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Finally, one day while out to dinner with my family, I broke down in tears because my mouth was so dry, I could barely talk. I discovered that fats—from pastured butter, steak and eggs—which just so happened to be some of my favorite foods were actually good for me!
When I was first diagnosed back in college, the months that followed were dark and difficult and I didn’t want to share what was happening.
There are so many people who suffer from diabetes and don’t know how much their diet and daily meals affect them. I know that there is no cure for this disease, but I do believe that eating a real food diet and proper nutrition can greatly influence my daily life—and that is something I will never stop believing in.
I’ve learned that choosing joy despite life’s circumstances isn’t always the easiest choice, but it sure is the best choice!
Caroline’s healthy journey inspired her to start her blog Colorful Eats, become an NTP and develop a passion for photography and cooking. UPDATE: I have closed comments on this post because many writing in are not displaying kindness or respect. I think if more doctors were looking into holistic methods to beat disease, then maybe more would know about this kind of alternative treatment.
Hi Virginia, I am just sharing my story in how diet and nutrition played a huge factor in helping control my disease and the symptoms.
Unfortunately in the conventional, allopathic medical world there is virtually no discussion about the role nutrition plays on one’s blood glucose level.
In addition to Caroline Potter, I have seen other type I diabetics be able to significantly lower their insulin levels after they adopted a high fat, low carbohydrate diet, eliminating all refined carbohydrates.
I have also witnessed Caroline be able to safely and gradually lower her insulin under her physicians guidance (Any adjustments to medically prescribed drugs should be supervised by the prescribing doctor.). The scientific community is understanding more and more about the benefits of a traditional diet like that of our ancestors 300 years ago.
Obviously you are not a TYPE 1 DIABETIC, nor are you raising a TYPE 1 DIABETIC, nor are you an ENDOCRINOLOGIST.
Caroline is simply sharing her story and her real life experience documented by her doctor, her attending nurses, and her nutritionist.
Hi Deb, So sorry if my story or word choice offended you however my story is only shared from my heart as a way to inspire others that diet and nutrition can help manage symptoms. Totally agree and I challenge the blogger here to post every single post that is coming your way in defense of Type one diabetics that don’t believe much of what is being said here. The fact that people see insulin as a negative thing, like something we just casually give or take to get out of exercising or dieting is very very frustrating.
Would you suggest to a parent, with an exclusively breastfed, 10 month old baby with Type 1 diabetes, that they should change his diet and wean him off insulin? No one associated with this story is going to suggest that a mother with a type I infant wean her baby off insulin. The Paleo Diet mimics the type of nutritional intake before the Agricultural Revolution (500 generations ago).
To ward off dental problems, such as cavities, and improve the overall health of your mouth, the first step is to consider what foods you are putting into your body. Replacing processed foods with natural foods will provide your body with nutrients, such as antioxidant vitamins and soluble fiber, that are essential to maintaining a healthy body. A week ago my cousin A called me to say that our Grandma had wounds that were not healing, she had a bad fall too, her right hip was in pain.
On both her feet are bed sores, the location symmetrical, plus a bed sore at the bottom of her spine on her back. Sifu gave some acupuncture treatment with tens machine electrical stimulant and moxibunction herbal lighted treatment on the needles.
Sifu says we need a few more things to buy and he needs to come back on Monday to treat her back side.

Although she is still strong in her arms, strong in appetite, still had some humour left in her. Found out she was constipated, found out they gave her the drug dulcolax this morning to make her poop. But we all remembered warm water enemas and Grandma remembered she liked doing enemas and gives enemas to her children. I will have to buy Grandma some tender fatty grass fed beef she can sear, and fresh organic raw duck eggs, buy her anchor butter too. Sifu is an excellent choice here because he also teaches the entire family to choose to live healthy instead of the insane SAD Filipino diet. Grandma is lucid and conversational, she can still speak her Ilonggo and English, not much Tagalog. Celiac Disease Foundation - Marilyn’s Message June 2016 June 29, 2016 Having a child diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease can be very scary. It’s another encouraging story of how food can play a significant role in our fight against disease! I was 20, a seemingly healthy young girl, who grew up in a home where my mother fed us all organic food. If my time in the hospital taught me anything, it taught me to share my story instead of being embarrassed about my condition.
Thankfully, by continuing to eat a strict grain-free, gluten-free and refined sugar free diet, I have already able to lower my insulin need by over half – a success I find my strength! I’ll leave you with a peek of some of my favorite grain-free recipes you can find on my blog, Colorful Eats.
If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your costs will be the same but Deliciously Organic will receive a small commission. Caroline clearly states there isn’t a cure and was sharing her personal story as documented by her doctors, nurses and nutritionist. Don’t you think that if this were in fact true for ANY person with type 1 diabetes, every diabetic would be doing this? Sadly, medical doctors mainly use FDA-approved medicines and not other alternative methods.
I understand you believe she is lying, but your mean-spirited comments are not coming from a place of skepticism or curiosity, but of anger.
My son was diagnosed in July and started at more slow acting insulin than he is currently on.
My only desire in sharing my story is to inspire others in a positive way and encourage people to a healthier lifestyle! Most likely this was a honeymoon and she will need insulin from now on for the rest of her life. The author is certainly doing a wonderful job of managing her diabetes (now) but she is using insulin to do so. Before the discovery of insulin Type 1 diabetes was a death sentence, and in many countries where insulin is hard to get, it still is.
You are correct, insulin is a wonderful thing and I like in this post, I say I am beyond thankful for the wonderful doctors that took care of me.
The basic principle of the diet is to avoid processed foods and increase the daily intake of vegetables, fruits, seafood and lean meats. A simple recommendation from those who follow the Paleo Diet, is if you don't know what is on the labels of the foods you are consuming, then you probably shouldn't be eating it. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Barely able to walk up a flight of stairs, I checked myself into the ER to discover my blood sugar levels were in a diabetic coma range. After over two and a half years of being insulin-free, I was in the ICU in a diabetic autoimmune flare up—barely able to walk, talk or open my eyes.

But right now this insulin, even the smallest amount, is what my body needs and I am beyond thankful for the amazing doctors and nurses that tended to me in the hospital.
It’s given me a platform for helping others and developed passions that I never thought would exist such as photography and cooking. I love to recreate my favorite foods using grain free ingredients, such as this fall cheese platter or my grain & nut free sandwich bread. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your family doctor. This is perhaps a miracle for this one person, but it is most definitely a lie to be telling people this is the way to get rid of type 1 diabetes. It has been reduced as he is still in the honeymoon phase, which can last God knows how long.
She then is honest and tells of her relapse this summer and how she’s already been able to reduce the small amount of insulin she needed to go back on. It is possible to eat so clean that you need very little insulin but some insulin will always be needed for a type 1. My only hope is to encourage people that what you eat plays a huge role in managing an auto-immune disease, something that the hospital and doctors were amazed to hear and said that my story was very inspiring! If you choose to call her a lair, that is your choice, but I won’t publish mean and hurtful comments.
If you are wondering if this type of diet can have a direct impact on your dental health, the answer is yes it can.
The author and publisher provide this information, and the reader accepts it, with the understanding that everything done or tried as a result from reading this book, or website is at his or her own risk. It is illegal to duplicate content off of this website without the permission of the author.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). After talking with countless doctors, who said they’d never heard of anyone managing diabetes with diet and nutrition, they believed that two bouts of the flu and many high stress situations this summer caused the flare-up. I became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and discovered a love for creating grain and refined sugar-free recipes. She says a good day is when their house smells of melting butter, smoked ribs and homemade chocolate chip cookies! Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your condition. Many have asked about how a child can develop a disease at a young age – to read more on this topic I recommend the book, Deep Nutrition, by Dr.
The author and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss, damage or injury caused, or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in this book or website.
Until there is an actual cure…he will be on insulin, whether it be a small or large amount.
By eliminating these types of foods from your diet, your overall health, including the health of your gums and teeth, will improve.
As I came home from college that winter for Christmas break, I laid on the couch for most of my vacation.
I hope others can be encouraged and will also start looking at holistic therapies as something to use alongside conventional medicine. My legs turned black and blue from giving myself insulin shots and my sugar levels were anything but stable.

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