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The most common occurs naturally as we age, but those with poorly controlled diabetes, trauma, people who are on chronic medication like steroids or those with a family history are more at risk for developing cataracts early on. Cataracts are not preventable, but there are things we can do to help slow the progression. For one we can maintain a healthy diet packed with antioxidants and omega three fatty acids, avoid smoking and always remember to wear those sunglasses when you go outside. If you are noticing a haze or change in your vision you should visit your eye doctor to see if a cataract could be the problem.

By the time we reach 65, it estimated that half the population will have a cataract, and all of us will likely have one by 75.
Leejee Han Suh is an ophthalmologist at New York Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center.
The first symptom is often a change in vision that could be corrected with a change of prescription, but as it progresses, you may notice other symptoms. Otherwise a decrease in vision, an increase in glare particularly when you are driving at night with oncoming headlights and just an overall blurriness in your vision,” Han Suh says.

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