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Over the past months, stories on animal cruelty and the downsides of eating animal products have put the subject of going vegan on the table perhaps like never before.Whether you've already quit meat or not, this is perhaps the perfect time to listen to American doctor Gabriel Cousens. A medical doctor, psychiatrist and family therapist, he has become a household name in the subject of raw vegan food, and even sustains this diet can cure diabetes and depression.Dr.
He is reducing and even eliminating the need for medication, rated by The Journal of the American Medical Association as the fourth leading cause of death in people with diabetes. It works in both directions."Cousens went on to found the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, a retreat center located in Arizona. But how did the issue of raw food come into the equation specifically?Gabriel Cousens (GC): On a medical level, research by doctor Stephen Spindler in 2001 (on mice) showed that a caloric restriction of 40% in diets increased anti-aging and anti-cancer genes. Now when you cook food, you lose 50% of the protein, 70 to 80% of the vitamins and minerals and 95% of certain nutrients, so simply by eating raw or live food, you can eat half as much and you turn on all your anti-aging genes.On a spiritual level, when you're eating raw food you're eating the energy of the earth directly. When you cook the food you're not getting the energy, and when you eat meat, the cow got the energy, not you. If you're just having milk, that's 3 times more leukemia.In a research called The China Study, they found that the more meat you eat, the more disease, whereas the more plant source food you get, the less disease.

Another reason for mothers that are breastfeeding is that animals concentrate pollution in their meat and milk, and that is transmitted to the baby through breast milk (EN. But from our approach it is curable: in three weeks, 53% of type 2 diabetes are off all medication and cured.
In type 1 diabetes, 30% of people are off all medication and cured.It works because it stimulates the anti-aging genes, and diabetes is accelerated aging. Because today diabetes is an epidemic: there are 246 million people in the world with diabetes, and one person dies from this disease every ten seconds. But if you're on Insulin, we do not recommend that because it requires medical supervision. Why do you link the two?GC: As mentioned earlier, as a trained psychiatrist I noticed that if the body isn't healthy, the mind doesn't work right. A piece of the treatment is the diet: when you're on a 80% live food diet, all your neurotransmitters are better.
In forty years I've found only one exception: a lady who lived near the Arctic circle and had to have fish once a week, but that's it.

That's why we recommend to get a B12 supplement.TH: How do we get into this type of diet without loosing social interaction with our families and friends?
It can actually work that way if you don't make it an ego trip."(To go raw vegan) Go slowly and bring everybody along with you.
When you go out, pick a place where you can eat a salad; when you go to a reunion, bring a little extra food and get people interested. So if you don't do it all at once, less comes up and you're able to handle it.If you have diabetes, heart disease, cancer, change now. Today we have a culture in which people are disconnected from the Earth, and therefore create lots of ecological damage to the planet.
Most people who live in cities don't have that consiousness, so they have to get in contact with nature.

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