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Bitter gourd : It breaks the stones into pieces in the kidney or bladder and flushes them out with the urine.
Rice : Patients suffering from stones in the kidney or urinary bladder should not eat rice at all. Lajwanti or Chhuimui : The juice of the root or panchang  (the five parts) of Lajwanti remove the urinary obstruction and flushes out the stones and also removes the swelling on the urinary organ. Dried dates : The use of dried dates is beneficial for patients suffering from the problem of stones.

Potato : If there are stones in the one or both the kidneys, it will be beneficial for the patient to eat only potatoes. The patient should take the juice of two bitter gourds daily and also eat them as a vegetable. The patients suffering from stones should take barley or barley products as roti made of barley flour, roasted barley or sattu. Wash the tender stems and roots with water, grind, strain and mix sugar to taste with it and drink it.
Eating only potatoes and taking water frequently will flush out the sand and stones from the kidneys. Your not alone millions of men all over the world experience this common problem Delay is a unique herbal blended formula. Taking apple juice regularly checks the formation of stones and the ones already get eroded gradually and are flushed out with the urine.

Strain it in the evening, grind the soaked seeds and again mix with the same water and strain drink it. If it is taken regularly for a few days, it will dissolve the stones in the gall bladder and flush it out. Therefore, The above mentioned things and Milk should not be taken by those having a stone problem.

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