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Though there are so many home remedies to cleanse kidneys, one of the easiest one among them is using okra or lady finger. It is important for people with diabetes– even patients who use an insulin pump – to properly prepare themselves before they engage in any type of physical activity.
This problem may also result in bladder dysfunction, inability to sense chest pain or heart attack, fasciculation, burning, sensitivity and hyperhidrosis.
Regular exercise can promote the production of endorphins (a natural pain killer) in the body.
Stretching exercises can provide immediate relief from the pain and stiffness associated with nerve damage.
The pain associated with the problem can also be cured with the application of a paste made by mixing cinnamon powder and honey.
Symptoms of this disease include swollen or red gums, mouth sores, pain or inflammation in the gums, bleeding from the gums and so on.
Various symptoms associated with the problem can be cured with the consumption of food items rich in vitamin D.
Aloe vera gel can be rubbed on the affected gums or teeth on a frequent basis to deal with the problem. Peppermint and clove have natural antibiotic properties which can relieve the symptoms associated with the problem. It is very embarrassing and not to forget painful to take off one’s socks to discover cracked, thick and discoloured toe nails.
Vicks vapour rub works best when applied after noticing the first signs of an infection or fungus.
Apart from giving you a healthy mouth and fresh breath, Listerine will also help you get rid of toe nail fungus. Mix up a mixture of one part white vinegar and two parts water and dip your feet for twenty minutes daily. It can be caused by factors such as autoimmune disease, diabetes, motor neuron disease, nutritional deficiency, trauma, infection and drug side effects. Use of natural remedies may provide relief from the symptoms associated with this medical condition.

John’s wort flowers in water can relax the nervous system and reduce the inflammation of the nerves. Grated ginger can be steeped in water to prepare a cup of tea and consumed multiple times in a day to repair the nerve cells of the nervous system.
Foods rich in this vitamin can be consumed as a part of the daily diet to prevent the problem of nerve damage caused by environmental toxins and illnesses.
Intake of omega-3 fatty acids can help in protecting the body from the symptoms of the problem.
Arnica powder can be mixed with water to prepare a natural paste and applied on the painful areas of the body on a frequent basis to reduce the inflammation and pain. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. It is an infection which can destroy the tissue that supports gums, teeth or periodontal ligament. Strawberry, orange, broccoli, sprouts, papaya and kiwi are some food items rich in vitamin C. Rinsing mouth with a natural solution created with the use of aloe vera gel and water can provide relief from the inflammation and mouth sores. Neem leaf powder can be applied on the teeth to relieve the pain caused by the problem of periodontal disease.
A combination of peppermint and clove oil can be directly applied on the teeth. A mouthwash prepared with the use of peppermint and clove oil is also effective for rinsing the mouth on a frequent basis.
If you have tight shoes and socks on for most hours of the day then you are very likely to develop toe nail fungus.This fungus can cause serious trouble if not treated at earlier stages. Rub it onto the infected areas and leave it overnight, you might also want to cover it up with a band aid.This ensures a speedy recovery. This home remedy involves soaking your feet in a solution of water and Listerine for about ten minutes every night before sleeping.
Due to the acidic nature of the vinegar the fungus will not find a suitable environment to grow hence eventually curing your feet of toe nail fungus. Regular application of olive leaf extracts will show a visible difference on your toe nails.

Some symptoms of this condition include pain, weakness, dry eyes and mouth, inflammation, constipation and muscle atrophy. Regular consumption of food items containing ginger can help in relieving the pain resulting from the medical condition.
Camphor oil can be rubbed on the affected area multiple times in a week to relieve the swelling and nerve pain.
Improper dental hygiene, uncontrolled diabetes, ill fitted mouth appliances or tartar formation in the mouth may result in the problem. A mouthwash can be prepared by diluting eucalyptus oil in water and used for rinsing the mouth multiple times in a day.
The mouth can be rinsed with the use of black tea multiple times in a day to reduce the plaque formation and protect the gums. But if this home remedy causes irritation on the skin near the toe nail immediately discontinue.
Application of a combination of camphor and turpentine oil can also provide effective results. Direct application of eucalyptus oil on the affected area with the help of a cotton ball 2 to 3 times in a day can also provide the desired results.
If this toe nail fungus home remedy is used regularly the growth of a healthy nail instead of the fungus infected nail can be witnessed with a couple of weeks.
Application of this oil regularly for a week or two will cure the toe nail fungus completely.
In a cup of okra, you can get 2 gm of protein, 7 gm of carbohydrates, 3 gm of fibre, 0.1 gm of fat, 30 calories, 60 mg of magnesium and 21mg of vitamin C.

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