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It seems that the most affected are women, especially in the second and third decade of life.
It is more common than Raynaud’s syndrome and has a equal frequency to both women and men. If the affected area has at least two colors: white, due to ischemia caused by vasospasm, blue due to cyanosis or red due to hyperemia.
How many fingers are affected during a crisis, because in the early attacks of Raynaud’s phenomenon can be affected only 1 or 2 fingers.

This disease looks pretty spectacular at first sight, due to the fact that the patient notices the skin color change of the affected limbs. It has a progressive evolution, the disease is symmetrically affecting fingers from both hands. Initially, the skin is pale and cold due to arteriolar spasm, then the limbs become cyanotic and cold because vein dilation is added and the skin turns into blue. The diagnosis of Raynaud’s syndrome is established when the phenomenon persists for more than three years, without a cause which can be highlighted.

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