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We all eat nuts, usually in the winters because of the low calorie content and to keep our body warm from inside but we don’t know the importance of Nuts and their health benefits. Almonds provide nourishment to the skin and have very useful omega 3 fatty acids which keep it glowing. Helps clean skin pores and nourishes from the inside resulting in fewer skin blemishes that means no blackheads, white heads or spots.
Almond oil massage on skin helps you attain clear, brighter and younger skin with an even complexion usually the one like your own pure complexion.
The oil extracted from the almond when applied around the eyes removes the puffiness and dark circles.
It helps lift the skin and is very helpful in removing or lessening your wrinkles around the corners of the eyes. Many people have a wrong concept about almonds or nuts helps you put on weight because of their fat content.
Heart diseases have become common nowadays because of the unhealthy diet people take nowadays. Some recent studies have shown that women who consumed 5 ounces of nuts in a whole week, they had a 35% lesser chance of having a heart disease compared to those who didn’t. They contain a high percentage of mono saturated Fatty Acids, which in return lower the content of bad cholesterols i.e. The highly efficient Vitamin E helps fight against the Bad fats that is LDL Low density lipoproteins increasing the amount of high density lipoproteins. Our body itself produces ROS reactive oxygen species that alter many of the important metabolic reactions in our body. Almonds contain a great amount of these which help you improve your immune system and kill these ROS.
Our immune system gains a great deal of boost from the Vitamin E in almond oil that helps improve our immune system.
There are many people who develop Alzheimer’s disease when they grow old because of the lack of certain nutrients in their young years. Almonds contain a heavy load of Vitamin B 6, Vitamin E, Omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids that help you achieve an eidetic memory if used from an early childhood regularly. Drinking 6-7 almonds soaked in rain water over night with smooth blend, empty stomach in the morning is the best memory tonic. Massage of 1 table spoon of almond oil in half a cup milk before sleep, boosts your memory and gives a relaxing effect.
Almond milk shakes with honey(used instead of table sugar), with almonds soaked overnight, helps your Central Nervous System work efficiently. Mashed Almonds soaked overnight when used with olive oil as a replacement to your conditioner serves as the best. Pregnancy is the time when a woman needs to eat the right diet, not only for herself but for the developing human being in her. Almond contains folic acid which helps keep the hemoglobin level in the mother and fetus well. The heightened hyper tension can be controlled with the use of almonds soaked in the water daily.
The minerals like sodium and potassium are found to be in lesser quantity which is the main culprits of uncontrolled blood pressure. One of the dangerous of all, the arteries congestion is lowered by intake of soaked almonds because of their high folic acid and magnesium content. The deposition of the High Density lipoproteins is also lowered by regular use of almonds because of the essential content that is the Vitamin E.
Almonds help reduce the amount of Insulin (hormone) from the pancreatic gland which oxidizes sugar i.e. The profile of the fat and glucose content are really improved due to the paranormal effects of Vitamin E in the blood plasma. Because of their low calorie content they are excellent replacement for snacks before and after meals instead of unhealthy junk food. Constipation may be a common problem in pregnancy or old age, but almonds are there to the rescue. Soaked almonds are best for the chronic constipation which results in the irregular bowel movements and disturbs the digestive system. Almonds are best used when soaked because of the enzyme inhibitor present in the outer shell of the dry fruit which helps easy digestion.
For help digesting fats present in our food, the lipid breaking enzyme, lipase is released from the almond when soaked. Almonds have a good quantity of calcium and phosphorous, which help get the bones strong if used from early childhood. The calcium content makes the bones stronger and hence prevents the osteoporosis, a condition in which your bones become so weak and fragile that they are easily when in distress. The detoxifying effect of the fibers presents in the almonds help the regular movement of the bowel.

To fight against the breast cancer, almond contains special ingredients like Vitamin E, Photochemical, and helpful flavonoids. High consumption of Vitamin E and Zinc help body fight against invulnerable cancer, these two essential nutrients are found in greater extent in percentage in almonds.
Vitamin B17 which is very effective in fighting cancer and relieving the pain of the tumors inside body is found in Bitter almond. If your nails have become brittle with age, it might be because of lack of essential fatty acids in the body. Omega 3 essential fatty acids prevent the nails from tearing apart and make them strong from inside. Almond oil contains wholesome amount of good proteins which help grow long and fine nails with almost perfect shine. If you suffer from stress and depression, eating almonds with yoghurt might help you in getting rid of the mental problem. Almonds contain Vitamins B2 and E which are excellent immune boosters at the time of stress.
People eat too much during stress and as a result gain those extra calories which they regret afterwards.
Almonds are a good source of the required Anti-inflammatory micronutrients that help reduce the inflammation that could result in arthritis. The anti-oxidant in Vitamin E, the essential of all, is very helpful for treating arthritis. Magnesium further is found in a good quantity in almonds, and this element, whose deficiency results in chronic inflammation is very important to consume. Almonds contains desirable amount of vitamins and minerals that make your teeth stronger, whiter and provide a healthy mouth flora. High calcium content in the almonds help make teeth stronger and improves the filling density. Use of 7-8 almonds which have been soaked in water for a night, with their peels off can be used to a tonic with milk.
In severe condition, this milkshake should be consumed for at least 3-4 times within a day to have an efficient effect.
5-6 almonds, soaked overnight, when ate in the morning empty stomach helps improve the vision. Almonds improve digestion because of their high fiber and vitamin content which also helps resolve the eye problems by removing toxins from the body. Almonds are a good source of riboflavin which is Vitamin B2, which helps a great deal to provide oxygen based energy. All the fiber content, protein content and fiber content are the best wholesome package as the best supplement for that extra dose of energy which athletes usually want. After heavy workouts, huge amount of ROS (reactive oxygen species) are produced inside the body which if not combated with anti-oxidants can cause alot of trouble to normal body functions and usually cause the muscle cramps.
Harvard and MIT researchers discovered how to produce pancreatic beta cells, those responsible for producing insulin, in 2014.
News & Honours recognizes achievements by faculty, residents, staff and trainees in the Department of Surgery.
This indigenous Chinese therapy has won the trust of people as one of the best alternative remedies for several ailments since thousands of years. Hence, diabetes, which is a dysfunction of the pancreas, also respond well to this treatment. Traditional Chinese medicines depend upon the immense benefits of Chinese herbs in arresting the occurrence of diabetes. These herbs are administered to the diabetic patients after thoroughly examining the individual cases. Tai Chi is the indigenous martial art of China which has been associated with the cure of diabetes. Research have found that twelve weeks of extensive Tai Chi on diabetes affected patients show remarkable reduction in glucose level in blood and and improvement of the blood glucose metabolism.
Qigong exercise, which is also an indigenous physical exercise of China and is pronounced by the Chinese as “chee-gong”, is intensely effective against some of the common ailments faced by human beings, such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc. Simply put, a healthy balanced diet is the right combination of nutritious food in the right quantities, and its purpose is to maintain and improve general health.However, mindless dieting is not recommended because it does more harm than good.
Being full of protein oatmeal strengthens your metabolism thus keeping you active throughout the day.Listed below are a few other reasons why oatmeal should be a part of your regular diet. A balanced diet is incomplete without fiber intake.  Fiber is mainly found in plant based foods and oats are a rich source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. While lowering LDL cholesterol, soluble fiber also has the capability of increasing HDL (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol.This type of cholesterol is actually good for the body as it carries cholesterol away from the heart, thus lowering the possibility of heart attacks. A person suffering from constipation can highly benefit from insoluble fibers.  Lignin and cellulose the two nutrients present in insoluble fibers help in the digestive process as it softens the stool and allows it to pass through easily. Type 2 diabetes can result in several complications of the nerve, kidney, eye and heart.Therefore regular consumption of oatmeal is a must if you want to stay away from these diseases and their ensuing complications.

So fitness conscious people can blindly opt for an oatmeal diet as you can shed pounds without losing out on important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.The insoluble fiber present in oatmeal has cancer fighting abilities as it attacks certain bile acids thus decreasing their toxicity. Clearly there are some healthy or some unhealthy fatty acids and glycerol depending on which to use. If you eat nuts atleast twice a week then your chance of getting a second heart attack reduces to 25 % and without doubt it has been tested on 4000 people. In order to combat these reactive oxygen species our body requires a healthy diet containing huge amounts of Anti-oxidants. Most of the miss carriages result due to lack of hemoglobin which supplies oxygen bind to the iron contained in the folic acid.
Usually women, who take folic acid supplements regularly during pregnancy, tend to have a lesser neural birth defects in babies born. Almonds contain a great deal of insoluble fibers commonly called as roughage which is a very essential movement to help excrete the waste out of the body. If the reproduction is not controlled timely, then the cancer develops and it might prove to be fatal.
This cleanses the alimentary canal and prevents the accumulation of any toxic material that may initiate the cancer. Stress eating using almonds won’t give them those extra ones and instead if used regularly will give the extra benefit. The calcium found in the almonds is a key ingredient to improve the number of blood platelet count. If good images are formed in the eye by the receptors of the eye, then you will have perfect eyesight. Almonds contain Alpha tocopherol Vitamin E, the best and easily absorbed vitamin which help fight against these ROS and prevents cramping. Tim Kieffer (General Surgery, Associate member) has made significant progress in the quest to generate fully functional, glucose-responsive, insulin-secreting cells from stem cells. China has left its prominent mark in this aspect in discovering certain alternative and traditional medicines that cure diabetes completely. Acupuncture on those suffering from diabetes stimulate the pancreas to synthesize increased rate of insulin and spur the use of glucose in blood.
This practice is mostly followed in Eastern Asian countries where as many as twenty herbs have been found that work effectively in reducing the sugar level in blood of the affected persons.
Either single herb or a mixture of herbs are given according to the medical condition of the patient.
The resistance towards insulin, prevalent among patients with Type II diabetes, have also decreased notably, resulting in better sleep, more energy, less craving for food and reduced urination. But you must be careful not to pressurize the body unnecessarily by following a faulty posture. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us.
However, you must remember that there are two aspects to dieting, one is what you eat and the other is how much you eat. The fibers help move the waste material all through the canal and helps its smooth movement. The discovery of the ancient manuscripts and scriptures relate about the various traditional and natural medicines that cure diabetes completely, without any adverse side effects.
The process of pricking the skin with sterilized and extremely thin needles in order to regulate the flow of energy within the body, which the Chinese refer to as “qi”, regularizes the functions of the several organs in the process too. Therefore, the production of the pancreatic glucacons, the signs of over eating or polyphagia, poldipsia or extreme thirst and polyuria or excessive urination are reduced considerably. It works specially on those with diabetes of common type, such as non insulin dependent diabetes melitus. These Chinese herbs are capable of driving away fatigue related to diabetes, digestive disturbances, enhance blood circulation thereby preventing blood clot as prevalent in diabetes, etc. It is a moderate physical exercise which is a combination of alternate steps of diaphragmatic breathing and relaxing movements. The medical world has carried out extensive research in the recent times on laboratory rodents using these traditional Chinese remedies for diabetes and have come up with positive results. To name some of the most commonly used herbs for diabetes, one must mention Mai Wei Di Huang Wan, Liu Wei Di Huang, Hu Lu Ba or fenugreek, Bai Hu Tang Wan or Tiger Lily, Jiangtan Bushen, Tang Kang yin, ophiopogon, raw rehmannia, scrophularia, asparagus root, aconite, epimedium, ho-shou-wu, lycium fruit, alisma, etc.
Kieffer has been chosen to receive the 2015 Till & McCulloch Award in recognition of this contribution to global stem cell research.

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