.
This pressure point helps to nourish the Kidney Yin and relieve toothache and facial spasms. It helps to alleviate toothache, swelling of the pharynx, eye problems, headache, dizziness, insomnia, asthma, diabetes, cough, male impotence, irregular menstruation and lumbar pain.
This point is also known as the Fluid Gate, and it is placed on the dorsum of the hand, near the margin of the web between the 4th and 5th fingers. This point helps in relieving toothache by clearing the fire and dispelling the wind from the body.
It helps to relieve toothache, headache, eye problems, earache and deafness, sore throat and malaria.
It is the connecting point of the Yang Linking Vessel that helps to clear heat and activate the channel to alleviate pain. Activation of this point helps to relieve toothache, ear ache and tinnitus, headache, pain in the cheek, neck pain and strained neck, pain in fingers and trigger finger, arm and elbow pain and hand tremor. This point is named the Great Hammer, and it is located approximately at the level of the shoulders, below the spinous process of the seventh cervical vertebrae. It helps to clear heat, expel the wind and regulate the nutritive and defensive Qi while tonifying the Yang at the same time.
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To assist me in determining a patient’s energetic state, I use a diagnostic tool called AcuGraph. In Western medicine, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a psychological and physiological state characterized by excessive and exaggerated anxiety and worry about everyday life events with no obvious reasons for worry. Mental restlessness, depression, insomnia, feelings of despair are symptoms of a disorder with the Heart meridian. Treatments are then spaced out further to monthly or quarterly to help maintain a calm state.
We all come to accept a certain level of stress in our everyday lives because we think it is just part of how our modern life is meant to be.

Deep breathing helps release the muscle tension by moving oxygen and blood through the tissues and clearing the cortisol out.
Stress is always going to be a part your life but there are ways to make it a smaller part. It tells the Generation and Distribution of Qi in human body, energy flow on all parts, meridian for all body parts, all kinds of points in the body, effects of different kinds of points on our body. It did significantly reduce blood sugar, although not to the same extent as seen in the current study (Sharma et al.
There are several other causes of tooth pain, but all these can be prevented with proper dental care and oral hygiene that should include brushing, flossing and rinsing the mouth with mouthwash. It is also a useful pressure point to treat elbow pain and tennis elbow, shoulder pain and arm pain, thyroid problems, fever, eye problems, and epilepsy. This point is termed the Great Ravine, and it can be found in the hollow between the tip of the medial malleolus and tendo calcaneus, right on the medial side of the foot. It is especially useful for treating toothache, neck pain and stiffness, malaria, breathing problems and asthma, cough, fever and common cold and febrile diseases.
Supplementation is used to aid in the healing of internal organ systems that have been weakened due to continued exposure to both emotional and physical stressors.
Anger, resentment, frustration, irritability, and bitterness are associated with the Liver meridian. In addition, activities such as Qi Gong, Yoga or mediation are excellent forms of mind-body exercises that can improve the ability to control both anxiety and depression. Only apply enough pressure to interrupt the normal blood flow but not too much that it causes pain. In a way this is true because there will always be things in our lives we can’t change even though we wish we could. In order to flee, our muscles need nourishment, so blood is taken away from digestion and sent to the muscles.  The muscles tense up and you get ready to run- your neck tenses, shoulder hunch up, fists clench, knees bend and your back arches like the start of a relay race.
There are many choices but three basics help everyone: cardio exercise, deep breathing and relaxation. It tells the Generation and Distribution of Qi in human body, energy flow on all parts, meridian for all body parts, all kinds of points in the body, effects of different kinds of points on our body.The book discusses Generation and Distribution of Qi in human body, Qi is the useful form of creation required for all kind of functions.
A toothache may be sharp, constant or throbbing, and it may be accompanied by swelling, headache, fever and foul-tasting drainage from the infected tooth. As long as the energy is not moving too slow or too fast, and it is moving at an even pace then we are healthy. Hold this pressure point and gently knead your thumb in a tight circular motion for about 2 minutes.
You can relax with a cup of tea, light a candle, listen to soft music, or take a bath- whatever you find helps release the tension. In most cases, people tend to address the problem of toothache with antibiotics and pain killer medications, but it is best to rely on natural healing methods like Acupressure and Reflexology, that have no harmful side-effects in the long run. Acugraph measures energetic flow and produces graphs and reports that are easy to understand. And finally, an imbalance with the Kidney meridian, will reflect a person that is fearful, insecure, isolated and has weak willpower.
The Qi emanates in quantum from the five yin organs of our body and keeps moving thought out, these generating organs may be seen as five micro suns installed in human body. I use the graphs to give me a starting point for your acupuncture treatment.  For children or the squeamish, I can use acupressure instead of needles.
These are Zyto, NanoSRT, AAT, and NAET but my preference is to use the Zyto system to scan for the NAET stressors. In all anxiety cases, the Shen or spirit is disturbed, so acupuncture treatments are focused on harmonizing the Shen. This is all a very good thing if we were being chased by a mountain lion BUT what if there is no danger? The Qi of various qualities thus generated must reach in right quantity and quality at right places in right time to ensure health. A patient usually gets graphed at each visit and my patient’s love to see how the graphs change as their symptoms improve.
All of these techniques are based on exposing the patient to a stressor and then measuring their energetic response.
Our body will tell us to run while we are sitting in traffic, fighting with our spouse, or trying to frantically finish up work before a deadline.
It is important for a skilled therapist to understand that Qi is available in visible as well as invisible forms. In other words, the animals developed an impaired ability to respond to or secrete the hormone insulin which is responsible for lowering blood sugar after a meal by stimulating glucose uptake into tissues.
The stressor is usually not the actual stressor but a virtual stimulus that is correlated to the physical item.
This procedure optimizes and minimizes your supplements for the underlying root cause of your symptoms.
To remove the energy blockage, pressure points along the spine from the neck to the sacrum are stimulated while the patient is exposed to the stressor(s). To enhance the treatment results, a patient may be asked to avoid the treated stressor for a period of time after the treatment.

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