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Today is Diabetes Awareness Day and our writer, Lisa Walton, became much more aware of Diabetes when one of her best gal pals shared the news that her little girl was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes four years ago. Please read it, support Diabetes Awareness Day and considering donating to the cause through Tonya’s awesome nail polish line called Tips 4 Type 1 that she created with 100% of the profits going to fight this frustrating disease that so many people deal with day in and day out like little Charlotte and her hard-working and loving Mom. Meanwhile, I go to the kitchen and get out my sharpie to label the carb content on everything I pack for her snack and for her lunch. It is a hard disease to live with, but we do the best we can to let our kids be kids, just like everyone else! And thank you for sharing your personal story to help to educate others, bring awareness to the disease and increase the fundraising efforts to fight Diabetes!
Learn about JDRF and Type 1 diabetes—you probably have some friends or relatives that are affected. A new Trek bike from Raccoon River Valley Bicycle Company will also be raffled off at the event.

Then wait for 5 seconds to get result… shoot!-her bg is high, most likely because we changed the site of her insulin pump before dinner (must change site every 3 days). They are meeting tomorrow and I wanted them to have the info, just in case they want to do a school-wide awareness activity.
You can eat the same thing at the same time two days in a row and get vastly different outcomes.
She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Deaf Education from Illinois State University; and Master’s Degree in Special Education from Arizona State University. Tickets are $1 each for 6 for $5, with all proceeds going to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. The nurse calls me if she has a question, and she also calls me if her bg is too high or too low. It’s like a gauge of success or indicator or predictor of possible future complications, etc.

She currently works as an itinerant teacher, collaborating with regular education teachers in the public schools.
Figure out carb counts with nurse describing over the phone size and quantity of icing on birthday cupcake. It is the only remote control that will operate and communicate with her pump, so it must travel with her to school and then come back home every day.
Now we just push a button on her pump and it delivers the insulin into her body through a tiny cannula tube that is inserted into her skin at all times.

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