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Internationally renowned scientists working at the cutting edge of diabetes research want to see the creation of a pan European clinical trial network to work towards finding a cure for the disease. He pointed out that there is a so called honeymoon period around diagnosis which offers an opportunity to seek to preserve insulin secretory capacity in individual patients for as long as possible, with the additional benefit that it would help researchers to better understand factors governing the deterioration of beta cell function following diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. The group of leading UK and European type 1 diabetes researchers identified current barriers to clinical trials that should be broken down to alleviate what they described as a ‘distressing and debilitating’ condition.
It also found that 77% have never been given the opportunity by their clinical team to take part in a study to improve medical understanding of the condition.
Professor Bone also pointed out that even although the last two decades have seen extraordinary advances in research into type 1 diabetes, he believes that research in the UK still suffers from several significant weaknesses. Cushing's syndrome, also called hypercortisolism, has an adverse effect on all of the processes described above.
Although it is rare, about two-thirds of endogenous (occurring within the body rather than from a source outside the body, like a medication) Cushing's syndrome which is caused by excessive secretion of ACTH by a pituitary tumor, usually an adenoma (noncancerous tumor). All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only.
The Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation was established in 2009 by boxing legend and six-time world champion Sugar Ray Leonard and his wife, Bernadette. So it’s safe to say that the year 2014 has been a wake up call to many humans in the western world. Then came the processed foods from the 70’s onwards, ready meals, microwave chips which had never seen a potato !
We can’t forget the influx of chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and additives that swamped the ‘food’ industry from the 70’s onwards, but hey the government is gaining a HUGE profit in taxes from this industry so why would it bother them…? We live in an era where we would rejoice at the use of natural lemons in candles and furniture polishes but not bat an eye lid at synthetic artificial lemon like additives in our foods! There are many things we can do to improve our inner health for instance consuming organic and non-GMO food, drinking pure water mineral water and using supplements that strengthen our immune are all essential as a starting point . But if our digestive systems and other internal organs are all clogged up with the junk, chemicals and rotting fecal matter that’s been accumulating over time, we are not in a position to receive the benefits from these proactive steps. Not only does a clogged up body keep us from receiving the nutrients and healing properties that we seek, but this unsavory condition is actually making us sicker from all the toxins that are collecting in our organs. We all harbor and offer an excellent breeding ground for parasites due to our over consumption of refined sugars.
Did you know up to 80% of Uk Brits are carrying parasites in the form of tape worms, pin worms, hook worms….all have a little party in your guts, brains, organs even sinus’s because we are feeding them.
These invaders, if not controlled and killed by us are duplicating, trippling and multiplying in our bodies and are now being linked to ADHD and autism. By simply switching your usual refined “treat” this lunch(which in my eyes is a treat for those pesky parasites)to a handful of pumpkin seeds or ring of fresh pineapple you will be killing over 100 of them!
SO what I’m trying to emphasise is WE have to be responsible for our own destiny and health…prevention is better than any cure and we can easily adopt those ancient rituals our grand parents once did to rid toxins and keep our organs super clean! If you searched Internal cleanse on a serach engine it would throw up a huge amount of info and to be honest is quite mind boggling so im going to break it down… What is Meant by a Full Body Cleanse? You can use these packs for headaches, PMS, cramps, tummy aches and pain of all types.  You can use these daily, but never over an open wound. We can then move to full body cleansing which is a program that addresses the detoxification of the digestive tract, the liver, the gallbladder, and the kidneys, as well as ridding the body of parasites and heavy metals.
Let me give you one word of caution: There is no “magic bullet” that can accomplish cleansing in one fell swoop. Herbal cleanses are a compilation of herbs that are meant to gently and slowly cleanse the digestive tract of toxins. There are many quality colon cleanses that are composed of bentonite clay.  Bentonite is actually volcanic ash.
The cleansing of the liver and gallbladder is the next recommended step after the colon has been taken care of. The best solution that I know of to cleanse the liver and gallbladder is a natural remedy that includes organic apple juice,  liva pure, pure vegan and mag 07,  Epsom salts and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.
As mentioned previously ,we humans carry many different types of parasites in our bodies, and they can contribute greatly to problems with our overall health. There are herbal products that specifically target these parasites, and stimulate them to leave the body, usually through the bowels. I recommend, as part of a complete body-cleansing regimen, that you use a parasite cleanse with caution and after researching the side effects etc….it can give many ill side effect as the parasites are killed off their toxic bodies will leave us tiered and flu like symptoms.
More less invasive cleansers like juice detox cleanses are also very popular nowadays as they help the body rid toxins, boost immunity, re-train unhealthy eating habits and changes your taste pallet. I hope this has helped you to understand the crucial importance of cleansing the body, as well as some of the options available.
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Adrian Bone, professor of Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Brighton in the UK, who recently lead a roundtable discussion on the future of research said that the conclusion was that there is a need to improve links between type 1 diabetes care in children and adults and this would facilitate the recruitment of people with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes into trials. The findings are backed by JDRF, the type 1 diabetes charity which claims people with type 1 diabetes are being denied the opportunity to join trials. This is despite an overwhelming 96% of those denied the opportunity stating they would be potentially willing to take part in a clinical trial. Incidences are increasing most rapidly in children under five, at a rate of 5% each year making the need to support research into the condition more urgent than ever. Despite concerted efforts to increase both the quality and quantity of clinical trials many people with type 1 are still not being routinely offered trials in which to participate.
The disorder, which leads to a variety of symptoms and physical abnormalities, is most commonly caused by taking medications containing the hormone over a long period of time. The pituitary tumor causes increased growth of the adrenal cortex (hyperplasia) and increased cortisol production. Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content.
The Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation is committed to raising funds for research and awareness towards a cure for type 1 and type 2 diabetes and to help children lead healthier lives through diet and exercise. We have seen an unbelievable increase in cancers, diabetes, chrones, coeliac’s and other auto immune disease that it’s truly been a year of wake up calls ….but has it? One of the main things we have to adopt again more so than ever in this current lifestyle is cleansing and ridding our bodies of toxins….did you know the foetus in the womb is exposed to over 100 chemicals, ones we digest and also via antibiotics.
They have killed more humans than all the wars put together and by 2025 the world health org has stated out of the 8.5 billion people on earth 50% of them WILL have parasites…. These are the organs of the body that are responsible for absorbing nutrients and eliminating waste products. In other words, beware of anyone who tries to sell you a product that “does it all in one quick and easy step.” All of the body’s systems are different, and they all need different approaches when it comes to cleansing. If we don’t get it right with the colon, the value of anything else we do will be greatly diminished. Instead of the whole, natural foods and pure water that we were created to consume, many of us load up low-fiber, nutrient-poor, micro waved, unhealthy fat ‘stuff’ that passes for food these days. I won’t go into all the specifics, but it is a proven method for cleaning up the liver and gallbladder and ridding them of stones. If you are in the habit of drinking 8-10 glasses a day of pure, clean water, chances are you are cleansing your kidneys on a daily basis. Our bodies need some heavy metals in trace concentrations such as cobalt, copper, manganese and zinc, but often these accumulate in concentrations that are abnormally high and can become toxic. They feed on food and other substances in our bodies, and excrete their waste products inside us too.
You can also chose a 3 day pineapple fast wich the digestive enzyme bromelain effectively kills many parasites. Our juice cleansers are tailored specifically to your needs as an individual and blood group and is only administered after a full consultation with myself.
Remember that it all begins with a thorough digestive system cleanse which lays the foundation for successful cleansing in other parts of the body. A JDRF survey has revealed 72% of supporters of the charity who live with the condition have never been informed about medical research at all by their clinicians. Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented by adopting a healthy diet or lifestyle, and those diagnosed require insulin treatment via injections or a pump every day, for the rest of their lives, simply to stay alive.

The report from the scientists states that the regulatory steps that must be undertaken to get a clinical trial up and running in the UK are perceived to be some of the most arduous in the world and this reduces the attractiveness of UK research centres and hospitals as settings for clinical trials. But this lack of clinical trial opportunities for those living with type 1 diabetes is a huge obstacle on the path to curing this condition,’ said Karen Addington, chief executive officer of JDRF. A more rare form of the disorder occurs when the body itself produces an excessive amount of cortisol.DescriptionThe adrenals are two glands, each of which is perched on the upper part of the two kidneys.
Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, his wife Bernadette, and their children Daniel and Camille Leonard hosted the event to raise money for research and awareness for a cure for juvenile diabetes. Our colons are simply not up to the task of properly managing a steady diet of this, and constipation becomes the norm. This makes for a bulkier and softer stool that has a faster transit time through the colon. However, psyllium husks can also irritate an already delicate colon.
These often include harsh herbs that act as stimulants and laxatives, which may produce diarrhea, cause dehydration, and deplete the body of necessary minerals.
Basically, the ingredients are ingested in the order listed above, and the person is able to rid himself of most of the stones, and other debris that has accumulated in these organs.  Several back-to-back liver and gallbladder cleanses are often needed in order to make sure the liver and gallbladder are clean. However, if you do not drink enough water, as many of us don’t, an organic juice fast is one recommendation.
Some heavy metals migrate into our bodies that have no useful purpose at all, such as: mercury (often from dental fillings), cadmium, and lead. It is estimated that there may be as many as 3000 different types of parasites that can invade our bodies.
The outer part of the gland is known as the cortex; the inner part is known as the medulla.
Such conditions include rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, vasculitis, lupus, and a variety of other autoimmune disorders in which the body's immune cells accidentally attack some part of the body itself. What happens is that instead of absorbing nutrients and quickly passing the waste products out of the body, as the colon is designed to do, this junk food gets trapped in the colon and begins to putrefy.
Gastrointestinal tract obstruction has also been regularly cited in studies of patients taking psyllium products. Some of these herbal laxatives are even habit-forming, in the sense that the body becomes dependent on them to have normal bowel movements. As an internal cleanser, it has the ability to remove toxic metals, drugs, and other toxins from the body. It can become clogged up after years of toxins (alcohol, drugs, food preservatives, heavy metals, chemical pollutants, etc.) flow through it.
Another option for cleansing the kidneys is an organic melon fast, usually with watermelon. Each of these parts of the adrenal gland is responsible for producing different types of hormones.
No regard at all for the fact that a mothers milk cannot be 100% replicated…(however much they want to make you think this is true they cant)….and now we are seeing studies that prove children who are breast fed are less likely to be obese, less likely to develop teeth cavities, less likely to have brittle bones in later life etc, etc…. As this happens over time, more and more toxic material accumulates and not only poisons the colon, but also the surrounding organs. These studies seem to suggest this concern is especially common in individuals who continually suffer from constipation. However some cautions to be aware of are the following: Aged people and pregnant women shouldn’t taken Bentonite Clay or products containing Bentonite Clay and it should not be taken if you took medication or supplements less than two hours prior.
Eating nothing but watermelon (about 3 or 4 good sized melons, preferably organic) for an entire day has helped many folks to dissolve and eliminate kidney stones. Regulation of hormone production and release from the adrenal cortex involves the pituitary gland, a small gland located at the base of the brain.
Other types of tumors that may produce ACTH include tumors of the thymus, the pancreas, the thyroid, and the adrenal gland. If it is not, then the system breaks down and nothing we do seems to help….thus dis-ease in the body. Our modern diets devoid of fiber short circuit the body’s normal response, which is 2-3 bowel movements daily.
While there are no known harmful side effects in using organic bentonite clay, it’s highly suggested that you talk with your healthcare professional before using bentonite clay. When excess cortisol is present in the bloodstream, it is processed by the kidneys and removed as waste in the urine.
This 24-hour free cortisol test requires that an individual collect exactly 24-hours' worth of urine in a single container.
Others are silent lurkers that may be robbing us of energy and nutrients, but manifest no obvious symptoms. The gallbladder can also develop stones that decrease its efficiency and impede the flow of bile. This technique can also be paired with the administration of dexamethasone, which in a normal individual would cause urine cortisol to be very low.
An unhealthy, clogged up liver and gallbladder can lead to all kinds of unwanted complications because toxins will back up and overflow into other organs within the body. Once a diagnosis has been made using the 24-hour free cortisol test, other tests are used to find the exact location of the abnormality causing excess cortisol production.Dexamethasone suppression testThis test is useful in distinguishing individuals with excess ACTH production due to a pituitary adenoma from those with ectopic ACTH-producing tumors.
Patients are given dexamethasone (a synthetic glucocorticoid) orally every six hours for four days. Low doses of dexamethasone are given during the first two days; for the last two days, higher doses are administered.
Before dexamethasone is administered, as well as on each day of the test, 24-hour urine collections are obtained.Because cortisol and other glucocorticoids signal the pituitary to decrease ACTH, the normal response after taking dexamethasone is a drop in blood and urine cortisol levels.
On the other hand, drugs such as phenytoin and phenobarbital may produce false-negative results. Thus, patients are usually advised to stop taking these drugs at least one week prior to the test.Corticotropin-releasing hormone (crh) stimulation testThe CRH stimulation test is given to help distinguish between patients with pituitary adenomas and those with either ectopic ACTH syndrome or cortisol-secreting adrenal tumors.
In this test, patients are given an injection of CRH, the corticotropin-releasing hormone that causes the pituitary to secrete ACTH.
In patients with cortisol-secreting adrenal tumors, this rise almost never occurs.Petrosal sinus samplingAlthough this test is not always necessary, it may be used to distinguish between a pituitary adenoma and an ectopic source of ACTH. Petrosal sinus sampling involves drawing blood directly from veins that drain the pituitary. This test, which is usually performed with local anesthesia and mild sedation, requires inserting tiny, flexible tubes (catheters) through a vein in the upper thigh or groin area. The catheters are then threaded up slowly until they reach veins in an area of the skull known as the petrosal sinuses. Often CRH is also given during the test to increase the accuracy of results.When blood tested from the petrosal sinuses reveals a higher ACTH level than blood drawn from a vein in the forearm, the likely diagnosis is a pituitary adenoma. When the two samples show similar levels of ACTH, the diagnosis indicates ectopic ACTH syndrome.Radiologic imaging testsImaging tests such as computed tomography scans (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are only used to look at the pituitary and adrenal glands after a firm diagnosis has already been made. The presence of a pituitary or adrenal tumor does not necessarily guarantee that it is the source of increased ACTH production. Many healthy people with no symptoms or disease whatsoever have noncancerous tumors in the pituitary and adrenal glands.
Thus, CT and MRI is often used to image the pituitary and adrenal glands in preparation for surgery.TreatmentThe choice of a specific treatment depends on the type of problem causing the cortisol excess. Malignant adrenal tumors always require surgical removal.Treatment of ectopic ACTH syndrome also involves removing all of the cancerous cells that are producing ACTH. This may be done through surgery, chemotherapy (using combinations of cancer-killing drugs), or radiation therapy (using x rays to kill cancer cells), depending on the type of cancer and how far it has spread.
Radiation therapy may also be used on the pituitary (with or without surgery) for patients who cannot undergo surgery, or for patients whose surgery did not successfully decrease pituitary release of ACTH.There are a number of drugs that are effective in decreasing adrenal production of cortisol. These medications include mitotane, ketoconazole, metyrapone, trilostane, aminoglutethimide, and mifepristone. These drugs are sometimes given prior to surgery in an effort to reverse the problems brought on by cortisol excess. However, the drugs may also need to be administered after surgery (sometimes along with radiation treatments) in patients who continue to have excess pituitary production of ACTH.Because pituitary surgery can cause ACTH levels to drop too low, some patients require short-term treatment with a cortisol-like medication after surgery. If the entire adrenal gland has been removed, the patient must take oral glucocorticoids for the rest of his or her life.PrognosisPrognosis depends on the source of the problem. When pituitary adenomas are identified as the source of increased ACTH leading to cortisol excess, about 80% of patients are cured by surgery.

The symptoms and signs are a result of the action of this hormone and include fatty swellings in the interscapular area (buffalo hump) and in the facial area (moon face), distention of the abdomen, ecchymoses following even minor trauma, impotence, amenorrhea, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and general weakness due to excessive protein catabolism and loss of muscle mass. There also can be hirsutism in females and streaked purple markings (atrophic striae) in the abdominal area as a result of collections of body fat. Patients who have a familial predisposition to diabetes mellitus frequently develop insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus as a result of the anti-insulin, diabetogenic properties of cortisol.Treatment of Cushing's syndrome is becoming more effective as new modes of therapy become available.
Pituitary Cushing's syndrome can be treated by surgical excision of the neoplasm using microsurgical techniques. Drug therapy using adrenocorticolytic agents may be used as an adjunct to surgery and radiation or as an alternative when these modes of therapy are not feasible.Cushing's syndrome. Cushing a metabolic disorder resulting from the chronic and excessive production of cortisol by the adrenal cortex or by the administration of glucocorticoids in large doses for several weeks or longer. When occurring spontaneously, the syndrome represents a failure in the body's ability to regulate the secretion of cortisol or adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). The source of the excess ACTH is discovered by a series of tests that challenge the function of the adrenal and pituitary glands. If the excess ACTH is caused by an adenoma of the anterior pituitary, irradiation or surgical excision of the tumor corrects the condition. If the condition is the result of medication, decreasing or changing the dosage may alleviate the symptoms.
Some medications used for some forms of the condition may cause nausea and anorexia, somnolence, and lethargy. Nursing care of the hospitalized patient with Cushing's syndrome is similar to that of patients with Addison's disease, Cushing's disease, and other endocrinological disorders. Weight and electrolyte and fluid balance are monitored, an adequate balanced diet is urged, and emotional changes are observed with a goal of maintaining emotional equilibrium. A person with Cushing's syndrome is over-weight and has fat deposits on the back of the neck and shoulders. There is weakness from wasted muscles, high blood pressure (HYPERTENSION), OSTEOPOROSIS, and often mental disturbances.
It can be characterized by an excess production of glucocorticoids (primarily cortisol) by the cortex of the adrenal gland, but it is most commonly due to therapy with glucocorticoid drugs. Cortisol is an essential hormone for many body functions, including maintaining normal electrical excitation of the heart, blood glucose level, nerve cell conduction, and adequate circulatory volume, and for metabolizing proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.Overproduction of glucocorticoids leads to a host of multisystem disorders in metabolism, water balance, wound healing, and response to infection. Iatrogenic causes are a result of excessive cortisol levels from chronic therapy with glucocorticoids.
Approximately 25% of cases have a primary cause of excessive cortisol production from adrenal neoplasms, such as adenomas or carcinomas. Even with appropriate treatment, most patients with adrenal carcinoma die within 3 years because of metastases to the liver and lung. Secondary Cushing’s syndrome is more common than primary, and bilateral adrenal hyperplasia is the most common secondary condition. Primary disease is often linked to a familial autoimmune disorder and is seen in children and young adults of both genders.
Secondary disease is more common than primary disease in children older than 6 or 7 and, as in adults, is usually the result of overproduction of ACTH. In adults, secondary Cushing’s syndrome that results from pituitary disease is most common in females aged 30 to 50 years. Secondary Cushing’s syndrome that results from increased ACTH secretion is more common in males, possibly because of the higher incidence of bronchogenic carcinoma caused by smoking. Discuss the patient’s sleep-wake pattern and evaluate the patient for sleep disturbances. Be sure to question the patient about weight gain and changes in body proportions between the shoulders.
Other changes in appearance include hirsutism, oily skin, acne, purple striae, and poor wound healing. Women may have noted changes in menstruation, and both men and women may note changes in libido and in their feelings about themselves.Physical examinationMost common symptoms include muscle weaknesses, visual disturbances, and weight gain. Hyperpigmentation of skin and mucous membranes may be present as a result of increases in ACTH.
Because of alterations in protein metabolism, loss of collagen support in the skin leaves the skin more fragile and easily bruised. Both males and females experience changes in secondary sexual characteristics and body hair distribution, along with an increase in acne.
Muscle wasting, especially in extremities, leads to difficulty in getting up and down from a sitting position, difficulty in climbing stairs, or generalized weakness and fatigue.
In the case of iatrogenic Cushing’s syndrome, care is focused on alleviating as many of the signs and symptoms as possible when the therapy cannot be discontinued. If the patient has primary Cushing’s syndrome from an adrenal tumor, the tumor is removed surgically. Even if the tumor is unilateral, the patient is treated for adrenal insufficiency after the surgery because the high levels of cortisol from the tumor may have caused the unaffected adrenal gland to atrophy. Patients with adrenal carcinoma are treated postoperatively with mitotane to treat metastases. A second option is the transsphenoidal hypophysectomy, a procedure that removes the entire pituitary gland and leads to a cure in 100% of the patients.
It is usually used for more invasive tumors and requires lifelong hormone replacement (glucocorticoids, thyroid hormone, gonadal steroids, and antidiuretic hormone). In a newer procedure, surgeons use endoscopic surgery, operating through a fiberoptic device that has been inserted through an incision in the lining of the nose. This procedure takes less time and causes fewer complications than transsphenoidal hypophysectomy. A third alternative is bilateral total adrenalectomy, which cures the signs and symptoms of excess cortisol but does not decrease ACTH secretion.
The patient requires lifelong replacement therapy with glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids. If the patient has secondary Cushing’s syndrome because of ectopic production of ACTH from a nonendocrine tumor, the first concern is to remove the source of the ectopic secretion of ACTH. If this is not possible, mitotane (see Pharmacologic Highlights) decreases cortisol production in the adrenal gland but may cause damage to the gland and is used with caution. Radiation therapy is used when the patient either has no defined tumor or needs an adjunct to tumor removal.postoperative. Patients with pituitary surgery need careful management of airway, breathing, and circulation.
In the first postoperative hours, serial neurological examinations are important to identify the risk for increased intracranial pressure from edema. The incision is generally performed through the upper gum line; ask the surgeon about the procedure for oral hygiene. These drugs may be used in conjunction with surgery or radiation if the tumor is not completely resectable or if complete remission is not expected.IndependentAn important goal is to limit the risk of infection for the patient. Unless contraindicated after surgery, encourage the patient to cough and deep breathe, turn in bed at least every 2 hours, and use good oral hygiene.
Let the patient know that many of the body changes are reversible with treatment; this information allows the patient to focus on setting goals. Patient and family teaching occurs throughout the patient’s hospitalization and after discharge. Explanations of all diagnostic tests and their findings, as well as the treatment plan, are important. Identify factors that aggravate the disease (stress, changes in diet, injury) as well as the signs and symptoms.
Describe all medications, including the name, dosage, action, side effects, route, and importance of lifelong dosing if indicated.Cushing's syndromea group of signs produced by an excess of free circulating cortisol from the adrenal cortex. Most commonly seen in dogs (canine Cushing's syndrome; CCS), infrequently in aged horses and rarely in other species.

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